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Small but important tips about everyday tools: from small pockets on jeans to pom pom hats

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Have you ever wondered what is the reason for designing small pockets on different types of jeans? Or have you ever wondered what makes a hole right in the middle of a pasta ladle? Each of the devices we use on a daily basis may have a small and important point in it that we do not know the cause of. This small point can be important and useful. In this article on “How”, we want to review the details of some of the most widely used devices. Stay with us until the end of this fascinating article.

1. Small hole in the plane window

A small hole in the window may catch your eye as you fly out of the plane window. This small hole in the bottom of the plane window has two purposes. First, this small hole provides enough ventilation to prevent excessive pressure inside the aircraft and breaking the window with increasing altitude. Second, it is a smart way to prevent windows from becoming foggy with passengers’ hot breaths.

2. The hole in the middle of the pasta ladle

We know the weird forks on the edge of the ladle are to keep the pasta from spilling out while pulling. But it has always been a question for many what is the reason for this hole in the middle of a pasta ladle! We have to say that this hole is designed to determine the amount of dry pasta for a meal. This hole in the middle of the ladle helps us cook the right amount of pasta and also prevents overeating.

3. Small booger packages

We are all familiar with the small package of silica gel that acts as a vaporizer in some items. But how does this little package protect the product? Silica gel removes moisture from its surroundings and prevents anything that can be damaged by excess moisture from being damaged.

4. Jeans buttons

Tiny buttons on jeans

When Louis Strauss (founder of the Le Mans Jeans Factory) produced the first pair of jeans, one of the most common problems was the opening of the trouser seam due to pressure. These tiny buttons, also known as rivets, are used to tighten the seam allowance. If you’ve always wondered why these little metal flaps are on your jeans, you know why.

5. Frying pan handle hole

Most frying pans today have handles with a narrow, circular hole at the end. This open space has many useful applications in the category of frying pans. We can use this hole to hang our pans or pots; But the real purpose of the hole in the pan is to put the spoons that are used to stir the food in the pan during cooking.

6. The wavy part of the pin

Black pins or pliers are commonly used to shape hair. The pin has a flat part and a wavy part. Some people think that these waves are designed for more beauty on the pin. But the truth is that they have a purpose beyond that. The purpose of making a hairpin in this way is to hold the wavy part of the hairpin to the bottom of the hair and hold it in place.

7. Small hole under the lock

Have you seen the small hole at the bottom of the lock? This small hole is built for two purposes. The first goal is to easily allow water to come out of the lock; Therefore, it does not rust in the rain or freeze in winter. Another purpose of this hole is to lubricate the lock and make it easy to access the internal function of the lock.

8. Plastic cap at the end of the cutter

The role of the cap end of the cutter

Most razors and cutters these days are equipped with a thick plastic cap. This cap, which is located at the end of the cutter, prevents any unwanted cuts of the fingers and increases the safety of the cutter. If you look at the cutter blade, you will see several parallel lines on it. You can break the razor in these lines to have a sharper razor. You can remove the attached cap from the frame and use it to break the razor in those parallel lines.

9. A piece of cloth and a button

Have you ever received a package containing a button and a piece of fabric when you buy a new piece of clothing? The reason for this is obvious. If one of the buttons on the garment is damaged or the garment needs to be patched due to a tear, you will need this piece of fabric and the button. But there is a more important purpose behind this. The real reason for presenting this fabric is that you test the detergent products on it to make sure they do not spoil your clothes.

10. Automatic door end hole

Have you ever noticed the hole at the end of the automatic door? While many people think this is a funny way to protect themselves, automakers seem to think about children’s health. They foresaw that young children might open the automatic door to their mouths and be at risk of suffocation. To prevent suffocation, they made a hole in the top of the automatic door so that if the cap got stuck in the child’s throat, he could still breathe.

۱۱. Small protrusions on the F and J keys on the keyboard

Have you noticed small bumps on the F and J keys on your keyboard while using your computer? Most typists know the cause of these bumps. The F and J keys are the so-called house keys; Where your index fingers should rest. Small bumps on these keys allow you to return your fingers to their original position without having to look at the keyboard.

۱۲. Flash next to gasoline amp

The arrow next to the gas station amp

After buying a new car, while driving, you may find that the gas tank is on the other side after parking at the gas station! Don’t worry, this happens to most drivers. Have you ever paid attention to the sign next to the gas amp? This arrow shows you which side the car’s fuel tank is on.

13. Lollipop wood lollipop

We all loved lollipops as children, and when the lollipops ran out, we tried to turn the plastic sticks into whistles. The real reason our lollipop wood has a small hole in the top is that when hot and melted candy is poured into the mold, some of it leaks into the hole and hardens to keep the candy on the wood.

۱۴. Plastic cap for drinks

This plastic cap prevents the drink from spilling out in the first place. In addition, when you are ready to drink a sip of your drink, the cap has special protrusions that can act as a cup.

۱۵. Small black dot between the lens and the flash on the back of the iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you have probably seen the small black dot between the lens and the flash on the back of your iPhone. There are many strange theories and conjectures; But this black dot is actually the third microphone. The purpose of this third microphone is to provide superior sound quality by eliminating background noise, as well as better sound recording when recording video in a crowded place such as a concert.

۱۶. Plastic cover on the bottle

Have you ever noticed the soft, rubbery lining inside the bottle? What do you think is the reason for this soft layer inside the bottle? This soft, thin layer is embedded to create a secure seal. Without this layer, carbonated beverage gas will come out and all that is left for you is a sweet, carbonated drink!

۱۷. Wooden coat hanger

It is true that wooden hangers are more expensive than plastic or metal hangers, but have you ever considered the benefits of wooden hangers? Wooden hangers are usually made using cedar wood. Cedar wood is useful for repelling insects. This hanger is an ideal option for hanging heavy clothes such as beautiful coats and jackets, especially wool types that are prone to insect damage.

۱۸. Beverage can tab

The role of the tab in the bottle

You might think you know everything about how to use a can of soda properly; But you may be surprised to learn this. Each beverage can has a tab for easy opening. If you are careful, this tab has a hole at the top. The purpose of making this hole is to put a straw inside it.

19. Car seat headrest

The design of the back of the car seat is very simple. This device is designed to easily support anyone, whether tall or short. While this makes sense, why do you think this backrest is detachable? In fact, it is a life-saving feature! It has two strong metal rods when you completely remove the headrest from the chair. If you get trapped inside the car, you can lift the back of the head and use metal rods to break the car window.

20. Scrapbook paper

The margins you see on the notebook paper are not a guide to the sentences you should write on the page! In ancient times, one of the concerns of people was that mice do not eat paper. For this reason, manufacturers created margins on the paper so that the written information would not be damaged if chewed.

۲۱. Strip meter holes

Most people are familiar with measuring devices such as tape meters that are sold in the tool shop today. It is good to know that the metal part of the end of the meter has a useful application. When you start measuring, the metal edge of the meter holds it in place. A hole made in the metal part of the end of the meter causes the meter to get stuck on a nail or screw. In this way, you can measure safely and without fear of slipping.

۲۲. Shopping cart folding guard

The role of the folding guard of the shopping cart

We all know that the main function of a shopping cart is to carry our food when we shop. However, do you know the use of folding protection on the top of the shopping cart? This folding guard is designed to hold vulnerable foods such as eggs. In this way, foods such as eggs and bread will not be crushed among the heavier items.

23. پوم‌پوم wool hat

You might think that woolen hat pompoms are just beautiful. Regardless of the aesthetic aspect, it prevents the woven seams from opening and preserves the texture of the hat as it is.

۲۴. Bottle neck

Have you ever considered designing drink bottles? Why do they design bottle necks loudly? The bottles should be designed so that the person can hold it from the top. In this way, the heat of the hand is not transferred to the cold drink and it stays cool.

۲۵. The blue part of the two-color cleaners

Orange-blue two-tone cleaners were one of our favorite accessories during school. At that time we claimed that we could clean the automatic ink with the blue part of the eraser! The fact is that the blue or gray part of the eraser allows you to erase the pencil from different types of paper, which are usually more sensitive to friction and can be easily torn.

۲۶. Double-sided cotton pad

The role of the double-sided pad

Ladies, this is for you! Have you ever noticed that some cleansing cotton pads have different sides? One side is prominent and one side is flat! The prominent part of the cotton pad is stronger and more attractive; Therefore, it is excellent for removing nail polish or using facial toner. The smooth part is softer and more delicate, making it a great option for removing eye and face makeup.

۲۷. Small jeans pocket

Most jeans have a small extra pocket on the front, known as the fifth pocket. I’m sure you have asked yourself many times چیست What is the reason for designing this small pocket on pants? Jeans have been a favorite of California workers since the 1850s. This pocket was built into their small pocket watch.

And the last word…

We learned some interesting things about our essentials and everyday. Knowing these points, in addition to increasing our knowledge about these devices, will make the most of our devices. Was this article interesting to you? Did you know any of the points we made? I would be happy if you could share your thoughts with us and our dear audience.




Small but important tips about everyday tools: from small pockets on jeans to pom pom hats

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