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Introducing the book about social etiquette: books that everyone should read

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It has always been interesting for people to know the things that set you apart. Observance of the necessary details of social etiquette is one of these points. There are points in every field that may not be obvious, but by observing them, you differentiate yourself from others and you seem to be a worthy and polite person. For example, do you know the etiquette of standing in line at an ATM? Here are some books on etiquette that will help you learn a lot about different aspects of life, such as behavior in the workplace and everyday life. Stay with us until the end of this article.

1. Comprehensive book of social etiquette

the writer: Emily Post

Translator: Mary Taqdisi
Publishers: Pendar Taban
number of pages: 664

The authors of this book answer all the questions related to social etiquette that arise for people in different situations. Some of these questions are:

  • One of the customers has a cold; Should I shake his hand?
  • When I send a gift to my nieces, she does not write a thank you note. Is it okay to send him a gift anymore?
  • Should I give my friend a gift at the engagement party?

The etiquette tips in this book are very diverse and extensive and will answer you in almost any field. However, you are not going to read about classical etiquette in this book, and the book’s discussions are only about contemporary etiquette. This will probably make the book more enjoyable for today.

The world has changed, but the need to observe social etiquette never changes.

۲. The book of social etiquette in human language

The book of social etiquette in human language is a book about social etiquette

the writer: So Fox

Translator: گلناز فرهمندی
Publishers: هیرمند
number of pages: 416

To be more impressed with this book, let us first talk about its author and his honors. Su Fox has been offering etiquette training products since 1994. He provides training for celebrities, political groups, business experts and other interested people.

Su Fox has traveled around the world and become acquainted with the cultures of different ethnic groups. He has developed various training programs for trainers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

In the book of social etiquette in human language, you are supposed to read the practical points of social etiquette. In this book, you will not come across long lists of social etiquettes that are forgotten a few days after reading them. Among the points you will learn in this book:

  • Proper clothing;
  • Treat family well;
  • Maintaining Health;
  • Establish appropriate relationships in the workplace.

When in doubt, treat people the way you want to be treated.

3. The book of etiquette

The book of etiquette

the writer: Professor John Morgan

Translator: Jahangir Afkhami
Publishers: gift
number of pages: 286

Finding the best book for etiquette is hard work. Of course, by reading this book, you take an important step towards learning social etiquette. In this book, you will read simple and practical ways to interact properly with people and you will learn to encourage them for intellectual, spiritual and material help.

One of the most important pillars of success is proper communication with others, and the book of etiquette and companionship will help you in this way.

4. Social etiquette book for young girls and boys

Social etiquette book for young girls and boys A book about social etiquette

the writer: Jean-Louis Fortier

Translator: Shahin Dokht Behzadi
Publishers: هیرمند
number of pages: 190

Proper upbringing of children has always been one of the most important concerns of parents. Various books have been written about raising children, but this book emphasizes the social etiquette that young girls and boys must have in order to be accepted into society. By reading this book, you will make sure that you, as a young lady or gentleman, have chosen the right way to communicate with others.

If you have nothing to give as a gift, you can at least give your seat on the bus to someone.

5. The book of etiquette in the workplace in human language

The book of etiquette in the workplace in human language

the writer: So Fox

Translator: Azita Zamani
Publishers: هیرمند
number of pages: 386

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In addition, many corporate and industry executives are interested in offering etiquette training courses to their employees to achieve a variety of goals, including creating a positive work environment.

This book is aimed at people who want to have better working relationships or professors who want to teach others how to communicate.

Observance of social etiquette is both vital and proven in our work activities and professional growth, and also plays an important role in personal development.

6. Etiquette book: 110 very practical points of modern social etiquette

Etiquette: 110 Very Practical Tips for Modern Social Etiquette A book on social etiquette

the writer: حسین شیرمحمدی

Publishers: Innovators of Sinai
number of pages: 60

In Etiquette, you will learn social etiquette beyond the ordinary things you already know. In this book, you will read very interesting and instructive points that will teach you the appropriate behaviors for each situation in detail.

For example, in this book you read that if you need to do two things using an ATM, you have to finish your first task and stand in line again for the second task. In this book, you will also learn social media etiquette that many people do not think is appropriate in our country, for example, they must be allowed before adding people to social media groups.

Learning these small but important points will help us to be more popular in our social and work life, and perhaps this will also lead to our progress in life.

If someone gives us their business card, we have to take it with the index finger and thumb and read the person’s name out of the card.

7. The book The Keys to Teaching Social Etiquette to Children

The Keys to Teaching Children Social Etiquette A book about etiquette

the writer: Cheryl Aberley

Translator: Behbahani song
Publishers: صابرین
number of pages: 310

The author of this book believes that teaching social etiquette to children increases their self-confidence and prepares children for the beginning of a new era in their lives. If you agree with the author, it is a good idea to read this book and encourage your child to behave better in the community, inspired by its practical tips.

Praising people is always enjoyable. When someone compliments a child, the best response is to thank and smile.

8. Social etiquette book for everyone

Social etiquette book for everyone

the writer: Khosrow Amir Hosseini

Publishers: Bayan Library
number of pages: 114

You may have come across people who are very polite and polite and follow certain points in each field. Following these tips may change the way you look at those people and try to emulate them.

In this book, you will read about social etiquette that helps you to be in the category of these educated people. Some of the points you will read in this book are:

  • Tips and etiquette of visiting the patient;
  • Etiquette in the office;
  • Walking etiquette.

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In this article, we have introduced some suitable books for learning social etiquette. In your opinion, what effect does observing certain etiquettes in the society have on people’s opinion about you? Do you know of a book you would like to add to this list?




Introducing the book about social etiquette: books that everyone should read

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