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Introducing the sport of rock climbing (rock climbing), its equipment and benefits

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Many people want to exercise, but sports activities such as walking on a treadmill seem boring and they want to find it challenging and exciting. Sports such as rock climbing are precisely designed to meet the needs of this group of people. Rock climbing and other similar sports do exactly the same thing by releasing the hormone adrenaline. In the following, you will read more about rock climbing or rock climbing. What are the benefits, what are the types, what equipment and supplies are needed to do it, and other such questions will all be answered in this article. Finally, we will introduce the most popular places for climbing in Iran and the world. Stay with us.

Introducing the sport of rock climbing

In rock climbing, the athlete tries to reach the top of a cliff or mountain by climbing obstacles. Usually people do this with the help of rock climbing equipment such as ropes, carabiners and special pickaxes. The type of equipment used will vary depending on the steepness of the slope and the height and intensity of the climb and other such factors.

This sport requires a lot of physical strength. In addition to fitness and agility, mental preparation is needed to complete rock climbing. Anyone who turns to this sport must endure its hardships and be mentally prepared to do it. Rock climbing is a risky sport; But those who are interested in this sport see the danger and excitement in it as an advantage and a challenge and welcome it.

Types of rock climbing

This sport itself includes a number of sports subdivisions. In the following, you can see the names of different types of activities in this sport:

  • Bouldering;
  • Big Wall Climbing;
  • Trad Climbing;
  • Sport Climbing;
  • Dry Tooling / Climbing with special ice axes).
  • Some differences of these subsets

The rock climbing equipment and accessories used in each of these subsets are different; For example, bouldering is one of the basic disciplines of rock climbing and does not require any special equipment. Only mattresses are placed under the cliffs of the climb to ensure the safety of the athlete. You will need some climbing equipment, including ropes and pickaxes, to do the other sub-items.

The differences between these subsets do not end here. The type of ascent, the severity of the body involvement during the ascent, the difficulty and challenge of the route, the type of wall or rock, and many other factors are different in each of these subsets. If you are interested in pursuing this sport, you should do more detailed research and see exactly which sub-category of rock climbing you want to work in. After that, you can go to the provision of equipment and supplies.

In another category, two different types are listed for this sport:

  • Indoor rock climbing or indoor rock climbing;
  • Rock climbing in nature.

In the latter case, several issues need to be considered: wind intensity, extreme cold or heat, and more. However, in indoor rock climbing, such considerations will not be needed. Indoor rock climbing is also better in terms of safety and will be especially suitable for beginners and children.

Rock climbing for children should be limited to gyms. In addition, children must exercise under the supervision of an experienced coach. The room where children climb should be in a safe condition and have adequate equipment such as safety mats and other items.

Rock climbing equipment

It was mentioned earlier that rock climbing equipment and accessories are selected according to its type or subset. Below you can see some of the most important equipment needed for climbing:

  • Rope;
  • Helmet;
  • Ice ax;
  • Hooks and pegs;
  • Harness;
  • Rock climbing shoes;
  • Crampon;
  • Sling;
  • Belay System;
  • Quick draws;
  • Plaster (rock climbers minimize the risk of slipping by plastering their hands).

Rock climbing equipment

If you are planning to go rock climbing in nature, you may need other equipment depending on the location you choose to climb.

Benefits of rock climbing

What are the factors that make athletes go through all the hardships and difficulties of climbing? Undoubtedly, this sport has several benefits for the health of the human soul and body. That is why, despite all the difficulties, he is still very interested. Let’s see what are the benefits of rock climbing:

1. Increase muscle strength and increase claw strength

For rock climbing, you have to rely a lot on the strength of the hand claws. Most of the time, you will lift your whole body with the help of your elbows. In addition, rock climbing is one of the rare sports in which almost every muscle in the body is involved and strengthened. Athletes in this field will find a strong and muscular body in the long run, in which the percentage of fat is very low.

۲. Increase body flexibility

When you are rock climbing, you will often find yourself in a situation where you have to stretch your arms or legs with all your might to find a foothold or to grab the next clip. These activities will play a significant role in increasing the body’s flexibility in the long run.

3. Watch memorable sights

Memorable views in rock climbing or rock climbing

Rock climbing in beautiful nature will be really worth it. When you climb to the top of a cliff and the whole world is under your feet, you will remember these moments for a long time. If you are a photographer, you can capture and capture these moments.

4. Cardiovascular health

Few sports can be found in which, in addition to muscular strength, heart strength and lung capacity are required and these are also under pressure. Rock climbing is a sport in which this harmony can be seen. When you climb a rock, over time the strength and power of the heart will get better and better and it will pump blood in the arteries with better efficiency. As a result, more oxygen will flow into the bloodstream and you will reach higher levels of physical endurance. The lungs are strengthened in the same way and send oxygen to different parts of the body more efficiently.

5. Burn calories and lose weight

Rock climbing is also extremely effective for weight loss and fat burning. Rock climbing is one of the most intense sports activities and during climbing, a lot of energy is burned in the body. Harmful fats and fats stored in the body will also be part of the energy burned in the long run.

A typical person can burn up to 900 calories per hour while climbing, and up to 600 calories per hour when landing. When your body burns everything you give it (food and drink), it goes to stored fats for energy, which helps with weight loss.

6. Facing new challenges and daring to overcome fears

With the help of rock climbing, you can reach higher levels mentally and gain more confidence. It is in our nature to be interested in challenge and competition. Winning a competition or overcoming a challenge will be accompanied by a sense of satisfaction. Rock climbing and this feeling of satisfaction gives us more self-confidence; Something that is really valuable and useful in life.

Another point is that without overcoming fears and worries, it is not possible to turn to rock climbing. In fact, you have to have a lot of courage, especially when climbing in nature. This courage will eventually find its way into everyday life. An athlete who climbs a rock will become a braver person over time.

7. Getting in the mood and reducing stress

Reduce stress with rock climbing

Exercises that involve intense physical activity, such as the rock climbing we are talking about, have another special and practical advantage. This type of intense activity forces the brain to secrete three chemical compounds, dopamine, serotonin and cannabinoids. The secretion of these compounds makes us feel more satisfied and happy and we feel better. When we are better, we will see a decrease in stress and anxiety over time. When something bad happens to us in this state of mind, we will be able to cope more easily.

If you are trying to overcome depression or you are tired of anxiety and seclusion, be sure to get help from rock climbing, which can cure all these pains.

The most popular places in Iran and the world for rock climbing

If you are planning to climb in nature, be sure to consider the following places. The first 5 are the natural walls of Iran for climbing and the second 5 are the most popular places in the world for climbing.

Natural walls of Iran for rock climbing

  • Alamkooh in Mazandaran province;
  • Biston in Kermanshah province;
  • Wall found in Lorestan province;
  • Akhlamd wall in Mashhad city;
  • Lajur wall in Shazand city of Arak.

Do you know another place? Tell us through the comments section.

The most popular places in the world for rock climbing

  • Chamonix – Mont Blanc, France: Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The Chamonix Valley is spread at its base, which has excellent walls for mountaineering and rock climbing;
Rock climbing in popular parts of the world
Rock climbing in Mont Blanc, France
  • Yosemite National Park, USA: A popular area in the United States for rock climbing with good granite walls for the sport;
Rock climbing in America
Rock climbing in the mountains of Yosemite National Park
  • Catalonia, Spain;
Rock climbing in Spain
Rock climbing in the mountains of Catalonia, Spain
  • Chile: The Koshamo Valley in Chile is one of the most exciting tourist and rock climbing destinations;
Cushamo Valley in Chile - one of the world's rock climbing destinations
Cushamo Valley in Chile
  • Paklenica National Park, Croatia.
Rock climbing in Croatia
Rock climbing in Paklenica National Park, Croatia

And finally that…

Rock climbing is a relatively difficult sport, and in order to step on it, you have to strengthen your arithmetic, both physically and mentally, and get ready to climb. Start with small steps: rock climbing in the gym under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Later you can go to nature to do this and enjoy its extraordinary benefits for your body and soul.

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what is your opinion? Have you had any experience in this sport? What path have you taken to succeed in rock climbing and what strategies have you used? What do you think about what has been said? In the “Post a Comment” section, tell us and your readers about your experiences and information. Also, if you have a suggestion, comment or criticism, be sure to raise it.

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Introducing the sport of rock climbing (rock climbing), its equipment and benefits

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