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Introducing vegan product stores

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Compared to the past, vegetarianism and veganism are gaining more popularity these days. Since this lifestyle has also become very popular in Iran, many vegans and vegetarians are concerned about finding products that are in line with their beliefs. In this article, we introduce 7 stores of vegan and vegetarian products so that you can easily access the food you want.

List of vegan product stores

1. Land store

The land store is located next to the land restaurant in the west of Tehran and welcomes vegetarians who are looking for a variety of plant products. In this store you can find all kinds of kebabs, ready meals and stews, all kinds of beans in beautiful packaging, non-dairy breakfast products, all kinds of jams and vegan sweets.

To taste the products, you can go to the Land Restaurant, which is located right next to the store. Vegan Zemin Restaurant prepares all its dishes with the products of its store to show the taste of its products to the vegetarians and vegans who go there.

Land store information

Visiting hours: 10:00 to 23:00
– Phone: 02188373924
Address: Gharb Town, Iran TV Street, Pardisan Town

Land store on the map

2. Balang online store

Vegan Balang Products Store

Balang is an online store that can send its vegan products to all of Iran. The store offers a variety of products such as vegan burgers, sweets and chocolates, vegetable dairy, various flours and powders, biscuits, grains and nuts, cakes, sausages, sauces, cereals, beverages, snacks and ready-made and semi-prepared foods .

In addition to the mentioned food items, this store has also provided cosmetic products, bags, clothes, hangers, various catering accessories suitable for vegetarians’ tastes for those who are concerned about animal testing of cosmetics. You can get the selected products with the best quality and the shortest time in the desired location.

Balang Store Information

Visiting hours: 10:00 to 18:00
– Phone: 02177963510

– Warehouse address (refer by prior arrangement): Tehranpars, Estakhr St., 232 East Alley, next to No. 25

3. Vegan Govinda Product Store

Vegan Govinda Products Store

This store tries to ensure people’s health by providing healthy food. Govinda’s original idea originated in the 1950s and today operates as an independent store. This vegan store, in addition to providing useful content, also offers various products to customers. The second floor of this store is Cafe Govinda, which serves various customers with hot and cold drinks, desserts and vegetarian dishes.

Govinda products from The best raw materials are offered in hygienic packaging. The products of this vegan store include flour, oil, ready meals, legumes and cereals, teas, dairy products, plant products (such as honey, sugar, juice, sugar, nuts, vinegar, jelly, etc.) Meat substitutes (such as sausages, hot dogs) , Burgers, kebabs, meat, soy and vegetable fillets) are vegan sweets and spices.
Govinda Store Information

Visiting hours: 09:00 to 22:00
– Phone: 02122550005 – 02122584621

– Address: No. 26, Opposite Niloufar Park, South Ekhtiarieh, Pasdaran Beheshtan St., Tehran

Govinda store on the map

4. Vejland Online Store

Vegan Wage Land Products Store

Vejland is an online store. The products of this store are easily available to the people of different cities. Vejland’s goal is to preserve the environment, save animals and promote a happy and healthy lifestyle among the people. Virginia products include ready-made and semi-prepared foods, bread and noodles, breakfast and dinner cereals, sweets, vegan powder and flour, tea and tea, sauces, spices, protein, oils and non-animal dairy products.

These products will reach customers in Tehran within 3 hours. Local delivery of this store is free on Saturdays and Tuesdays for purchases over 200,000 Tomans.

Vejland Store Information

Visiting hours: All hours online
– Phone: 02188344026

5. Iranian Vegetarian Association Store

Vegan Products Store of the Iranian Vegetarian Association

This association was inaugurated in 2000 by Mr. Qaisari Iraqi, Golbidi and Ms. Asadollahi and Ms. Farmani in order to improve the health of the people. The association is chaired by Mr. Qaisari Iraqi. The aim of this collection is to promote vegetarianism, diet and healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, the Iranian Vegetarian Association tries to raise people’s awareness about vegetarianism and make all vegan vegetarian products faster and healthier by publishing books and blogs, holding educational programs, vegetarian cooking classes, counseling, seminars, restaurants and vegetarian supermarkets. Reach out to them.

Store information of Iranian Vegetarian Association

Visiting hours: All hours online
– Phone: 02122551352 – 021227693667

– Address: Tehran, Pasdaran, Behestan 10, Ekhtiarieh South, next to Telecommunications, No. 18

Iranian Vegetarian Association on the map

6. Hayog Online Store

Vegan Products Store

Hayog is an online herbal store in Tehran where customers can buy the herbal products they want. Online shopping for vegan products from this store is cheap and they will be delivered to you quickly at home.

Hayog tries to take an effective step in the health of the society by offering quality and healthy products. The products of this store include cakes, chocolates and vegan sweets, ready meals, vegan proteins and dairy products, drinks, oils, olives and pickles, rice, nuts, cereals and grains, sugar, sugar and so on.

Hayog Store Information
Visiting hours: All hours online
– Phone: 02177269247

7. Vaji Bazaar online store

Vegan Vaji Bazaar Products Store

This online store is very popular because of the variety of vegan and plant products it has. Vegan store vegan products include a variety of meat substitutes, soy products and products, a variety of non-animal dairy products, vegetable milks, spices, nuts, seeds and ready-to-eat foods, and vegetable sausages. Buying from Vaji Bazaar is possible only through the Internet and they do not have to buy in person.

Vaji Bazaar Store Information
Visiting hours: All hours online
– Phone: 02177386334

The last word

Vegetarianism is a term used to describe a healthy lifestyle and diet that is opposed to animal cruelty and killing. This style has a great impact on life, treatment of diseases and health of body and soul. Scientists have proven that vegan products are very effective in preventing various diseases such as cancer and the body absorbs more vitamins and nutrients. Now you can easily buy your herbal or vegan products from the mentioned stores online or in person.


Introducing vegan product stores

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