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Prevention of family burnout during corona outbreaks

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After staying home for several months due to the coronavirus epidemic, many families suffer from burnout and problems due to spending too much time together. Many people may have lost their jobs or been forced to work remotely and at home, many children do not go to school, and a couple and children are 24 hours away. In this article, we want to see how we can prevent family burnout during the corona.

What is family burnout?

How do we know we have a family breakdown? Dr. Pavan Madan, a child psychologist, says that to answer this question, you should look for three signs:

  • Feeling too tired mentally or physically;
  • Inability to perform normal tasks;
  • To be upset soon.

These are the symptoms that At the moment, Many people may experience them. Although everyone is home and seems to have enough time, extreme tiredness has become a common occurrence.

In fact, Dr. Madan says, “Although we do not have clear data, a survey conducted in the United States in 2018 shows that half of parents suffer from burnout, and this problem existed before the Corona epidemic.”

Given that families spend more time together these days, it makes sense that this level of burnout has increased, especially for single parents.

More pressure on single parents

For single parents who work and now other aids They do not receive Usually used to caring for their children, this epidemic has left them with less time for themselves.

“In two-parent families, the division of labor reduces the workload of the parents a little, but in single-parent families, one has to carry all the work alone,” says Prairie Conlon, a mental health expert and director of the Sertapet Clinic. . This certainly causes burnout to occur more quickly. One of the first signs of burnout is a lack of patience. “If you feel less bored with your children or doing household chores, you are more likely to be exhausted.”

He also says that other factors can play a role in family burnout, such as work problems. It also affects how other family members cope with staying home.

Family burnout and romantic relationships

Home quarantine can have the greatest impact on a couple’s emotional relationship. A recent poll published in a Forbes article shows that only 18% of respondents were satisfied with their romantic relationship after the onset of the corona epidemic. In China, an unprecedented number of divorce applications were registered as soon as marriage registries reopened.

When in a relationship, one of the parties feels exhausted, the other can help him, but when both parties are exhausted, they can hardly communicate with each other and make each other feel better. The impact of this burnout on marriage and romantic relationships is part of the side effects of the Corona virus.

It may not be a good idea to stay home together during periods of high stress; Because in such situations, a person sometimes needs to be alone in order to be able to calm his mind and get the necessary energy to repair a marriage.

Do children also suffer from burnout?

It is not just adults, parents and couples who suffer from being left at home. Burnout in children often manifests itself in the form of anxiety, irritability, poor academic performance or separation from peers and lack of interest in play.

A recent survey in Italy shows that quarantine has affected children’s mood and mental health, making them more anxious and nervous and having trouble sleeping. Many of them are also degenerative.

Adolescents may be more prone to burnout than children; Because academic performance and relationships with peers are more important to them and they are more likely to engage with parents.

How can we reduce the effects of burnout on the family?

Just because so many people suffer from family burnout, there is no reason why we should not be able to help. Dr. Madan believes that by creating a better balance between the time we spend with our family and the time we spend with ourselves, we can prevent burnout.

He recommends that parents use positive encouragement rather than punishment for children who have suffered from quarantine burnout. Having a regular schedule for sleeping, eating, and reading can help children prepare for daily activities and avoid arguing.

How can parents manage their burnout?

Avoid burnout by doing a variety of activities

Parents should use stress management techniques at home and at work to try to create a better work-life balance.

By sharing responsibilities, couples can help each other reduce the burden of their lives, have more time for themselves, and occasionally distance themselves from the responsibilities of home and life.

Conlon suggests that sometimes it is best to go for a walk with your spouse or ask him or her to take on some of your responsibilities so that you can read a book or listen to music for a while. He says that having such opportunities, even if they are short, can have a great impact on the mental health of couples. In the case of children, try to include a variety of activities in their schedule; For example, take them out for a bike ride or park.

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When should we ask for help?

We need to keep in mind that feeling a little tired and clumsy is a bit different from being constantly nervous. If the symptoms of burnout are severe, be sure to seek help from a counselor. Having a personal or family counselor at such a time can be very helpful.

“Parenting is not easy, especially when coronary heart disease puts pressure on parents and children,” says Dr. Madan. I recommend to parents Take care of themselves; “Not only for themselves, but also for the mental health of their children and for them to be a good role model for them.”

The most important thing is to take care of yourself; Because your family needs you more than ever these days. Do activities that make you feel better; Simple, safe activities such as reading books, watching movies, listening to music, talking on the phone with friends, and growing flowers and plants can be helpful.

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However, human beings are different and there are many ways to make ourselves and others better. how about you? Are you too tired and exhausted? How do you make yourself and your family feel better during these difficult days? It is always useful and valuable for us and other readers to hear your comments.




Prevention of family burnout during corona outbreaks

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