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Save your business from quarantine with online accounting

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Few thought that the end of 1998 would be like this and the days that could have been the best days of business would become a mess due to the forced closure. But if you think that all businesses have been damaged by coronation, quarantine and telecommuting, you are sorely mistaken. Not only were many businesses unharmed, but they grew exponentially that they did not even dream of.

Financial success in quarantine is a simple secret; Availability and up-to-dateness of products and services and company accounts and financial books. And the key to this is the availability of online accounting.

Online accounting allows dynamic and thoughtful companies to maintain their business, update their inventories, demand and debt during physical shutdowns, instead of complaining or cursing or downsizing the company. Record receipts and checks received and paid to keep their bank account up to date and, most importantly, to provide goods and services to customers; Even if they do not have an online sales site on the Internet.

In this article, we try to introduce special features Hofer online accounting softwareExplain the methods of working in the days of quarantine and telework. As long as the financial unit of an organization is the beating heart of that collection, good days can be hoped for. If you want to know more, you can register now Request a free demo Get the demo version information.

What is online accounting and what is its place in today’s world?

For years, with the advent of cloud storage spaces as well as the development of cloud computing knowledge, software providers have moved towards online software. Now the largest providers of enterprise, home and industrial software have focused most of their services solely on online software, and it will not be far-fetched to predict that local software will be dismantled in the near future.

In Iran, after passing several specific periods, old software is gradually giving way to cloud software. Accounting software One of them is that online accounting software, unlike local versions, which must have been installed on a local server, is installed on the cloud space and only uses a gadget such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone to use them. It is enough to connect to the Internet.

These applications eliminate all physical concerns, including server installation or upgrades, physical server maintenance, networking, and network security, and allocate a dedicated space of a shared cloud server to users according to highly advanced security protocols. The most important advantage of online accounting software is that it is available anywhere, anytime.

Available to you from everywhere; Even in home quarantine

If you are a user of a local accounting software and want to register a simple financial transaction such as receiving money from the customer in the system, you must go to the company’s location to be able to use the software installed on the server. Even if you have a software lock and register information from home and succeed in transferring the registered information to the server inside the company, still users of the information such as sales associates, managers, warehousemen and… They can not access the information and your work is practically fruitless.

But if you use an online accounting software, you can log in to the online accounting system from home with a username and password and enter the information. Other co-workers, managers and partners who enter the online accounting software with their unique username, password and access level also not only see this recorded information, but also use it to register orders or invoices, issue remittances and other matters. Can record information.

Stay home and issue invoices online to your customers

You might think that telecommuting and quarantine are just what people like when they have an online sales site or have just opened their own online store. Well, this is not a misconception. Having an online store is definitely a win-win in these days when we all have to stay home. But if you do not have an online store, you do not need to worry.

Hofer online accounting software has a special feature for its users who can send online invoices to their customers like an online store and even receive money online. This feature, which is called online pre-invoice in the trading module of Hofer online accounting software, provides special facilities for business owners.

Online pre-invoice is basically a dynamic link of pre-invoice registered in accounting software that can be adjusted in different situations. It can be just verifiable or payable. If an amount is considered for pre-receipt at the time of pre-invoice registration, this link can be connected to the banking portal and the customer will receive the amount to finally confirm the pre-invoice and register the receipt in the system. All this is done mechanically in Hofer online accounting software and allows you to easily sell your goods and services via the Internet.

The mobile app meets many of your accounting needs

No special tools are required for online home accounting during mandatory quarantine. Accounting software can be downloaded on any gadget, as long as your computer, laptop or tablet and mobile phone are connected to the Internet. But in addition to web versions, Cloud accounting software Hofer has an Android mobile app with a unique and easy-to-use design that doubles accounting telecommuting.

In the Android version of Hofer cloud accounting software, an attempt has been made to address the main required accounting practices available to users. With the Hofer mobile app, you can easily define a customer, enter a sales invoice, record receipts and payments, get your bank account from the software, and update customer balances.

It is even possible in the Hofer Accounting Android app to use the mobile camera as a barcode reader and practically turn the mobile phone into a manual barcode reader.

Control the entry and exit of financial employees with 2-step login capability

Given that information security, especially in the financial field, is of great importance, users of cloud accounting software should be given the right to benefit from appropriate security filters. The issue of security in online financial software is classified into two parts: server security and software security.

In terms of server security, the data center hosts of the software space use the most up-to-date antivirus and original anti-spam and are protected by local technologies due to the high traffic of incoming and outgoing information with far more advanced technologies. In addition, automatic backups of user information are stored in different spaces to increase reliability.

But another important point is the security in the software platform that Hofer online accounting software has solved this problem with 2-step login capability. 2-step login allows the system administrator to prevent other users from logging in to the software account, in addition to controlling the login and logout of other users.

This feature is very useful in telecommuting days due to the physical distance of accountants and the help of accountants from each other, and chief accountants and financial managers can easily control the use of software by financial employees and limit it if necessary.

Update your bank account from home and get online discrepancies

Another important benefit of accounting during telecommuting is keeping your bank account up to date. The bank account is one of the main asset accounts in accounting software, which is almost present as a cash account in most accounting records. These days, with the expansion of online retail, the bank account has more turnover than in the past. It is enough not to register the receipts and payments of the bank account in the accounting software for a short period of time, so that the accuracy of the financial information is completely questioned.

Cloud accounting software allows you to automatically and automatically contradict at home in addition to the required records and ensure the accuracy of your bank account cash information in the accounting system.

Fully automate your online store accounting

If your business owns an online store, you are one step ahead of your peers. You can easily offer your goods and services on the web and you do not have to worry about closing the physical branches of the stores. But if the accounting software is not updated as store information support, there may be many errors in the process of selling goods to customers.

Hofer online accounting software has the ability to fully integrate with online stores and automatically transfer information such as updating inventory and customer information as well as customer credit balance in case of installment sales. Hofer cloud accounting software can act as the mastermind of an online store and manage many of the common processes between the accounting system and online sales.

Keep your inventory and demand up to date to keep your business afloat

Part of our business may be disrupted in these days of telecommuting and quarantine, but we need to keep in mind that our costs and commitments are in place. The due date of checks and accounts received and paid and their status change on the due date is very important, and accurate and up-to-date recording of this information in an always-available accounting software helps to create an accurate picture of our business. Slowly

Using the Hofer online accounting software, given the features mentioned in this article, can take your ship to a safe shore with a stormy ship and worry about the corona virus or any other problem that causes forced housekeeping and telecommuting. Can be comfortable.

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Save your business from quarantine with online accounting


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