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Risk-taking in the job; Why and when should you take a risk in your job?

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Many of life’s most valuable accomplishments and experiences are the result of risk-taking: from giving up the embarrassment of entering the singing world to investing in a newly established business and even finding the love of your life. However, we all have doubts and worries, especially when we take risks in our jobs; Fears that sometimes keep us from doing what we can and ultimately make us regret it. How do we know when it’s time to take a risk on our job? We have answered this question in this article.

Risk-taking wisely and in a timely manner plays a crucial role in business success. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos quit his job as vice president of a company to start his own business. However, before such a risk, he had considered all aspects; For example, he was an educated person with good marketing skills. On the other hand, his family also supported him and gave him a total of $ 250,000. Therefore, his risk was calculated and even if he failed, he could return to the previous situation.

Now how do we know when it is time to take a risk? What signs in our work tell us that it is time to step out of our comfort zone and start a new path? In the following, we will introduce 5 signs to you.

1. You are bored!

A job that was once fun and exciting has now become a tedious and tedious one. In any profession, reaching this stage is dangerous and a sign that you have to think about change.

Boredom and being distracted from work and life is one of the most destructive emotions a person may experience. When you work with such a feeling, you do not try your best and pay less attention to the details that have made you an expert in your work; So you are gradually losing your expertise. You may even intentionally or unintentionally ruin your work relationship because you do not pay attention to your behavior and actions out of boredom.

If you have such a feeling and you are destroying the stairs you have built, it is time to take a risk and start a new business.

۲. Take risks when your head is against the roof!

In any job, there is a time when your growth slows or stops. Your head has reached the ceiling and there is not much room for career advancement in that position. Although reaching this stage is usually accompanied by a decent salary and benefits, and staying at such a stage is not a bad thing, but if you feel you still have a lot of work to do and want to move on, it is time to take a risk. Plan for higher goals before it’s too late.

However, do not take risks. Before leaving the safe shore, weigh all aspects, provide the necessary resources to support yourself so that in case of failure, you do not lose everything and can return to what you already had.

3. Risk-taking is all about your fears!

Take a risk at work when you feel scared

You have been thinking about change for months and maybe years; But you do not dare to do it, because you are too worried. But the point is, when you share these fears with others, they do not worry as much as you do. This is a sign that you have made a mistake in calculating the risk. You have seen the risks of taking risks too great.

Be sure to consult with two or three experienced friends or colleagues before rejecting a new job opportunity. Use their consulting power to better understand opportunities and concerns to make the best decision and take timely risks.

4. Your life is changing right now!

The times when your personal life changes are the times when your attitude is ready to accept change in your field of work. Changes in your personal life, such as relocation, the beginning or end of a relationship, becoming a parent, dealing with illness, the death of a loved one, etc., can affect your attitude and make you bolder to take risks.

If you are going through a phase and entering a new phase of life, you may feel that you can bring your work life with it as well. Do not ignore this feeling. Maybe this is the feeling you need to take risks in your job.

Personal and professional life are inextricably linked; So if you change one, do not neglect the other change to harmonize the two.

5. The world needs you!

Listen to your inner voice and take risks
Tank man; Famous photo of an ordinary man standing in front of tanks as a sign of protest (1989, China)

Sometimes you hear an inner voice. This voice encourages you to take risks and go for things that will allow you to develop all your inner capacities and make a profound impact on the world around you. You may have heard this inner voice when faced with a new project; A project that can change the fate of your business.

Inner voices manifest themselves more in social concerns and volunteerism than in formal careers. This causes people to be hesitant between the livelihood work with which they live and the work of the heart, which is the source of the impact on the world, and do not understand how much risk they have to take.

However, jobs can also become the work of our hearts as they fill our stomachs. If a voice from within calls to you, you will not be relieved unless you reach out to him. This is the bigger risk you have to take.

Last recommendation

Prerequisite is the risk of facing fears. Take risks without worrying too much about the probability and outcome. In the process, whether you win or lose, you gain skills such as self-confidence and become more experienced. In a word, you will become a more mature human being.





Risk-taking in the job; Why and when should you take a risk in your job?

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