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Mom test book; Different tips for starting or growing a business

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Are you thinking of starting a new business or developing your current business? Want to be a startup owner but are afraid of taking risks? Not sure if your new business will have an audience? I recommend that you read “Mom Test Book” by Rob Fitzpatrick.

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  • Title: Mom test
  • the writer: Rob Fitz Patrick
  • number of pages: 192 pages

Strange name

If this is the first time you have heard the name of this book, you may be wondering, like me, what “Mommy Test” means. Why did the author choose such a strange name for his book? Rob Fitzpatrick answers this question at the very beginning of the book.

“People say you should not ask your mom if you have a good idea. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. You don’t really have to ask anyone if your idea is good or bad. At least not with these words. Just ask this question and in the answer your mom (because she loves you so much) will lie to you the most. “In general, this is not the right question, and it encourages everyone to lie to some extent in the answer.”

About Mom’s Test Book

According to Fitz Patrick, many new business owners may have overlooked an important point: How to ask customer needs. Rob Fitzpatrick believes that if you do not know exactly what your customers want, your business will fail miserably. In fact, Fitz Patrick, in his book Mom Test, has tried to teach you how to communicate with your customer in a few simple and practical ways. Communicating with the customer and understanding his tastes and needs is one of the most important secrets of success in selling or providing services.

In fact, having an effective and constructive conversation with the customer to validate the ideas is the most important point that the author of the book “Mommy Test” focuses on. Of course, this is not the only important point of the book. In 9 chapters, he discusses the secrets of business success in a simple and practical way. By reviewing the titles of each chapter, you can easily understand the range of topics.

Chapter 1: Mom Test;

Chapter 2: Avoiding Bad Information;

Chapter 3: Asking Important Questions;

Chapter 4: Simplifying Topics;

Chapter 5: Commitment and Progress;

Chapter 6: Finding a Customer;

Chapter 7: How to Choose Customers;

Chapter 8: Advancing and Planning Work;

Chapter 9: Summary and Guidance.

About the author

Rob Fitz Patrick is a tech entrepreneur. He has started various businesses so far. Robb has strange experiences in implementing his ideas. His ideas, by his own admission, have repeatedly been met with scandalous failures. He prefers to share his experiences as an expert and new business designer with his audience.

Fitz Patrick has given many workshops. Many of these lectures are available on YouTube.

Excerpts from the book

I once came up with an idea with a potential customer. “Hey boy,” he said excitedly. This always happens to me. “I will definitely pay for something that can solve this problem.”

Well, that answer was a secret promise for the future, with no commitment. I had to find out if this promise was true or false. I asked him when was the last time this happened to you? I realized that this had happened to him recently. It was a good sign. To understand more, I asked, “Can you tell me how you were able to solve the problem?”

He looked at me in surprise. So I asked another question:
“Did you google to find a solution to this issue?”
His face resembled that of a mother holding her wrist while stealing chocolate. U know? “I am used to this problem and I have coped with it!”

In short, the customer was “definitely” willing to pay for the solution we were going to offer. But when we went a little further, we realized that the problem was not so important to him that he bothered to do a simple Google search (by the way, there was a solution in this case).

It is easy to provoke the customer’s feelings on a topic with a wrong question:

“Do you not hate the fact that your shoelaces open when you carry a package?”

“Yeah, it gets so bad!”

And then I go and design and produce my own “unbreakable shoelace”; Without realizing it, he would have used a twin knot if it was really important to him.


Mom test book; Different tips for starting or growing a business

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