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Introduction to Toxic Parents book; Recognize the injuries caused by parental mistreatment and its treatment

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Have you ever been angry with your parents? Do you feel that you have no choice or that the older you get, the more they ignore you and treat you like little children? Such feelings are very common among adults and are rooted in the destructive effects of toxic parents. If you also feel that you are the child of a poisoned parent, you have been directed to this page. Familiarity with Susan Forward’s book Toxic Parents can open a new window on you; Because the purpose of this book is to heal the wounds caused by toxic parents. To have a better life and also to become a better parent in the future, join us to make you more familiar with Toxic Parents book.

Toxic Parents Book ID

Title: Toxic parents

the writer: Susan Forward

Translator: Mina Fathi (Erfanian) (suggested by users)

number of pages: 271 pages

Publishers: Lessons (User Suggestions)

About the author of Toxic Parents

Born in 1938, Susan Forward is the American author of the best-selling book Women Against Women. Susan is both a writer, a psychotherapist, and a speaker on self-improvement and psychological issues. He has served as a psychotherapist and psychologist in many California centers. Susan’s activities, both as a writer and as a guest on media psychology programs, have helped many people regain their self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional independence.

Susan Forward, author of Toxic Parents

Other works of this author include the following books:

  • Poisoned upbringing;
  • Toxic mothers and injuries to girls;
  • Emotional blackmail; When people around you use fear, commitment and guilt to exploit you.

To learn more about Susan Forward, you can visit her personal page at Facebook See.

About Toxic Parents

The family, as the “main center of child rearing”, is the most important part of society. This influential sector has always been vulnerable; Because things like traditions, old beliefs, strong religious emphases, and wrong teachings have replaced psychological and scientific principles. This has caused severe psychological damage to children in the family, and as a result, as injured children enter society, these misconceptions about education are transmitted from generation to generation.

The book of poisonous parents has been written to speak to the hearts of many. This book talks about injuries that we may never allow ourselves to even think about. Fear, respect, trust and sincere belief in parents are among the factors that prevent us from paying attention to the possible harms caused by our improper upbringing. Susan Forward addresses such issues in this book. He helps the audience to find the root of some of his psychological traumas and after recognizing them, to find solutions to improve the situation.

At the beginning of the book, the author helps you determine if your parents are toxic by setting up a questionnaire. This diagnosis helps you know what approach you are taking to reading this book: taking care of yourself or identifying toxic behaviors and avoiding them in the future.

Toxic parents - neglect of the childBy reading this book without feeling guilty, you will find your psychological traumas and learn how to heal them; It is as if you have gone to a psychologist and are healing your psychological wounds. You will also learn to treat toxic parents better and you can manage your relationships without hurting or harming them further. Of course, getting rid of the past is another valuable achievement that you will get from reading this book.

Toxic Parent Book Structure

Susan Forward divides the book into two main sections:

In the first part, it introduces toxic parents and examines their toxic behaviors. Susan has organized this analysis into eight separate chapters. The type of chaptering of the book is such that the audience can know before reading the whole book whether there is a word for his type of problem or not.

In the second part, it offers solutions for the treatment and healing of injuries caused by toxic parents. This section, in six separate chapters, helps the reader to accept, identify, and deal with the identified injuries. This type of writing and organizing the content has made the book more effective and the audience will definitely benefit from reading the book.

In the following, you will get acquainted with the table of contents of this book:

  • Translator Introduction;
  • Introduction;

Part One: Toxic Parents

  • Chapter One: God-like Parents;
  • The myth of a flawless parent;
  • Chapter Two: Inadequate Parents;
  • Just because you do not care does not mean that you are not harmed;
  • Chapter Three: Dominant Parents;
  • Why not let me be independent?
  • Chapter Four: Addicted Parents;
  • No one in this family is addicted;
  • Chapter Five: Bad Language Parents;
  • Internal wounds and bruises;
  • Chapter Six: Beaten Parents;
  • External wounds and bruises;
  • Chapter Seven: Aggressive Parents;
  • Extreme malice and betrayal;
  • Chapter Eight: The Family System;
  • Why do parents behave like this?

Part 2: Take control of your life

  • The mission of the second half of this book;
  • Chapter Nine: You Do Not Have to Forgive;
  • Chapter Ten: I’m grown up, so why still ابر;
  • Chapter Eleven: Giving meaning to oneself;
  • Chapter Twelve: Who is Really Responsible?
  • Chapter Thirteen: Courageous Action: Confrontation;
  • Chapter Fourteen: Healing from Psychological Injuries Due to Sexual Abuse;
  • Last word: get out of the illusion of changing your parents.

Is this book for you?

Toxic Parentbook is for you if you were the victim of your parents’ misbehavior as a child or teenager. Read this book to know the injuries you have seen, how to deal with them and how to treat them. Also, offering this book to people who feel that they have suffered such injuries will not be without merit.

If you are the eldest child in the family and have a younger sibling, you can give this book to your parents and prevent misbehavior from continuing in the family. This book is also a good choice for all those who are going to become parents in the future; Because with this book, they recognize the wrong behaviors and refuse to do them. This is causing the right culture to be gradually replaced in society, which is a valuable change.

Excerpts from Toxic Parents

“This is what one of my clients said: ‘I always thought parents were the best people; So when my father beat me with black and blue, I thought I must be very bad and worthy of this beating! ”(P. 36 electronic version)


«[…] I have not been able to stop my crying since my mother hit me for the thousandth time since yesterday. “He will never let me go beyond that and look to the future.” (P. 38 electronic version)


“It is true that my father beat me with a baseball bat; But he did not mean badly. “He just wanted to teach me a lesson in life.” All of these justifications have one thing in common, and that is that they make an unacceptable mistake acceptable. These people may seemingly justify the issue to themselves; “But in fact, part of them always knows that it is completely unjustifiable.” (P. 50 electronic version)


“If we increase our knowledge of ourselves and the reason for our behaviors, we will surely gain a better understanding of the roots of our behaviors and nerves.” (P. 55 electronic version)


«[…] I feel completely disappointed; It ‘s as if my life is out of my control. I can not put things in their place. “I feel like someone is digging a hole and sinking deeper and deeper into it.” (P. 71 electronic version)


“Solving the other person’s problems and helping him to escape from trouble is the most important issue in my life. It does not matter what the emotional cost. ‌[…] “Basically, I feel more motivated and energetic in a stormy, drama-filled relationship than a calm, painless one.” (P. 76 electronic version)

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Introduction to Toxic Parents book; Recognize the injuries caused by parental mistreatment and its treatment

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