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Introducing the best science books for teens

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There is a lot of fun for teens these days. However, many teenagers prefer to travel to the magical world of books at every opportunity and, in addition to spending time, learn useful things. This article is useful for book lovers and their parents. In the following, we will introduce the best science books for teenagers. All of these books are carefully selected and are useful for the present and future of your teen.

1. The dizzying galaxy by Kiartan Pasquit

Translator: Mahmoud Mazinani
Publishers: Genesis
number of pages: 168

This book gives a fascinating explanation of the “Horror Science” book series about planets, stars, meteors and everything related to space. You are supposed to go to the heart of the space in the form of a story; You start with Big Bang to make your way to the black hole, along with the book’s various fictional characters.

Many teens are interested in galaxies and space, so this book could probably be a great gift for teens.

۲. Short Answers to Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

The best science books for teens from the best science books for teens

Translator: Mazda Movahed
Publishers: نو
number of pages: 192

Few people have heard of Stephen Hawking, the great contemporary physicist, or seen his image on television at least once. If you are a little more familiar with this famous physicist, you know very well that he has put forward controversial theories about the origin of the universe. In his book Short Answers to Big Questions, Hawking answers people’s common questions about how the universe came to be; Questions like where did we come from and what is the purpose and meaning of life.

Some other interesting questions that this book answers:

  • Is time travel possible?
  • Can we predict the future?
  • Is there another intelligent life in the universe?

This book has occupied the minds of many teenagers and that is a good reason for it to be included in the list of the best science books for teenagers. By reading this book, teenagers will be introduced to new theories and may look at things more openly. Therefore, it is not wrong to consider it as one of the best science books for teenagers.

Remember to look up at the stars, not at your feet. Try to understand what you see and think about what has made the universe possible. Be curious. No matter how difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do to succeed. The important thing is not to give up, to control your imagination and shape the future.

3. Encyclopedia of the Human Body by Steve Parker

Encyclopedia of the human body is one of the best science books for teenagers

Translator: Goddess Alavi
Publishers: Horizon
number of pages: 224

How the human body works has always been fascinating to teens:

  • How does our heart work?
  • What happens to the food we eat every day?
  • Where does the oxygen in the air go when you breathe?

The encyclopedia of the human body is supposed to understand what happens under our skin when we do our daily activities and what each part of the body is doing.

If you are planning to buy a science book for teenagers, you should know that this book has good information about different parts of the body, including:

  • Skin;
  • bones;
  • Six;
  • digestive system;
  • the brain.

At the end of the book, topics related to growing up such as fertilization, pregnancy, growth and aging are discussed.

4. Collection of Wonders…

Wonders of the Oceans

Translator: Arezoo Ramezani, Mehdi Ramezani
Publishers: Sun Shrine

As you read about the best science books for teens, you probably have a curious teenager at home who wants to know what’s going on in the oceans, the earth or space! Or it even asks you about the distant past and early humans. The “Wonders…” book series consists of the following five volumes:

  • Pirate Wonders;
  • Wonders of space;
  • Wonders of the Oceans;
  • Wonders of the Earth;
  • The wonders of early humans.

This collection of books has answers to almost every question of teenagers in Austin! The thing that sets this book apart from some similar books is its visuals. This feature makes it much easier for playful teens to draw attention to books and divert their minds from the virtual world or useless mobile games.

5. One Million Tips to Know the History of Joe Falman

One Million History Tips From The Best Teen Books For Teens

Translator: Majid Atefi
Publishers: Borna Scholars
number of pages: 130

This book has good historical information and opens a window for the reader to the wonderful world of different lands. Each part of this book is dedicated to the history and history of a particular place, person or ethnicity, For example:

  • Ancient civilizations;
  • Trade in ancient times;
  • The beliefs of the Maya and their gods;
  • Ancient people’s trade method;
  • Middle East;
  • Greek inventors;
  • Roman and Chinese armies.

6. Collection of eyewitness books

Eyewitness books are some of the best science books for teens

Translator: محمدرضا افضلی
Publishers: Ladder

This collection of books includes various scientific topics, including:

  • birds;
  • Amphibians;
  • Mammals;
  • global warming.

In these books, interesting scientific facts are stated that are very interesting for teenagers. For example, why do cats have mustaches and what do they use them for? Or what birds lived in the world thousands of years ago?

We recommend reading this book to those curious and knowledgeable teenagers who want to have something new to say in front of their friends!

7. Invent yourself by Andrew Ray and Lisa Reagan

Invent yourself

Translator: Afsaneh Hojjati Tabatabai
Publishers: Golden
number of pages: 72

Creativity always has its benefits, especially for teenagers who are about to enter the adult world and need to develop a variety of skills. Invent Yourself’s book contains 30 practical exercises that are effective in fostering creativity and encouraging teens to put their ideas to the test.

These inventions may be useful or useless, edible or discarded, ridiculous or exciting, but they all show teenagers the fact that maybe one day the stupid ideas of the world will be turned upside down!

Dust slippers for cats: They clean the alleys as they walk with them. Thank you for coming!

8. Lucy Laboratory by Michelle Hawth

Lucy Lab

Translator: بهزاد باپیروند
Publishers: Fountain
number of pages: 53

When it comes to science, many draw a line around the story. But sometimes reading a science fiction story is a lot more fun than reading a lot of science books, and it also teaches the reader useful material. In Lucy’s lab book, we read the story of a girl named Lucy who is very careful about her surroundings. The environment, science lab and school are some of his hobbies.

In this book, we join Lucy to learn different things, such as the environment and arboriculture. If your curious teen is not interested in science books, this book may be the spark for that interest.

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9. The application of science to the work of Susan Bozak

Applying science is one of the best science books for teens

Translator: Babak Azimi Kazemi
Publishers: Technical of Iran
number of pages: 58

If you know the subject of the book Application of Science, you will most likely agree with us that most teenagers will love this book. In Applying Science, you will read about technology and how science is used in various fields. Would your teen want to know how certain devices work? He may also be interested in scientific activities and experiments. In any case, this book satisfies the curiosities of teenagers well and has some interesting points to offer until the last pages.

10. Kneeling under the skin of Karen Latchana

Wandering under the skin

Translator: Amir Taheri
Publishers: Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Center
number of pages: 32

It is a pity to finish the list of the best science books for teenagers without mentioning the name of this book. This illustrated book with simple definitions helps teenagers to get acquainted with different parts of the body and how they work.

Some of the topics you will read about in this book are:

  • Waste disposal;
  • Bones and muscles;
  • Pumping blood.

By reading this book, teens will gain a better understanding of their bodies and may eventually decide to take better care of this complex system!

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at the end

In this article, we tried to introduce some of the best science books for teenagers. These books can help increase adolescents’ general knowledge. They may also be helpful in choosing future careers by creating an interest in scientific topics.

Have you ever bought any of the books on this list for your child? What do you think are the benefits of reading science books for teens?


Introducing the best science books for teens

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