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Introducing the best books on magical realism

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If you are one of those people whose imagination and transcendental events tickle your mind and excite you, the literary style of magical realism will most likely be exciting for you. Today we introduce books of this style. Follow us by introducing the best books on magical realism.

What is magical realism?

Magical realism is actually a branch of the style of realism and has many characteristics. In magical realism, characters and events are all based on reality, but they can also have magical or transcendental abilities. This is why in stories of this genre, events sometimes occur that are magical in nature and do not exist in the real world. Magic and breaking habits are added to the characters and events like spices and give the story a different shape. Here are 10 of the best books on magical realism.

1. What does it mean for a man to fall from the sky?

the writer: Leslie Neka Arima
Translator (user suggestion): Hassan Razavi
Publications (suggested by users): Superior thought
number of pages: 208

Leslie Neka Arima, the Nigerian author of this work, intends to take us under the skin of Nigerian society with 12 stories. The main characters of his stories are the injured and less seen people of the society, who, incidentally, are not few in number. Women play a greater role in these stories, and the author wants to show us more of their needs, shortcomings, and the world at large. The characters in the stories and what they went through are all real parts of the story, and the magic part of the story is how these people react to their sorrows and sufferings.

The father’s stepmother treats him as if he were a stray dog ​​and only sees him around the house enough to remember his face, but never lets him home.

۲. Kafka on the shore

Book of Magical Realism - Kafka on the Shore

the writer: Haruki Murakami
Translator (user suggestion): Mehdi Ghabraei
Publications (suggested by users): Lotus
number of pages: 607

Kafka on the Shore is one of the most famous books by Haruki Murakami, a well-known Japanese author. Kafka Tamura and Saturo Nakata are the main characters in the book They have transcendental abilities, such as talking to cats and having a strong sixth sense. The author takes the story of these two characters in parallel. The combination of reality and transcendental events in this book creates a mysterious atmosphere and the author uses this space to present his philosophy to the audience.

Of course I have no friends. I have drawn a wall around me and I will not let anyone in and I will not try to get out of it myself. They may hate me or even be afraid of me, but I’m glad no one is bothering me. Because I’ve done a thousand other things for myself, including spending some of my free time swallowing school library books.

3. Frankie Swallow Magic Wires

The Book of Magical Realism - Frankie Parasto's Magical Strings

the writer: Mitch Album
Translator (user suggestion): Sahar Tavakoli
Publications (suggested by users): backpack
number of pages: 456

Mitch Album, an American author and musician, is best known for her famous book, Tuesdays with Murray. In this book, he has distanced himself from the biographical style of his previous book and turned to the story. The book is about a guitarist named Frankie Presto, and the story begins with his funeral. We are not going to hear the story of Frankie’s life from himself or anyone else, صدای his life and his love for music are supposed to be narrated by music. The different narrator of this book is the magical part of it, which narrates the ups and downs of the life of one of his children.

There it is, inside the coffin. In fact, it’s still mine. A good musician will respectfully hold it until the last notes are played. The man’s song is over, but his mourners have come a long way to add a few more verses.

4. be in trouble

The Book of Magical Realism - Trouble

the writer: General link
Translator (user suggestion): Sahar Jarahi
Publications (suggested by users): backpack
number of pages327

Trouble is a collection of nine short stories. In all the stories, reality is inextricably intertwined with transcendental and magical events, and this is what puts this book in the category of books of magical realism. Kelly Link was nominated for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Literature for writing this book.

He went to school on Friday. For breakfast, eat just one tablespoon of peanut butter and one tablespoon of toasted wheat. He could not remember the last time he ate. As he walked down the street to board the school bus, his cough made the crows run away.

5. Life Pi

The Book of Magical Realism - The Life of Pi

the writer: Ian Martel
Translator (user suggestion): حسینعلی میرشاهی
Publications (suggested by users): یمام
number of pages: 402

Pi Patel is a 16-year-old boy who survived the sinking of a ship carrying zoo animals. The tail and a Bengal tiger are the only survivors. His quest to survive in the middle of the ocean makes the story exciting. By telling this story, the author intends to raise important philosophical issues on which human existence and belief in God are based. The book of life follows you to an exciting adventure and makes you think. Ian Martel won the 2002 Man Booker Prize for Literature for writing this book.

It is true that those around us are able to change us; Sometimes this change is so profound that after that, we are no longer the same person we used to be.

6. Book Thief

The Book of Magical Realism - The Book of Thieves

the writer: Marcus Zosak
Translator (user suggestion): Marzieh Khosravi
Publications (suggested by users): the look
number of pages: 575

The story of this book takes place in the heart of the First World War and its deadly and destructive works. The story is about a teenage girl who takes refuge in the world of books to survive. What gives the reality of this story a magical and transcendental state is its narration. The author uses death as one of the undeniable consequences of war as a narrator. In the midst of the devastation of war, the life of a girl reader draws the attention of death, and we become intimately acquainted with her life. Lissel is a fierce bookworm living with her stepfather. He shares his books with other war refugees so that they, like him, can take refuge in the sweet world of books from the bitterness of their lives.

Those first months were certainly the hardest days. Lissel had nightmares every night, seeing her brother’s face, staring at the floor. The screaming women, immersed in their bed, fall asleep while drowning in a flood of bedding. On the other side of the room, the bed that was supposed to belong to his brother was floating like a boat in the dark. When he regained consciousness, the bed sank softly on the floor.

7. West output

The Book of Magical Realism - The Book of the West

the writer: Mohsen Hamid
Translator (user suggestion): Yalda Blark
Publications (suggested by users): ورا
number of pages: 150

“Exit of the West” is the story of an immigrant couple whose problems and civil war force them to emigrate, the same constant problems that have plagued the people of the Middle East for years. Pakistani-American author Mohsen Hamid won the Booker Prize for Literature for his work. In this story, he beautifully portrays the suffering, helplessness and unknown future of this couple.

In a relatively quiet city full of asylum seekers who had not yet been involved in the war, a young man saw a young girl in the classroom, but did not talk to her. Her name was Saeed and the girl’s name was Nadia.

8. one hundred years of Solitude

The Book of Magical Realism - The Book of One Hundred Years Alone

the writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Translator (user suggestion): Bahman Farzaneh
Publications (suggested by users): Amir Kabir
number of pages: 408

Undoubtedly, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most influential writers of magical realism and “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is one of the most significant works of this genre. The story of this book is about six generations of the Buendیاa family. The author tries to depict the life of the Native Americans and Indians in the form of a magical story, beliefs and traditions, geography and in a word. Unusual events and characters with supernatural abilities have doubled the book’s appeal. As the title of the book shows, human loneliness is the main subject of the book, and Marquez shows its beauty in all the characters of the story, using the element of repetition.

The past is nothing but illusions and fantasies and memories have no return and every spring that passes does not return and even the most intense and passionate loves are an unstable truth.

9. time stop

The Book of Magical Realism - The Book of Stopping Time

the writer: Matt Hague
Translator (user suggestion): محمد غفوری
Publications (suggested by users): شمشاد
number of pages: 460

“Stop Time” is the story of a man with a strange trait, he lives a few centuries, or rather he does not die. Love, death and life are the main themes of the book. The idea of ​​the immortality of the main character and the long life he has is so fascinating that it nails the audience to the end.

The first rule is not to fall in love. There are other rules, but this is the main rule. Forbidden to fall in love. Love is forbidden. Dreaming about love is also forbidden. If you abide by this law, you will not have a problem. Do you understand what I mean? Do not depend on others and try as little as possible to have no feelings for the people you meet, because otherwise you will slowly lose your mind.

10. آفتاب‌پرست‌ها

The Book of Magical Realism - The Book of Chameleons

the writer: Jose Eduardo Agualosa
Translator (user suggestion): Mehdi Ghabraei
Publications (suggested by users): Fountain
number of pages: 218

The Angolan author “Chameleons” has created a magical story from the heart of the realities of his society, so magical that a chameleon is the narrator and observer of the events of the story. He lives in an old house and is supposed to reveal the secrets of this old house. Stranger than being a narrator is his connection to his roommate, who also has special abilities. The conversation between these two is the turning point of the story. Politics, history and social issues are the main themes of the book, which are presented to the audience in the form of a story in the style of magical realism.

I was born in this house and I grew up here. I never went out. When it’s too late, I push my body against the window and look at the sky. Watching the flames, the clouds that follow each other and above them I love the angels, the many angels that sparkle from their hair and flutter their wide fiery wings.

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Introducing the best books on magical realism

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