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Introducing the books of Sherlock Holmes; Fans of this detective should call him a genius

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in the story that even if you have not read his adventures, you must have heard its name. He is a symbol of intelligence, logic and reasoning, and in terms of popularity, his name stands next to detective figures such as Poirot and Ms. Marple. In this article, we get acquainted with the collection of books “Sherlock Holmes” by “Arthur Conan Doyle”. If you are a fan of puzzle literature, this is your food! Even if you do not know much about such books, this article will introduce you to one of the most famous collection of detective stories.

Arthur Conan Doyle, Scottish physician and author, is the creator of the character Sherlock Holmes. Influenced by the character of one of his university professors who was observant and reasoned, he created the character of Sherlock. At first, no publisher was willing to publish his story. For this reason, he published his story through the magazine. Sherlock Holmes stories have been published in the form of 4 long stories and 56 short stories. In the following, we will introduce all the long stories and some of its short stories.

1. Etude in Lucky Red

Translator: Exact good news (suggested)
Publisher: Hermes (suggested)
number of pages: 180

Conan Doyle first published his enigmatic collection in 1887 with the book Etude in Lucky Red. This book is the beginning of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. For this reason, the introduction of the main characters of this puzzle series is in this book. John Watson is one of the favorites in this story, who has just returned from the war in Afghanistan and is supposed to be Sherlock’s roommate and assistant. How the two get to know each other is one of the most interesting parts of the story.

From the popularity of the work and the popularity of the audience at that time, it is clear that Canon Doyle has started his work very powerfully. The riddle of the book is about the complex murder case that Sherlock seeks to solve with the help of Dr. Watson. Given the introduction of the characters and the story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, it is better to read this book as the beginning of the series and before the rest of the books.

It is difficult to say what is not said. In my opinion, Holmes goes a little too far in his scientific approach to the point where he approaches cruelty. It is not uncommon for a friend to swallow some of the latest herbal poison, not succinctly, but only for information in order to get a clear idea of ​​its effects.

User comments

  • It was a great way to express the acquaintance of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and it was great to discover the secret of the murder.
  • This is the first story in the Sherlock Holmes series and it is well written; As many of the adaptations of the day owe to this book.

Interestingly, “Enola Holmes” is the story of Sherlock’s teenage sister, one of the most sought after films of 2020.

2. Sign four

Signs of four of Sherlock Holmes books

Translator: Exact good news (suggested)
Publisher: Hermes (suggested)
number of pages: ۲۲۰

The book marks the fourth longest novel in the Sherlock Holmes series written by Conan Doyle in 1890. The story goes that Mary Muston, the woman whose father disappeared 10 years ago, is now turning to Sherlock for help in solving the mystery.

During the resolution of this case, John Watson, Sherlock’s assistant, becomes interested in Mary, and we witness a love affair parallel to the riddle of the story, which is why the atmosphere of this book is a little different from other stories.

These signatures are fake, except for this letter; But there is no doubt about their real author. See how fast the Greek letter e is spelled and notice the curvature of the letter s at the end of the words.

User comments

  • that was perfect. He had a series of surprises that were very unique.
  • A clichéd subject that is narrated in its most professional form and nails the reader with excitement.

3. Baskerville predator

Baskerville Predator from the books of Sherlock Holmes

Translator: Exact good news (suggested)
Publisher: Hermes (suggested)
number of pages: 237

Mr. Cannon Doyle, after publishing two books, “Etude in Lucky Red” and “Sign of the Four”, published a number of short stories about the adventures of Sherlock, in the last story of which Sherlock kills one of his enemies. However, due to the protests of the fans, the author revived him in the following stories. Baskerville the Predator later published short stories, at a time when he had not yet decided to bring Sherlock back into the story.

This work was first published as a footnote in magazines and then in 1902 was first published as a book. The story of the book is not from Sherlock, but from John Watson. The story of this book is related to the legend of the Baskerville family that no family member should be seen around the house in the dark of night; Because it is a threat to their lives. At the same time, with the arrival of the last heir of the family to this property, the sensitivity of the case increases and Sherlock enters the story to solve the strange mystery of the family.

The brown creature roamed and struggled in the green forests. Then a long, anxious, desperate neck was lifted up, and a terrifying scream echoed through the meadow. My whole body froze in terror.

User comments

  • I have seen his film. It was interesting.
  • This story was really great and engaging. It was one of the best Sherlock Holmes stories.

4. Valley of Horrors

Valley of Horrors from Sherlock Holmes Books

Translator: Exact good news (suggested)
Publisher: Hermes (suggested)
number of pages: 164

Valley of Horrors is the fourth and final feature novel by Sherlock Holmes, published in 1914 in a magazine and a year later in book form. The book is set in Chicago, and Sherlock is working on a murder case. The book is written in two parts, under the titles “Berlesten Catastrophe” and “Peshmerga”. Berlesten is a lordly house outside the city where the murder took place.

The structure of the book is such that in the first part, Sherlock, according to the routine of previous stories, seeks to discover the mystery of murder. However, in the second part, there is no news about Sherlock and we read flashbacks of the story and the context of the murder. The two parts are connected at the end and the essence of the story becomes clear to the audience.

It was one of those exciting moments that my friend lived for. It is an exaggeration to say that he was shocked or excited by this astonishing statement. His face had a calm, eager chemistry composition that saw the crystals separate from his saturated solution and settle into place.

User comments

  • I am more interested in Sherlock Holmes’ way of exploring, searching, and concluding than the detective and enigmatic nature of the story. The structure of the book was two-piece and in this respect it was similar to Etude in Lucky Red.

5. Cardboard box

Cardboard box of Sherlock Holmes books

Translator: Exact good news (suggested)
Publisher: Hermes (suggested)
number of pages: 169

The Cardboard Box is a collection of short stories by Sherlock Holmes. This collection includes 6 short stories and the cardboard box is the title of its third story. The story of the cardboard box is that a 50-year-old woman named “Susan” receives a cardboard box in which two human ears are covered with salt. This is the beginning of Sherlock’s adventure and exploration.

My inference is quite the opposite. Liquid is injected into the corpse in the autopsy room. There is no trace of this liquid in these corners. On the other hand, these corners are new. They were cut with a slow tool that could not be the work of a student.

User comments

  • The most interesting feature of this book for me was the kind of inferential look of Sherlock Holmes. That everything is full of signs and there are signs that must be discovered and trends can be understood from the signs.

short stories

As mentioned earlier, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes include 56 short stories, in which we refer to the “Cardboard Box” series. In the following, you can see a number of short stories translated into Persian:

  • Red ring;
  • Yellow face;
  • Silver electricity;
  • Three students;
  • Dancing men;
  • Pale soldier;
  • Gold-plated glasses;
  • Scandal in Bohem;
  • Sussex vampire blood;
  • Panic on Westwood Street.

Cinematic adaptations

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes have been of interest to filmmakers since the beginning of the twentieth century. The first long adaptation was made in 1916, directed by Arthur Bertlett and silently made. Since then, this collection of stories has been adapted many times. Here are some of these adaptations:

  • Baskerville Dog (1939)
  • The Seven Percent Solution (1976)
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (1979-1986)
  • Order of Murder (1979)
  • Sign Four (1983)
  • Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
  • Silk Socks Case (2004)
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  • Sherlock (2010)
Ironically, various Sherlock Holmes-related series, as well as Sherlock, the story of this arrogant genius detective and Dr. Watson in today’s modern world, are among the best crime series in the world.

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How is your experience reading or watching the Sherlock Holmes adventures? What Sherlock Holmes story, movie, or series have you read or seen? If you have experience seeing and reading both, which one do you think is more attractive? What story or movie is empty in this introduction?


Introducing the books of Sherlock Holmes; Fans of this detective should call him a genius

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