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Methods of appreciating others; From buying gifts to saying I love you

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Sometimes it can be hard to show emotion to someone you love so much. However, there are several ways to appreciate and thank him. In this article on “how”, we have talked about these methods.

The first method: loving communication

1. Show him you care

Saying “I love you” is a common way to show appreciation and gratitude to another. There are many different ways to express gratitude that are more direct and specific. This is important because everyone tools or accepts love and compassion in different ways. The more ways you express your gratitude, the better your chances of getting the other person to know it; For example, you can use phrases such as:

  • “I enjoy being with you.”
  • “You are one of my best friends.”
  • “Thank you so much for what you did for me.”

۲. Trust him

Sometimes you can show your gratitude by trusting someone else. One way to be appreciative is to be comfortable with the other person and tell them things you would not say to anyone else. Let him get close to you and he will notice your appreciation. You can tell him a story from your childhood that is really important to you and you have never told anyone.

3. Empathize with him

The people you appreciate should be able to trust you too. Show them that you value their lives and establish a real emotional connection with them. Never touch someone who shows you his feelings and emotions; Because it makes him ashamed and pissed. Show him over and over again that you are by his side because of his own existence so that you can show him your gratitude and thanks. This behavior of yours makes him appreciate you.

For example, if someone close to you has failed or is divorcing, he or she needs your support. Never insult or humiliate him because of the situation he is in, or by saying things like “Don’t cry in front of me, go find another person to cry!” Do not joke with him. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis, such as “I know you are in a difficult situation. What can I do for you?” Support him.

4. Accept him as he is

If you really appreciate someone, you have to accept them as they are. You can not force others to change at will. This makes them feel worthless and rejected. If you do not agree with what they are doing or their opinions and statements, instead of forcing them to do what you want, just say yes or no. This kind of respectful treatment of the person is one of the ways of appreciation that shows that even when you do not agree with him on a particular subject, you are still appreciative of him.

For example, if you have a friend whose political views are not in line, you probably can not change his opinion; Because he wants to change your mind as much. In other words, if you constantly try to change his idea, you will damage your friendship. Instead, accept the objections and stop talking about them.

5. Show your appreciation

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to appreciate our friends and loved ones. We usually take for granted the existence of anything or anyone in our lives, and of course we never do this intentionally; So be thankful for your loved ones and find ways to use this appreciation tool, for example:

  • You can set up a notebook to write down things you appreciate and then share it with friends and family;
  • Try to thank your loved ones for what they have done, even small things (say, “Thank you for washing the dishes. Your help is really valuable to me”);
  • Tell your loved one “I love you” or write him or her down and tell him or her how important his or her existence is to you and that he or she will bring a smile to your face or give meaning to your life.

6. Compliment him

Another simple way to appreciate others is to praise them. When you praise the best personal qualities, you are actually telling them that those qualities have caught your attention and you appreciate them. Be careful to do this most of the time; For example, you can tell him:

  • “You are wonderful.”
  • “I think you are beautiful.”
  • “You are very kind and compassionate.”

The second method: the use of non-verbal communication

1. Help them when they need help

Methods of appreciation, helping others

You can show real gratitude to someone when you are there for them when they need you. If someone you appreciate asks you for help, do whatever you can to help. If you know he is going through hard times, try to do something for him as much as you can; For example, if he is in a difficult situation, you can help him prepare food or do some household chores.

۲. Have physical contact

Having physical contact usually shows that you care about and appreciate someone. Usually close friends or close family members welcome hugs, handshakes or other loving physical contact. Of course, if you want to hold his hand or hug him, you must be sure that he is also willing and never do it by force.

3. Send a message

Nothing is as good as face-to-face communication; But today most of our daily interactions are done with the help of phone, email and social networks. In this way, we can easily reach our loved ones. Send her a text message and tell her how important it is to you.

  • Sending text, voice, or video messages is a quick and easy way. In this way you can show your appreciation for the other;
  • Send her a text message saying “I appreciate you” or “I love you”. Send a short voicemail saying “I miss you” or “I’m counting to see you.”

4. Look into their eyes as they speak

One way to appreciate is eye contact. When talking to someone, be careful. This will make them realize that you care about them and that you appreciate them. When talking or listening, stare into their eyes and show that you are fully absorbed in what they are saying.

Method 3: Be thoughtful

1. Avoid arguing

Argument destroys any relationship over time. Avoid any quarrels as much as you can and at any cost. If something is trivial, it’s not worth it to hurt the other person’s feelings. When you choose the kind of conversation you have about different issues, you show your appreciation to him. If someone says something like, “Your hair is messy today,” it’s not worth arguing about. Of course, if someone has stolen money from you, you should be able to have a constructive conversation about boundaries and restrictions!

۲. Apologize

Another method of appreciation that is easily forgotten is to apologize. If you have an argument with a friend or loved one, apologize. This shows that you are a little to blame for this disagreement and that you respect him enough to admit it.

3. Astonish them

Surprise with appreciation techniques

Surprising others shows that you have thought about them. At the same time, it shows that you know them well enough to surprise them with something they love. This can be buying unexpected gifts, food they like or invitations to travel. In this way, you show them that you really appreciate them.

For example, when you are out, go to their favorite restaurant or buy your friend’s favorite food for him and thus show your gratitude and thanks to him. When you come back from a trip and bring someone a small souvenir, he feels that you appreciate him and it shows that you have thought of him.

4. Help the people you appreciate

When the person you care about needs your help, it is important to make time for them. Sometimes you have to give up everything you can and get help quickly. You should always feel responsible for those whose love you appreciate. Otherwise, they feel they do not matter to you; If a friend needs your help over the weekend, you need to adjust your schedule so that you can help.

5. Pay close attention to the people you care about

When you are with a close friend or close friend, focus all your attention on that moment. Never talk to him on the phone or on TV. Listen to him eloquently and sincerely show that you would like to hear him speak; For example, if you have lunch with your parents, turn off your cell phone. Use call power. If a person is a close friend or relative, sometimes pat him or her on the shoulders, hug him or her, or kiss his or her cheek.

What do you think? Which of the following methods of appreciation do you like the most? Do you have an idea or suggestion that is not mentioned in this article? It is a pleasure to read it.



Methods of appreciating others; From buying gifts to saying I love you

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