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Pantomime game training; Rules of the game and play ideas for children and adults

Study guide

If you are looking for a fun pastime for friendly and family getaways, pantomime is an option that everyone in attendance, even those who are not, will enjoy. In pantomime, you have to show a word or phrase to your teammates without speaking and with the help of special gestures and gestures, and they have to guess the word. The team that guesses the words in less time will be ahead of its rival. This article is about learning pantomime and its rules. After learning pantomime, you will read a list of interesting ideas for this game.

Be sure to consider the age and ability of the participants before starting the game and choosing the words. Choose easy and favorite topics for children to enjoy the game more. Difficult topics such as book titles and movie and series titles are more appropriate for adults. If you like to laugh and have fun during the game, look for words and phrases that make the body movements funny and interesting when the participants perform them.

The main rule of pantomime is not to talk; Of course, you can laugh as much as you want and enjoy the game.

Pantomime game accessories

  • Stopwatch or any other device for measuring time;
  • Pen and paper to note down points;
  • Pieces of white paper for writing pantomime phrases;
  • Two baskets for folding papers containing phrases

Pantomime game preparations

Participants are divided into two teams. It is better that the number of members of the two teams is equal in order to establish justice. Select an impartial person as arbitrator. This person should write down the response time of the teams. You can also select one person from each team to do this in turn.

Specify the number of game rounds before starting. Review specific signs and hints with your teammates.

In a separate room, each team should write the words and phrases they want on a piece of paper. Proverbs or movie titles, series, books, songs, TV shows, and plays are some of the topics you can write about.

In order not to make the phrases too difficult, you can follow some cases as pantomime rules. The following are examples of pantomime rules:

  • Selected phrases should not be too bold. It is best to have heard the phrase of choice before at least three members of the team;
  • Phrases should not exceed seven words;
  • The choice of one-word phrases and specific nouns is prohibited;
  • Writing phrases in foreign languages ​​is prohibited.

After writing the phrases, both teams enter the game room. Fold the papers with the game phrases written on them and throw them in the team basket.

Pantomime game routine

The stages of the game in each round are as follows:

  • Specify the starting team of the game. One member of the first team removes a piece of paper from the second team basket. After the first team member reads the phrase on paper and understands it, the referee activates the timer and the game begins. The selected member of the first team tries to convey the phrase on paper to his teammates with the help of gestures and body movements. The first team has a maximum of three minutes to guess the phrase. After the first team guesses the correct phrase, the referee records the response time of the first team according to the timer. If the first team can not guess the correct phrase in three minutes, the referee announces the end of the time and notes the response time in three minutes.
  • In the next round, one of the members of the second team removes the paper from the basket of the first team and the game continues as we said.

The number of game rounds should be such that each member of the two teams can execute at least one phrase. The total response time of each team in all rounds of the game determines that team’s score. The team with the lowest score wins. Another way to determine the winner is the number of phrases that each team correctly guessed. The winning team is the one that guesses more phrases correctly.

Pantomime gestures and gestures

To display a phrase, you must first show the phrase category and the number of words. After this step, it is time to execute each word of the phrase. You do not have to display the words in the phrase correctly. Keep in mind that sometimes implementing the general meaning of a phrase instead of word-for-word is a faster way to guide your teammates.

Symbols display different themes in the pantomime game

  • Book Title: Put your hands together and open them like a book.
  • Movie Title: Pay for the camcorder.
  • Play Title: Show the opening of the theater curtain by pulling down a hypothetical rope. You can also perform the opening of the theater curtains by placing your thumbs and pointing your hands together and pulling them to the sides.
  • Song title: Sing with a microphone. Do not forget that no sound should come out of your throat.
  • TV shows: Draw a rectangle in the air with your hands to show the TV. You can also place the thumbs and index fingers of both hands in a rectangle or TV frame.
  • Proverb or phrase: Show the quotation mark or quotation mark with your index and middle fingers in the air.
  • An event or coincidence: Point to the wrist of one hand as if you were holding a watch. Point to the back of your head with your thumb to point to events that have happened in the past, and point to the front to point to future events.
  • Location: Draw hypothetical circles to indicate the earth and point to it as if you were showing a location on a map.
  • Man: Put your hands behind your waist and pair your legs and stand straight.

Symbols for displaying different themes in Pantomime game - Pantomime game tutorial

Word symbols in pantomime

  • Number of words in the phrase: Show the number of words in the phrase with your fingers in the air.
  • Number of words you want to run: Immediately after displaying the number of words, indicate with your fingers that you want to run the multi-word phrase.
  • Number of word sections: Raise your fingers to the number of parts of the word and place them on your forearm.
  • Show the part number you want: Point to the section number with your fingers and place them on your forearm.
  • A long word: Move the thumb and forefinger of one hand as far apart as possible.
  • A short word: Hold the thumb and forefinger of one hand close together.
  • The general meaning of the phrase: Hold your hands up in the air and then in a circle on either side.

Pantomime word symbols - Pantomime game tutorial

Gestures to guide teammates in pantomime

Symptoms - Pantomime game training

  • “True guess”: When one of your teammates guesses the right phrase or word, tap your nose with one finger and point your other hand at your friend to confirm the answer.
  • “Something in the context of this word”: Roll your palms and place them behind your ears. You can also touch your earlobes with your index finger.
  • “You are close to the answer”: Pretend you are warm and blow yourself away.
  • “You’re running away from the answer”: You can hug yourself, shake your head, and pretend to be cold.
  • “Longer or bigger”: Spread your arms apart as if you were pulling on a plastic strip.
  • “Shorter or shorter”: Shake your hand in the air to cut something.
  • “Gather together”: Squeeze the little fingers of both hands longitudinally.
  • “Past tense”: Hold your hand on your shoulder and point to the back of your head.
  • One of the letters of the alphabet: Crush something on your forearm. Tap the front of the forearm (near the palm of your hand) to indicate the letter at the beginning of the alphabet, and the end of the forearm to the letter of the alphabet.

Ideas for pantomime game

In the list below, you can read some interesting pantomime game ideas for children and adults.

Ideas for pantomime games for kids

Kids playing pantomime - Learning to play pantomime

Try to choose simple and interesting topics to play pantomime with children. Easy topics such as daily activities, food, animals, sports and cartoon names are good choices.

Phrases related to daily activities for pantomime play with children

  • to sleep;
  • waking up;
  • teeth brushing;
  • Take a shower;
  • Combing hair;
  • tying shoe laces;
  • walk;
  • Talking on the phone;
  • Book Reading;
  • Computer or video games;
  • Eat;
  • Drinking.

Animal words for pantomime games with children

  • Crocodile;
  • Cat;
  • Dog;
  • Bee;
  • Snail;
  • Fish;
  • cow;
  • Horse;
  • Rabbit;
  • Spider;
  • Bird;
  • Owl;
  • Monkey;
  • Penguin;
  • Elephant;
  • Giraffe;
  • Lion;
  • Tiger;
  • Squirrel;
  • Pig;
  • Chicken.

Sports phrases for pantomime games with children

  • Run;
  • Volleyball;
  • basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • Shooting the ball in football;
  • Golf;
  • Swim;
  • skate;
  • riding bike;
  • Scooter riding;
  • Roping.

Phrases about foods and snacks for pantomime games with children

  • the banana;
  • Orange;
  • Ice cream;
  • Candy;
  • bubble gum;
  • Macaroni;
  • the sandwich;
  • French fries;
  • Milk and cake.

Phrases related to musical instruments for pantomime play with children

  • Violin;
  • Guitar;
  • Tonbak;
  • trumpet;
  • Flute;
  • Dulcimer;
  • cello;
  • Trumpet;
  • Piano.

Pantomime Game Ideas For Kids - Pantomime Game Tutorial

Ideas for pantomime games for adults

Pantomime game training - Adults playing pantomime

In addition to the daily topics that you will read below, you can consider the titles of popular books, movies and TV shows as the subject to make the game more complex.

  • make up;
  • to dress;
  • Removing clothes;
  • Washing hair;
  • Close the buttons of the blouse;
  • Breastfeeding with a bottle;
  • Feeding the baby;
  • Baby burping;
  • Putting the baby in the stroller;
  • Replacing an old child;
  • Cutting food with a knife;
  • Opening a can;
  • Put the dishes in the dishwasher;
  • Washing dishes in the dishwasher;
  • laundering
  • Ironing clothes;
  • Earthquake;
  • Sweep up;
  • clean with vacuum cleaner;
  • Furniture dusting;
  • Shaking the pillow;
  • Arranging the bed;
  • cooking cake;
  • Decorated cake;
  • Driving;
  • Listen to music;
  • singing;
  • Typing;
  • Write;
  • to shop;
  • Reading emails;
  • Open the letter;
  • cough;
  • Scratching the body;
  • Mowing;
  • Pruning a tree;
  • Picking flowers;
  • Snow shoveling;
  • Watering the garden;
  • smoking;
  • to light a candle;
  • To light candles;
  • pencil sharpening;
  • Spray painting;
  • Painting with a brush;
  • watching TV;
  • Going to the cinema;
  • Going for a walk;
  • Open a gift;
  • pray;
  • Exercise;
  • Going to school;
  • going to the doctor.

You can make the game more interesting by adding the name of a famous person to the beginning of some phrases.

Sports and leisure topics for pantomime with adults

  • yoga;
  • Types of dance;
  • Weekly Stone Game;
  • Play with a bow;
  • Flower or absurd game;
  • surfing;
  • Water skiing;
  • Snow skiing;
  • motor riding;
  • Play billiards;
  • bowling;
  • Fishing;
  • Shooting.

Topics for jobs and people to play pantomime with adults

  • Teacher;
  • Cop;
  • Doctor;
  • hair stylist;
  • boxer;
  • President;
  • Firefighters;
  • the Secretary;
  • Waiter;
  • حاجی‌فیروز;
  • Singer;
  • Composer.

Pantomime Ideas For Adults - Feeding Your Baby






Pantomime game training; Rules of the game and play ideas for children and adults

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