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Serial My Name; Will the success of the compound game be repeated for this Korean series?

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The Korean series of compound games started airing about a month ago on the Netflix platform and soon became the most watched Korean series in the world. The series grossed about $ 900 million and is the first Korean-made series to top the world charts. The popularity of this series has made many people eager to see more works from this country, and for many, the question has arisen as to what series they should see after seeing the compound game. The series My Name is a work that many people mention in response to this question. One of the latest works made in South Korea, which, like the composite game, has gained a lot of fans on the Netflix platform in a relatively short period of time. But will the success of the composite game series be repeated for this work as well? In the following, we will find an answer to this question by introducing the Korean series My Name. Stay with us.

Introducing the serial My Name; The effect of the South Korean index after the compound game

The story of the Korean series My Name (English name series) is about a young woman who kills her father in front of her eyes on her birthday. He decides to take revenge on his father anyway. Therefore, in order to find out the story and find the killer, he becomes a member of one of the criminal gangs. The leader of this criminal group asks him to enter the Anti-Narcotics Department by changing his identity and changing his name so that they can become more aware of what is hindering their activities.

In the eight episodes of the single episode of My Name, you will see this young woman trying to find her father’s killer.

The genre of My Name is a crime, thriller, and drama series, with many elements of world-famous detective stories. The most important element is the riddle that the main character of the story seeks to solve from the beginning of the film to the last part.

Take a look at the statistics and successes of the Korean series My Name

The series “My Name” started airing on October 15 (October 23) on the Netflix streaming platform, and in the first few days of broadcasting, it was ranked fourth in the table of the most watched Netflix works. A ranking that, with the exception of the compound game series, is still unprecedented for Korean-made series. The average score received on the IMDb website in the early days was 8.2. The score that combined my name on this website with the composite game series.

My name is currently rated 8.0 on the website (out of a total of 6,800 votes received) and is ranked seventh on Netflix’s list of most viewed works.

How was the feedback to the series My Name?

To know if the success of the compound game for this Korean series will be repeated or not, we need to look at the feedback.

In this section, we will answer this question by examining some of the salient features of the series, and we will put the feedback provided about it under a magnifying glass.

Good story and commendable role-playing of the acting group

The good and creative story of My Name is one of its outstanding features that has attracted the attention of Netflix audiences and fans of the puzzle and drama genres.

We rarely see a work in which we see the heroic efforts of a girl or a woman to seek revenge. Usually the heroes of such stories are men. This made the story and narrative of the series inspiring for many women.

Another highlight that made the series my name on the tongues and attracted the attention of audiences and fans, is the well-known and acclaimed role-playing of the cast, headed by Han So-hee. Han Soo-hee has done well in his role, and his acting has played a significant role in the success of the series. The other actors in the series have also received good feedback from the audience. This made both the action sequences and the drama and emotion sequences more realistic and effective.

The unexpected end of the Korean series My Name

Warning: This part of the article contains information that reveals parts of the story of the composite game series. If you have not watched this series and you want to watch it, it is better to read this episode later.

The unexpected ending has become a special feature of Korean dramas in recent years. So much so that most fans of the puzzle drama genre expect it from Korean series and are usually encouraged to watch it because of the unexpected final scenes.

We also saw this issue in the composite game series. At the end of the series, the old man who participated in the death game along with the others was the one who implemented the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching these games and attracting participants.

We also see this issue in the series My Name. Of course, since not much time has passed since the broadcast of the series, we do not go into much detail. In addition, the story of the series is beautifully narrated and it does not matter just the unexpected ending, and instead the viewer is constantly made to speculate and will ask himself what will happen next. This feature creates a suspense mode for the audience of the series, which is another reason for the success of the series.

Stability and coherence of the story in the series My Name

Lack of stability and coherence of storytelling and directing is one of the issues that has caused the quality of some series to decline in recent years. For example, one person directs or writes the introductory parts, after which other people take on the task for future parts or chapters. This usually creates a huge difference between the episodes and the seasons of the series, and the series that was initially good and effective decreases over time.

Fortunately, my name was not in the series, and this is another positive feature of the series that has led to its success. All eight episodes were written by Kim Ba-da and directed by Kim Jin-min. It was the same in the Combined Game series, with all episodes written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Negative feedback to the Korean series My Name

In the feedback of foreign viewers of the series, we encounter fewer negative points and it seems that the success of the series outside South Korea will continue and more people will be encouraged to watch it. Many of these people have admired the series and its story, relying on the features you read, and have had a good and enjoyable experience watching it.

Of course, in South Korea itself, some audiences have criticized the series. Some of these people believe that the story of the revenge of a woman who kills a large number of men in some scenes is not very realistic and believable. Most of the critics of the series are South Koreans and question the story and narration by quoting comments like this.

Will there be a second season for My Name Series?

In the final part of the series, my name, the task of everything is determined, and the riddle that is raised in this detective story does not remain unsolved. Therefore, it cannot be said that there has already been a plan to broadcast the series in several seasons. The creators of the series have not yet commented on their plans to continue the series in the coming seasons. Of course, considering the success of the series and the good feedback from the audience and fans, making the next season or seasons is not far from the mind. The same is true of compound games, given the excellent feedback they have received.

in the end

The success of the compound game series was impressive worldwide, and many were encouraged to watch a work made in South Korea for the first time. For 23 consecutive days, the combined game topped Netflix’s list of most-watched works, prompting owners of the platform to spend $ 500 million on non-English-language works, most notably South Korea. The series My Name is another work that has attracted a lot of attention in the last few days, and it seems that fans of Korean dramas will enjoy watching it as well. It does seem a bit unlikely to break the combined gaming records and global rankings, though. You should know that there is an age limit for watching this series due to violent scenes.

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what is your opinion? Have you seen the series My Name? What is your feedback on it? If you want to compare the series with a compound game, do you think it can continue its success process?

If you wish, you can share your comments with us and your audience in the “Post a Comment” section. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

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Serial My Name; Will the success of the compound game be repeated for this Korean series?

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