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Some effective ways to increase creativity and innovation in employees

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If you want your employees to have a more open view of the issues around them and to bring the best results for you and your organization by using their creativity, how will you help them and motivate them to have this approach? This is a question that is answered in a part of the book “Achieving Success” by Scott Duffy, and based on it, we will provide you with solutions that increase creativity and innovation in employees. The first part of the article is a short biography of one of the most successful people in the field of advertising and how he was able to use his skills to flourish the creativity of his employees. After that, we will mention the solutions.

The story of the flourishing creativity of a successful advertising team

This successful person in the field of advertising, who was in charge of marketing for a commercial company, intended to change the marketing and advertising practices for the company’s products. To do so, he had to convince his subordinates to take a fresh look at their work and be able to bring a more customer-friendly look to the business company’s advertising products. So he decided to take them on a trip to Las Vegas.

He told almost no one about his motivation for the trip. After arriving in Las Vegas, he told his team members that they had no special duties and that they had come here just for fun. The first three days of the trip were spent having fun and visiting the city’s entertainment venues.

On the fourth day, he gathered his team members and told them, “We need to change the look of the products in the advertising department. We have to be creative, different and unique. The end product of our work should be attractive and effective for the main audience of this business company, which is young men. “Audiences who spend a lot of time playing video games.”

As he spoke, people in his coordination were installing video game consoles in team members’ rooms. He told his team members that for the next three days, their only job was to play. They had to pay close attention to the games and gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of them. An understanding that encompassed all the details of the game, including the graphic design, sound, and the characters of the game that attracted the most attention.

He asked his team members to pay attention to how the game’s content was presented by its designers. How they changed the look and feel of the game to make it more attractive. And how game designers were able to achieve this by choosing sound, video, and other skills. But what he emphasized most was that his team members should think about how they would be able to use the innovations of the video game world to deliver a more effective picture of the products of the company they worked for.

After another three glorious days in Las Vegas under the sun, they came up with some great ideas. So without wasting time, they went about putting these ideas into action. The result was an ad with a very beautiful and unique appearance that distinguished them from all the individuals and groups active in the advertising sector and brought them a remarkable reputation.

The effect of changing environment on work and team spirit and increasing creativity

The effect of changing work environment on increasing creativity and innovation in employees

Would this have happened if the team had played in the same office in New York instead of Las Vegas? It seems very unlikely. What this successful person did by taking his team members to Las Vegas was to change their default mentality from work to leisure. By putting them together, he gave them the opportunity to interact in the social environment. An opportunity they rarely had in the workplace due to lack of time. A short period of leisure time in Las Vegas brought them closer together and gave them more motivation to work in a team. Two co-workers playing in a hotel room will certainly have a different perspective on their work than those in the workplace.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to take your employees on a six-day trip to another city. The ultimate goal is to create the motivation and motivation for teamwork and creativity in them. To do this, you need to find a way to get them out of the office or workplace, and by bringing them together in a new environment, you can create a creative mindset in them. The genius of each and every employee should not be overlooked, and from time to time conditions should be created for the manifestation of this genius. Creativity is related to all aspects of the business. From making practical and good products to removing barriers to selling products. With creativity, you can thrive in all aspects of your business.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Gathering employees of different parts of the organization

Gathering to increase creativity and innovation in employees

When introducing a new business, or a new product, the team members will all be busy. Everyone is in charge of their duty and thinks about the responsibility that has been assigned to them. Most of their time is spent in the department where they work and with their co-workers. Creative technical staff do not have much time to interact with others. But there is a way to change this practice and take advantage of their creativity.

With this example, you will gain a good understanding of the appropriate solution: In a particular company, a plan was devised and based on it, it was established that every Friday at three o’clock in the afternoon, the members of the company would gather for lunch. Employees of different parts of the company found the opportunity to communicate in a social environment. As the business and activity of the company flourished and expanded a little, these gatherings became an opportunity to meet new members and to create a common vision among the members for the future of the company. Although everyone had a unique perspective on the company and the future of its activities depending on their responsibilities, over time and because of these gatherings, very creative and collaborative ideas were formed in the minds of the company members and put on the agenda.

۲. Develop a short-term entertainment program for company members

From time to time, arrange a short-term entertainment program for company members. This app does not need to be very luxurious or cluttered. Spend an hour playing bowling or visiting a specific place. Whatever activity you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. By taking company members out of their safe havens and giving them the opportunity to interact, you will give them a new perspective that will lead to creative activities.

3. Encourage new experiences

New experiences to increase creativity and innovation in employees

For example, tell employees that for a few hours a month, no one should use a cell phone or computer to write down their ideas. Instead of displaying pages, give employees a notebook and ask them to write down any ideas they have about improving the organization. The new approach to using pen and paper will force them to think differently from their usual process. After that, encourage them to remove the notes from the notebook and stick them on the wall. They can use these ideas later in their activities.

4. Encourage risk-taking

Taking risks to increase employee creativity and innovation

Sometimes the desired result is obtained from the activities and sometimes not. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes the result is nothing but failure. There is no escape from these occasional breaks. But this should not cause employees to retreat. Instead, they should be encouraged to take risks and be creative. If sometimes the desired result is not achieved, we will instead find valuable experience that will make the business prosper. This is the mindset that employees should have. One way to create this mindset is to encourage employees to experiment with side projects. Most of these projects fail, but experience has shown that one of these side projects will become the organization’s next big idea for work.

5. If a project does not lead to the desired result, still thank your team for their efforts.

Appreciate risk-taking to increase employee creativity and innovation

Those who take risks will achieve more career success. They do different things using trial and error. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they do not. The point is, they will learn new things from their failures. It is best to approach the workplace in a way that welcomes the effort to do new things. Of course, as long as the experience of each unsuccessful project is followed by a new lesson.


From the above, it can be concluded that a conservative approach to work and management will not lead to a flourishing of employee creativity. In addition to uninterrupted work and effort, sometimes it is necessary to create peace of mind for employees. Putting them together in a non-work environment, in addition to creating peace of mind, may be the most important factor in creating creativity in employees. Because they find a different perspective on the future of work and consider it from a different perspective. what is your opinion? Can you think of another idea to increase creativity and innovation in employees? Share your thoughts with us and the readers of this article.




Some effective ways to increase creativity and innovation in employees

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