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Kernel system; An effective and efficient way to take notes

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When you take notes in a meeting, conference, or training class, how much information do you expect to recall later? Do your notes help you remember key points and activities easily? Or even a few hours after the event do not help much? Numerous tried and tested note-taking systems have been developed over the years for students as well as business owners. The kernel note-taking system, meanwhile, is a very simple but useful system. Read about this efficient tool in this article.

The system was originally developed for students by Walter Pauk of Cornell University. This system comes in handy whenever you need to take notes and remember information.

A kernel system is a great way to organize your notes so you can later identify key points and activities and remember information easily. With this system you organize notes when you receive them and there is no need for extra effort to rewrite. So this system is both useful and efficient.

Kernel format

The kernel format is very simple and the method of creating the page and taking notes in it is as follows:

1. Use a full-size sheet of paper for your notes. You need a lot of space to avoid clutter and clutter.

۲. Divide the page into two parts by drawing a line 5 cm from the left edge of the paper. This section is the help column. To the right of the help column is the note-taking column. This is where you write your notes.

3. Draw a line 4 cm above the bottom edge of the page and dedicate this section to summarizing the notes on that page.

Use the kernel system

Using a kernel note-taking system involves three main steps:

1. ViewListen and decide what to write based on what you hear, read and say.

۲. NotesWrite your notes during and after the event.

3. BrowseKeep reviewing what you have written to help you learn information and remember it in the future.

View and write notes

1. Create a note-taking page in kernel format.

۲. Write your notes in the note column. If necessary, write them in detail with diagrams and examples.

3. As soon as the event is over, use the help column to write keywords or key phrases and activities. These are words or phrases that summarize detailed notes in the note-taking column. You can also turn keywords or phrases into questions.

4. Review the notes again to write a summary in the notes summary section at the bottom of the page.

5. By instantly reviewing notes to write keywords and summaries, you will be able to write and review the whole event while still fresh in your mind.

Browse information

Using this tool helps you remember what you have heard. The kernel system also allows you to test yourself if you need to memorize what you have learned.

1. Take a blank sheet of paper to write notes in the note-taking column.

۲. Ask questions with your keywords and phrases.

3. Answer the questions based on the information you have written down.

4. Check your answers with the notes in the note column.

5. Repeat this process long enough to remember everything you need to memorize.

6. Repeat this process several days and weeks later to ensure that the information is stored in your long-term memory.




Kernel system; An effective and efficient way to take notes

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