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Pay-per-view service is a stronger step for comfort and convenience in life

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Technology is advancing on a daily basis, and keeping pace with this advancement, in addition to physical comfort, also brings peace of mind. Apps these days called a new service Payment mark Provided that can be very useful and efficient. Here are some examples of the benefits of this service. be with us.

What is a payment sign?

In short, it shows that payment is another step after adding bank cards to our lives.

Just as the advent of bank cards and their use has had a profound effect on the speed and convenience of our lives, showing payment is another step in making financial operations easier and faster in our lives.

You do not need to use cash or even your bank card to use other payment tokens to pay for your purchase, taxi fare and almost anything else, and you can get all these amounts just by using your mobile phone and app. Up and Hassle-free dynamic password, Pay in a few moments.

Note that with a payment sign you can always be a recipient. This means that other people can transfer money to your account by scanning your QR code. To do this, all you have to do is turn your phone 90 degrees in the app and in the payment sign section of the phone, so that after registering, you will see your special QR code and you will be able to use it as easily as possible.

Why use a payment sign?

With a payment token, you not only experience higher speeds than paying or receiving money, but you also enjoy the high security of this program. For example, in this application, all the steps of payment or receipt of money are done on your phone so that you no longer need to spend a lot of cash or say your bank card password aloud to the seller. Or if you want to transfer money, you no longer have to worry about using the dynamic password and its hassles.

So if you want to take a taxi, buy bread from a bakery, pay for a postal package, buy groceries on the street, or pay for a coffee in a coffee shop, you can, instead of paying in cash or using your bank card, Perform all payment steps with your mobile phone and using the app.

What do you need to use the pay-as-you-go logo?

To use the payment mark, all you have to do is update your app and select the payment mark option on the main page. In the page that opens, if you hold your phone in landscape mode, the application will be in payment mode, and you can go to the payment page and scan the desired amount by scanning the QR code of the desired code or entering the numeric code of the payment mark. pay. If, after selecting the payment mark option, you rotate your phone 90 degrees and set it to landscape mode, the application will be in receive mode. This means that both your QR code and the numeric code of your payment symbol will be displayed so that you can receive the desired amount by scanning your special code if needed.

How to register for the payment sign up service

As we said before, to use the payment token, you must first update your app. After the update, enter the app and select the payment token option at the bottom right.

The direct app opens the camera of your mobile phone and is ready to scan the payment code of the payment. If you want to enter only the payment token code, there is a box below for this. If you want to appear in the role of recipient and get paid, just rotate your phone 90 degrees to change the screen length automatically.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Select the registration option to be taken to the rules page. On this page, the rules for using this service are written, and after reading it, you must select the “Accept rules and register” option.

On the next page, the app will ask you to grant access to your exact location to register as an acceptor (allow the app to access the location).

You will then need to enter your national code, date of birth, grade, city and address on your info page. Note that if you do not use this application for a specific class or job, for example: bakery, coffee shop, grocery store, taxi driver, etc., you can use the other option in the class section.

Then you can enter the photo you want and then select the registration option. At the end of the registration process, on the next page, you can see the payment code and QR code for your specific code. From now on, whenever you enter the payment mark, you can see them if you rotate the screen of the phone 90 degrees.

Important tips for using the payment badge

  • You should keep in mind that one of the important points to use the payment sign-up is that the owner of the SIM card with which you enter the application and the bank card that you use to transfer money must be one person. This means that to enter the app, you must use a phone number that is in your name, and for financial transactions, use a bank card in your name.
  • Settlement for payment token holders is done once a day, ie until 23:59 every day, ‌ any number of transactions you receive, deposit these transactions to your account, the next day between 15:00 and 18:00 : 00 will be done and subsequent requests will be done in the same way in the following days. It is necessary to know that no deposit is made on official holidays.
  • There is currently no fee for using the app from either the acceptor or the payer.
  • To define each new bank card, you can only pay 50,000 Rials for the first time to add your new card to the list of destination cards in the application.
  • You can pay 50 million Rials per day by payment mark.


Pay-per-view service is a stronger step for comfort and convenience in life


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