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One-minute manager book;. Tips for proper human resource management

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Today we want to introduce the book “One Minute Manager”. “The one-minute manager is a symbol that reminds each of us to look at the faces of the people we manage for a minute every day and remember that they are our most important resources.” Quoted from this book. This affirmation of the belief that managing relationships with those with whom we work or work for us is one of the most difficult and, of course, most important parts of any business. How do you deal with this at work? What solutions do you use when facing problems in the field of human resources? The One-Minute Manager seems to be a good guide to finding these questions. Stay with us.

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  • Title: One minute manager
  • the writer: Ken Blanchard – Spencer Johnson
  • number of pages: 104

Meet the authors of the one-minute manager book

Spencer Johnson graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of California. He received his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. His books on success and management are very popular and well known. The most famous of these are “Who Moved My Cheese?”, “Gifts”, “Peaks and Valleys” and “One Minute Manager”.

Johnson died in 2017 at the age of 78.

American writer Ken Blanchard is a one-minute director. He is a graduate of philosophy and sociology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Blanchard received his Ph.D. in Executive Management from Cornell University. He now works as a writer, professor, speaker and consultant in organizational management. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Ken Blanchard Companies, a management and consulting firm.

Blanchard has written many books on management. The one-minute manager, whose collaboration with Spencer Johnson, is one of their most famous and best-selling.

My best moment is the moment I invest in people.

About the book

The one-minute manager book begins with a story and in the same format provides the necessary training on how to manage a successful collection.

The story is that a young manager goes to a successful and experienced manager to increase his knowledge in the field of management and find the answers to his questions in this regard. An experienced manager accepts a young manager’s request to share his or her management experience. This is where the educational content of the book begins. This content is in three main headings entitled “Three main codes of one-minute management”.

Book titles

The first secret: one-minute goals

One-minute goals: Summary

The second secret: one-minute encouragement

One-minute incentives: Summary

Secret 3: One-minute reprimands

One-minute reprimands: Summary

The manager explains for a minute

Why one-minute goals are effective

Why are one-minute incentives effective?

Why are one-minute reprimands effective?

A gift to yourself

A gift to others

This book is actually the result of the studies of its two authors in the field of psychological, behavioral and managerial sciences. For this reason, even though it is small in size, it seems comprehensive and practical. Interestingly, the book can be used not only in companies and in business relationships, but also in other social and family relationships.

A one-minute manager is actually a manager who can maintain control over the situation, especially his employees, in the shortest possible time by taking a fresh look at issues that may seem simple. Before investing in any resource, he focuses on developing the human resource capabilities of his collection in order to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of each.

Sit down for a minute and look at your goals! Look at your performance! See if your behavior is in line with your goals.

Excerpts from the book

One-minute goals section

“Yes, setting a one-minute goal is the first secret and the foundation of one-minute management,” Turnel said. You see, in most organizations, when you ask employees and their bosses what they do, you often come across completely different answers. In some of the organizations I worked for before, there was a big difference between what I thought I was responsible for and what the manager thought. “Then I would get in trouble for not doing something I did not think was my job at all.” (P. 24)

One minute reprimand section

“First of all, as soon as I do something wrong, he reprimands me,” Ms. Brown said. Secondly, since he identifies exactly my mistake, I understand that he is completely in control of the situation and I can not make excuses. Third, he does not attack my character and feelings, but only blames my behavior. That’s why it’s so much easier for me not to take a defensive stance. I do not try to justify my mistake by blaming him or others. I know he is fair. “And fourth, he is consistent in his behavior.” (P. 50)


One-minute manager book;. Tips for proper human resource management

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