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Kake Ibo; Learn how to save in the Japanese way

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The Japanese are the king of order and planning. They know how to save and manage budgets well and can be a good role model for all of us. If you look closely at their methods, you will find that they have details, the importance of paying attention to the present, and good flexibility. The Kake Ibo method is one of these methods. Take control of your money with Kake Ibo and save in the successful Japanese way. Want to know more about this method?

Kake Ibo, what is the Japanese way of saving?

What is the meaning of the phrase Kake Ibo? Family Accounts Office. This method was invented by journalist Hani Motoko in 1904. It is interesting to note that Motoko was also the first female Japanese journalist. In this way, he wanted to design a simple way to manage the house finances.

This method is suitable for those who are out of control of spending and have special spending habits; For example, if you are one of those people who buy shopping and go shopping in times of distress and stress, or go shopping for fun and entertainment, it is better to get acquainted with the Kake Ibo method.

Changing the way you spend money is not easy, because spending is woven into the fabric of our daily habits. That is why any change in this field becomes difficult. The emotional dimension of the story is most important. Sometimes spending can be a way to relax and be happy. On this account, changing the bad habits becomes a little difficult if the good feelings of this work are to be controlled.

Of course, this does not mean that the Kake Ibo method is difficult. Be sure to use it to better control your pocket. This method has a history of 116 years and has restored financial balance to the pockets of many people.

  • Important point and mine 1

The main difference between the Kake Ibo method and other financial management methods is that it makes us realize the root of our purchasing decisions. It is true that the general economic situation is not good at the moment. Maintaining financial stability is difficult and the tables are so tight that there is not much choice to buy, but still unplanned sometimes prevent the same small amount of budget from being spent properly. Kake Ibo does not allow this to happen.

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There is an important point about the Kake Ibo method: this method of saving is not to cut off your joy from shopping; For example, if you are not in a good mood and you can feel better with a beautiful bouquet and beautify your home, Kake Ibo will not stop you. The purpose of this method is to break bad habits in shopping and spending. It’s not that Kake Ibo is only for the rich. Many of us are not very rich; But one of the reasons for this lack of money and not having an open hand to buy different things because of bad decisions and habits.

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Shopping for good is also very good; But Kake Ibo’s method teaches us that sometimes buying to change the mood has short-term positive effects and later brings regret. In every purchase, you have to evaluate the profiteers and then become the winner. Sometimes the benefits of shopping are not only financial, but also spiritual. Pay attention to this point and remember that Kake Ibo is not a problem with your good mood.

Need anything but pen and paper? No!

You do not need any special tools or facilities to get started. All you need is a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The purpose of the Kake Ibo method is to find and understand your relationship with money. To understand your relationship with money, you need to keep track of your income and expenses.

By writing, you can carefully observe and study your spending habits. The benefits of writing in this field are enormous. Various studies have shown that writing and writing with pen and paper can have different benefits; For example, when you start writing, your focus is on the present. At the same time, you are forced to admit your habits in a straightforward way.

Kake Iboui Questions

The point is, after writing down your income and shopping habits in this way, ask yourself the following questions. Whenever you have to buy something, ask yourself:

  • Can I live without this device?
  • Does this purchase fit my financial situation?
  • Will I really use this device?
  • Do I have storage space for this device?
  • How are I doing at the time of purchase? Am I stressed? ‌ Am I too happy? Do I live in peace?
  • How did I become interested in buying this device? Was it an instant spark and did you see it in the ads or did I notice it in the grocery store?
  • How will I feel about this purchase? Shall I be happy? Will I be excited? Won’t it make a difference to me? Am I suffering from a guilty conscience?

In order to have good economic management, we must learn that there is a big difference between our wants and our needs. Many purchases are on demand and in fact, they are not needed. This is what Kake Ibo reminds us of and helps us make more rational, faster and smarter financial decisions.

Lessons of Kake Ibo; How to spend time focusing on the present?

Kake Ibo helps you decide to spend by focusing on the present and away from feelings and misconceptions. Before buying anything, pay attention to the following points:

1. Postpone the purchase for 24 hours

Some purchases are emotional and are not made out of real need. It is not just a matter of need. Sometimes shopping does not make us feel good enough and does not bring us much joy to change our mood. If you are planning to buy, do not rush into it. Give yourself at least 24 hours to determine if you want to buy instantly and emotionally.

2. Do not be influenced by large auctions

Brand auctions and discounts are also traps that can empty our pockets. Sometimes high discounts force us to buy things we do not need and will most likely not use. Always ask yourself when buying from a brand at a discount or auction whether you would still need and buy a product if it were sold at its real price.

3. Have your money in a bank account

Keep an eye on your money. Of course, you do not need to be anxious and constantly checking your account will put you under stress. The goal is to have control over your finances. This will help reduce financial stress. If you do not know how much money you have and how much money you spend, financial management is out of your control.

4. Categorize and categorize your expenses

Keeping track of what you buy at different times (for example, monthly) improves your financial management. Then you need to categorize your miscellaneous expenses. You can get help from the following categories:

  • General expenses: Food costs, bills, internet, health and. Fall into this category.
  • Cultural expenses: Buying a book, paying for a magazine subscription or something like that is also a cultural expense.
  • Leisure costs: Going to a restaurant, traveling, buying gifts, etc. are also included in the category of entertainment expenses.
  • Unexpected costs: There are costs in the life of all of us that we do not expect. We must also allocate money to them.

5. Be purposeful and know what you are doing

With a living expenses account, you can set financial goals for yourself. The control and management that Kake Ibo gives you makes it possible for you to make plans in your life that require money, such as travel.

6. Have cash and spend

These days, everyone has a credit card and spends it. But to lose money, consider having cash. If your money is physically in your hands, you will spend less. Calculate and see how much money you need each day, withdraw the amount from the ATM and stop spending from the card.

7. Make a warning sign for yourself

Put a warning sign on your wallet, car window or anywhere else to spend properly; For example, you could write on a sticker: “Spend wisely.” Then stick this label on your wallet. Be serious with yourself and remind yourself not to spend money without books.

8. Do not expose yourself to shopping

Sometimes the environment makes us go shopping in vain. If browsing Instagram stores makes you want to shop and buy things you don’t need, get out of those pages and don’t follow them. If there are shops along the way that tempt you to shop, change course.

at the end

Again, the Kake Ibo method is for everyone. Each of us in any financial situation must have the air to spend. Clever decisions to buy the most essential things to less important welfare goods will help us to have more savings and more money in our account for various living expenses.

Did you like this method? How do you spend? Is your supervision and management strong in this field or not?





Kake Ibo; Learn how to save in the Japanese way

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