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Introduction to the book Purple Cow; Be striking and distinctive and transform your business

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Marketing and advertising are integral parts of a business. In today’s world, which is overwhelmed by the speed of production and growth of various products and brands due to advanced communication and technology, what factors ensure the durability of products and brands in the market? With what knowledge can one have a say in this market? In introducing today’s book, we went to Seth Godin, one of the most successful authors in the field and his most famous work, The Purple Cow, to find the answers to these questions. Join us to get acquainted with this book.

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Book Title: Purple cow

the writer: Set Godin

Translator: Legend of Dervish (suggested by users)

number of pages: 201 pages

Publishers: Persian inscription (suggested by users)

About the author of the book Purple Cow

Born in 1960 in New York City, Seth Godin is a writer, blogger, entrepreneur and speaker in the field of business and marketing. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from Tufts University and an MBA in Marketing with a focus on Stanford University. Seth Godin has an active blog and his fans follow his updated content there. To view his blog and posts, you can click here Address See.

Godin’s writings are not limited to his blog. He has more than twenty books in the field of marketing, among which we can mention “Vital Beads”, “Permitted Marketing”, “Slope” and “Touch the Box”.

Godin’s main reputation for his idea of ​​licensing marketing is: An effective digital marketing campaign that starts with the user’s permission and satisfaction. Godin considers this method as a big step towards effective communication with the customer and meeting his needs as best as possible.

About the book Purple Cow

Purple Cow was published in 2003 and has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, marketers and branding enthusiasts and has been one of Seth Godin’s most popular and influential works to date. What’s most striking about the book The Purple Cow is its title. It is good to know that Godin considers the four principles of product, price, place and promotion, all of which begin with the letter p, as the basis of marketing, and in this book, the fifth p is the purple cow (p).urple cowIntroduces) which refers to being distinctive.

In Purple Cow, Seth Godin explains why and how to be distinctive and creative in business in simple and fluent language. One of the positive features of this book is the existence of sufficient arguments to accept the fifth p and examine this feature in the major companies and brands of the world; In this way, it provides the reader with useful information in the field of branding and marketing.

Godin sees television advertising as a low-cost, high-cost method, and repeatedly warns in various sections of the book that advertising alone is not enough; To stay in the market, you have to act differently from your competitors and seek creativity and innovation; Therefore, the focus of the book is to be different and to be creative.

Godin’s lesson about being different from the reader also has a hidden message: copying is one of the market’s most successful products; Because copying and distancing yourself from innovation can not last long in the market.

The structure of the purple cow book

Here are some of the book’s chapters:

  • Ps are not enough;
  • New P;
  • Featured words;
  • Advertising over time;
  • Have you noticed the revolution?
  • Why do you need a purple cow?
  • Death of the TV industrial complex;
  • Volkswagen Frog Review;
  • Why does the Wall Street Journal worry me so much?
  • Will and method;
  • Case Study: Climbing;
  • Case Study: What Should Tide Do?
  • Ideas that spread; Victory;
  • Major misunderstandings;
  • Who is listening?
  • Not all customers are the same;
  • Case study: Italian butcher;
  • Case study: How did Deutsche Boy completely change the paint business?
  • Slogan power;
  • The problem of agreement and compromise;
  • What does it mean to be a marketer today?
  • The problem of cheap sales;
  • Correct and corrected facts;
  • Does it depend on intense passion?
  • Leakage of thought.

Is this book for you?

In this book, Seth Godin introduces you step by step to the do’s and don’ts of marketing and advertising. If you are interested in these two areas and even if you are planning to start your own business, this book is for you.

Excerpts from The Purple Cow

“I am a little exaggerating; With all my might, I announce and predict the destruction of television advertising. […] Of course, this is not entirely true. Banners are useful; Of course, not as much as they used to. Targeted ads are very cost effective; But most ads and marketing are completely pointless. They are the whirlwinds that the whips enter the market, they deal with everyone and they do not care who these people are and what they really want. There is a lot of waste here; So much so that it can be explicitly said that this model of advertising does not work. […] You can not force people to listen; But you can tell who is listening when you speak. “Then you can get the right mix of p types so you can come up with your own suggestions.” (P. 80 electronic version)


Introduction to the book Purple Cow; Be striking and distinctive and transform your business

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