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Motivation to exercise; 7 Effective Strategies That Multiply Your Motivation

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Planning to exercise is easy, and we all find the day, hour, or moment in which we have enough motivation and energy to plan. What is important and decisive in this is the degree of our commitment to this planning. For many of us, the initial excitement is gone in the middle of the road. It is in this state of mind that motivation comes into play. Motivation gives new life to our goal, determines our path, and gives us the necessary inner motivation. But unfortunately, sometimes, just when we need it more than ever, motivation also leaves us. But what is the solution and how can we regain the lost motivation? In the continuation of this article, we will look for an answer to this question. Stay with us.

How do different people get motivated to exercise?

A professional athlete with a motivation to compete and win is eager to exercise, other athletes motivate themselves with goals such as having a healthy body or increasing longevity, and others turn to exercise with the goal of losing weight.

Many of us believe that if we wait and wait, we will finally be motivated; Finally one day we wake up and see that there is nothing ahead of our will to exercise. This mindset is a bit dreamy and the reality is something else; Motivation does not come by itself, but we can and need to motivate.

Motivate yourself with the help of the factors that we will mention below. This way you will see how easy it will be to stick to a sports program. With this commitment and perseverance, your efforts will bear fruit, and this will strengthen your will to continue on the path.

How to motivate?

1. setting goals

The Importance of Goals in Motivating-Motivating to Continue an Exercise Program

First of all, we have to have something to work for. It does not matter if your goal is to lose weight or to run a race, you just have to find a reason to exercise; Now this reason is whatever it wants to be. Maybe you can set several separate goals for your exercise, this is okay and you do not necessarily have to have only one goal. We can add to our goals whenever we want.

We can have daily goals (I walk 20 minutes today), weekly (I exercise at least three days a week this week) or even an hour (I get up every 45 minutes and walk around the building).

Always have something that moves you and is an incentive to keep going. Big or small goals are both good motivators.

۲. Discipline

Discipline-Motivation to continue the exercise program

By creating daily habits, you establish a regularity that will keep you committed to your planning. Now let’s see how to make exercise a daily habit.

The first step is to set a specific day and time for exercise. When the time comes, we automatically go to the gym. Another solution is to have special ceremonies or ceremonies for our sports sessions; Something that encourages us to exercise.

This ceremony can be as simple as warming up for a few minutes with stretching exercises or listening to a happy song.

Our goal is to combine exercise with other daily habits such as brushing. You can find solutions for this purpose with your creativity.

3. Preparation of supplies

The Importance of Preparing and Providing Exercise Needs - Being motivated to continue exercising

Once you make a firm decision to exercise, make it as easy as possible for you to stick to that decision. That means getting everything you need and making it available. For example, you can prepare your exercise bag, prepare a snack or pre-workout snack, and from now on, determine and plan the exercises you are going to do.

In this way we can prepare ourselves in advance for exercise. In this way, unwanted conditions or shortcomings do not stand in our way.

4. flexibility

It is very helpful to include exercise in your daily routine, but only if you are not too strict. In order to be able to stick to our decision, we sometimes need to escape. Suppose we want to walk 7 or 8 kilometers four days a week according to the plan, and finally the day will come when we will not be able to implement this plan and stick to it due to fatigue or lack of time.

In such cases, we need a secondary program. For example, if you were going to run today and now you feel too tired to do so, replace walking with running, or look for short opportunities for physical activity on busy days; For example, use the break provided for lunch and take a short walk or go up and down the stairs several times.

With these simple activities, we compensate for the loss in some way, and at the same time, we do not take ourselves too hard, because this austerity can exhaust us in the long run.

5. obligation

Commitment-Motivation of exercise to continue the exercise program

Being healthy is not a decision that is made only once and we have nothing to do with it anymore, but it is a decision that we have to think about every day and have it in the corner of our mind. By re-engaging with our goals, we can stay on track.

Take a few minutes each morning to think or write about your daily routine and how things are done.

Recall your goals and think about them. Be grateful for the hard work you have put in so far and the effort you have made to get closer to your goal. Keeping track of your progress will help you notice a change in the size or style of your workout.

Entering your weight and size can also help.

6. Charm

Fun and entertaining sports - sports motivation to continue the sports program

Exercising (along with preparation, discipline, and commitment) may seem like another task in your daily life, but remember that physical activity is a joyful part of your daily life. If you feel that the sport or activity you have chosen is not exciting for you, look for a sport that will create that excitement. In the meantime, make room for fun unplanned activities such as walking the streets of the city or dancing to your favorite music.

7. Consider rewards

Consider rewards

Reward yourself whenever you reach a goal. This reward can be something as small as going to the library and browsing the shelves, or a bigger reward like taking a massage or doing something fun. Of course, you should not ignore the rewarding nature of sports; The feeling of success and relaxation gained after exercising is all a reward for exercising.

last word

What motivates you today may not work tomorrow, and there is basically no definite source of motivation. We must mentally explore the thought, goal, or reward that motivates us in the moment and is an incentive to exercise.

We must not forget that achieving lasting motivation is possible only when we eliminate excuses before they become an obstacle.

And most importantly, we need to understand that everything gets easier with practice and perseverance. When you exercise regularly and do not give up, you become more motivated and at the same time you get to know better the things that motivate you.

Do not give up and keep practicing. Rest assured that in the end you will see the result of your efforts and you will achieve the feeling that you have always been looking for. If you have another way to find motivation, please share it with us and our readers.

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Motivation to exercise; 7 Effective Strategies That Multiply Your Motivation

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