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Is it always wrong to be vulnerable? Learn about the 9 benefits of vulnerability

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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In fact, we confuse vulnerability with weakness and inability. However, if we know the benefits of being vulnerable and use them, we will have more complete and deeper relationships and our lives will be more meaningful and enjoyable. Who likes to have a happy life and communicate easily with others? If you want to know how it is possible, keep in mind what you are reading in this article.

What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability seems a bit negative at first glance. This negative aspect has probably already formed in your mind. This is because there are misconceptions about this concept; So, first get rid of those negative beliefs. Vulnerability is our tendency to take risks and expose our inner emotions to others. Vulnerability contrary to popular belief:

  • It does not mean to be weak;
  • It is not a tool for comparison;
  • There is nothing to deny;
  • It is not limited to certain people;
  • It is not a trump card against others;
  • It does not just mean deep and dark emotions and memories;
  • It does not completely reveal all aspects of your being to others.

“Brené Brown, an American researcher, says:

There is a way to have a clearer goal or a more meaningful life, and the way is vulnerability.

Our relationships with others are the most important component of a meaningful life, and the benefits of being vulnerable to these relationships are unparalleled.

Why do we need the benefits of vulnerability in our relationships?

To be happy, human beings must feel that they belong to someone or someone. Because of this inner need, we need to build secure relationships with others. There are several benefits to having healthy relationships with others, some of which include:

  • Reducing stress;
  • Increase self-esteem;
  • Increase life expectancy;
  • Improving physical health;
  • Reduce depression and anxiety.

With all these advantages, it makes sense to try to have more meaningful relationships with others and to be constantly receptive to new relationships. To achieve these two goals, we need only one thing: to be vulnerable. Now let’s look at the benefits of being vulnerable and leave no doubt about it.

9 The Benefit of Being Vulnerable to Improving Our Lives and Relationships

The benefits of vulnerability seem to outweigh the personal experience, but this is not the case. The benefits of vulnerability go far beyond personal experiences, because they also improve our relationships.

1. Vulnerability builds trust and intimacy

– I always have your air, trust me baby… – Do not let go of my hand, I will not be surprised!

Trust and vulnerability go hand in hand. Of course, it is difficult to say which one comes sooner than the other; But in the end, they help each other to strengthen the relationship. With a little trust, you become more vulnerable. Then with a little vulnerability, you can build more trust.

This cycle should be to feel safe in our relationships. When we become vulnerable, we give the other person the opportunity to show us that he or she is trustworthy. They also interact and allow us to prove that we are trustworthy. Ultimately, increasing trust leads to increased intimacy between the two parties.

۲. By being vulnerable, we can create empathy and understanding

One of the reasons that vulnerability seems scary is that most of us are afraid of being judged. We are afraid to express our inner emotions, whether it is fear, shame or even hope. If we allow ourselves to be seen, we have given others the opportunity to put themselves in our shoes.

Vulnerability creates empathy and understanding between everyone involved in a relationship. The more open and receptive people are, the easier it is to understand each other’s life stories. Sometimes even the reminder that each person has their own story in life can create empathy. Empathy and understanding between the two parties not only lead to stronger relationships, but also to the essential benefits of vulnerability for a sense of satisfaction in life.

3. When we are vulnerable, we realize our individual worth

You may ask, can sharing our inner emotions, especially those that are negative, enhance our personal worth? Does it fit with reason at all? In fact, this is exactly what is happening. When we are vulnerable, we allow others to see and accept us as we really are. This acceptance has the advantage that in turn helps us to accept ourselves.

Suppose you have a special interest in something very strange, such as the spread of disease among koalas. You probably instinctively hide this interest because you are afraid of being judged and said, “What is it that interests you?” Not only do you always live in fear of saying to yourself, “My interest in koala disease is really strange and not worth sharing with others.” If you ask me, I say well, what does it matter?

The advantage of being vulnerable is that you can eliminate the negative image of yourself, appreciate your unique characteristics, and enhance your self-image. You accept things that you find interesting (strange to others) and unique (unusual to others). These are the characteristics that distinguish us from others.

4. Vulnerability increases the sense of cooperation between people

Many of us think we should leave the challenges alone. We think that being vulnerable is a kind of weakness. That is why we try in vain to solve all our problems without the help of others. While if we are vulnerable, we seek help and work together to overcome our challenges.

But how can vulnerability make us feel cooperative? It fits perfectly with reason. You have probably heard it said that we have to put our minds together to solve problems; So if we are vulnerable, we are more likely to work with others and work as a team. Isn’t it really better for two or more minds to work together on a subject, whether it is emotional or reactive, and reach a positive conclusion?

5. We can find the people we love

The advantage of vulnerability in personal development and communication
– These idiots are exactly the ones I need in my life!

It is true that all human beings need to belong to someone or a group, but if you think this sense of belonging is created by “proportion”, you are wrong. With this way of thinking, you adapt to them instead of preserving your true self. Why are you doing this? Because you are afraid of being rejected because of who you are.

Vulnerability helps us find the same people who accept us for our true selves. Surely, if we are in a group and show our true selves to them but they reject us, we will feel very sad and disappointed. However, is it not better to know the truth than to spend time with people who do not accept us? Vulnerability helps us find people who support and empathize with us and do not judge us.

6. Vulnerability helps to overcome negative emotions faster

“In order for shame to grow exponentially in our lives, it needs three things: silence, secrecy, and judgment,” says Bernie Brown of her research on vulnerability. “My argument is that most negative emotions need exactly these three things to grow.”

When we do not want to be vulnerable, we keep negative emotions to ourselves. This not only helps them grow, it also prevents them from being studied and discarded using effective methods. On the other hand, if we are vulnerable, we can strengthen our sense of community and gain the support of others. With their help, we can work on our unpleasant feelings and apply coping strategies to overcome them.

7. Self-awareness and personal responsibility are enhanced by vulnerability

Sharing emotions and mistakes with others can also help us develop self-awareness. By expressing them, we can identify behaviors and patterns in ourselves. This may seem a bit difficult, because no one likes to admit and admit their mistakes.

If vulnerability promotes self-awareness, it will benefit us in the long run; Because it helps us to be more responsible for our actions and behavior. Our brains are full of prejudices and try to confuse us in our decisions. Emotions, on the other hand, prevent us from seeing the horizons ahead.

8. We learn to make peace with the sad memories of the past

Being vulnerable helps us get rid of the past that clings to us and hurts us. It is true that coping with painful memories is not easy, but if we deal with them, it is better than trying to hide ourselves from them. Sooner or later, these memories will come out of nowhere. However, if we face them, we have solved them once and for all.

We have all made decisions in the past that we regret. We have done things we do not like to be reminded of. With this account. Do not judge yourself. It’s best to think of it as a lesson that will help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

9. Vulnerability allows us to grow more

Ultimately, all of these benefits, that is, working together, overcoming emotions, taking responsibility, and the rest, lead to important results, and that is that we are more receptive to growth. If you think that you can only grow by thinking about everything, you are wrong. Change does not happen automatically. It needs a catalyst to make it a reality. The advantage of being vulnerable is that it induces this change in us.

When we become vulnerable, we prepare ourselves to receive these catalysts. This catalyst can be a conversation with a friend, a phone call with a therapist or even a search for new ideas on Google. In any case, if we are not vulnerable in the first place, we will not pursue these catalysts, and therefore further growth will not be possible.

You say

We hope you will no longer be afraid of being vulnerable by reading this article. Now you tell us. Are you ready to start today and get these benefits?





Is it always wrong to be vulnerable? Learn about the 9 benefits of vulnerability

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