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Introducing the best audio books in Persian

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In today’s world where the speed of technology has added a lot of worries and preoccupations to our lives, listening to audiobooks is one of the best ways to continue reading and enjoy the world of books. Introducing today’s book is dedicated to the best audio books in Persian. If you are an audiobook fan because of your interest or because of the limitations of reading a book, do not miss today’s introduction.

When buying or choosing printed or e-books, we usually consider features and standards such as genre, personal taste, good translation and publishing, and quality paper; But to buy and listen to an audiobook, in addition to the standards we have mentioned, we must also consider other features such as the speaker’s voice, tone and correct reading of the book. In the following, we will introduce you to examples of the best and best-selling audio books in Persian that are of high audio quality. This collection includes Iranian and foreign fiction and non-fiction books.

1. A man named Uwe

the writer: Frederick Beckman
Translator: Farnaz Teymurazov
Speaker: Maryam Mahboob
Publishers: نشر نون

“A Man Named Oveh” is the title of one of the best-selling and most popular foreign novels in the book market of Iran in recent years. The story is about an old man named Uwe who lives alone. He has lost his wife and has no children. Loneliness persuades him to decide to kill himself, but this decision is delayed for some reason every time he goes to work. Oveh’s life takes on a new direction with the arrival of his new neighbor, who has an Iranian wife.

Frederick Beckman, an Iranian female character, wrote the story under the influence of his Iranian wife. The author has written the life story of a not-so-good-natured old man in such a fascinating way that it cannot be overthrown. The audio version of this book made by Maryam Mahboob has made this story more audible. If you are looking for a quality audiobook from a fascinating novel, this work with the voice of the beloved Maryam, we suggest you.

2. A quiet romance of the best Persian audio books

A quiet romance of the best audiobooks

the writer: Nader Ebrahimi
Speaker: Payam Dehkordi
Publishers: New illustrated book

Nader Ebrahimi can be considered one of the most romantic Iranian male writers whose romantic genre has a special tenderness and pleasure. “A Quiet Love”, as its title suggests, is the narrative of the love life of an Iranian couple that accompanies us from the stage of acquaintance to their middle age. The author’s language in expressing the events and mood of the book is so subtle that the text of the book is closer to poetry than prose in some parts. This beautiful romance novel is presented to the audience in the best way with the calm voice of Dehkordi message. Another positive point of this audiobook is its music, which has been added to complete the reading of the book. If you are a fan of Nader Ebrahimi, this is one of the best audiobooks that will add to your good experiences from this exciting new author. If you have not read this book yet, the audio version is an example of everything.

3. Suicide Shop

Suicide Shop Audiobook

the writer: Jean Toli
Translator: احسان کرم‌ویسی
Speaker: Hotan Shakiba
Publishers: Corner radio

The title Suicide Shop may sound like a crime or even a horror story to you, but it really isn’t, and we’re dealing with a comic book that has a deep philosophy behind it. Suicide Shop, one of the best books on French literature, both makes you laugh and makes you think. The audio version of this work has been performed by Houtan Shakiba, one of the successful actors of our country. His flawless tone and performance, which covers all the characters in the story, has doubled the pleasure of reading this book. If you are interested in combining humor and philosophy in the form of audio books, we offer you the audio version of this book.

4. one hundred years of Solitude

One Hundred Years Alone Of The Best Audiobooks

the writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Translator: Bahman Farzaneh
Speaker: Mehdi Pakdel
Publishers: New illustrated book

One Hundred Years of Solitude is the most iconic and famous work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, written in the style of magical realism. This book was first translated by Bahman Farzaneh. The same translation is considered the best translation of this work. This fascinating work is the result of a combination of reality, imagination and magic, which is unique in its kind. The story is about several generations of a family, all of whom have strange stories and, of course, similar names. The similarity of names and the multiplicity of characters are among the challenges of reading this book. Mehdi Pakdel, with his pleasant voice and correct and high-quality reading of this book, has caused the audio version of this work, like the printed version, to be noticed by the audience.

5. Jonathan Seagull

Jonathan Seagull is one of the best audiobooks

the writer: Richard Bach
Translator: Kaveh Mir Abbasi
Speaker: Mehrdad Oskooi
Publishers: New illustrated book

Allegorical stories have always had a special appeal and are one of the best options for learning life lessons that the audience accepts with the least resistance. The story of this beautiful book is about a seagull named Jonathan who comes out of his safe area and starts his adventure to face his fears and limitations. Mehrdad Oskooi’s interesting tone and voice well introduce the main character to the audience and accompany him. The music, which is chosen as a complement to the speaker’s voice, conveys the excitement and inner feelings of your soul to the audience. All of these factors make Jonathan the Seagull audiobook an audible and instructive work.

6. Alchemist

Alchemist Audiobook

the writer: Paulo Coelho
Translator: Arash Hejazi
Speaker: Mohsen Namjoo
Publishers: New illustrated book

The Alchemist is the most famous work of Paolo Coelho, which made a lot of noise at the time of its publication and was translated into many languages ​​in a short time and was widely accepted in the world. The story is about a young shepherd who, in search of the treasure of his life, sets foot in a world outside his safe zone. He leaves his familiar job and environment and goes to the world of the unknown. This search has many lessons for this young shepherd and builds a new personality for him. The Alchemist is the life story of all of us humans, which is why everyone somehow feels empathized with parts of this book.

7. Symphony of the Dead

Symphony of the Dead from the best audiobooks

the writer: Abbas Maroufi
Speaker: Hussein Pakdel
Publishers: آوانامه

Among the best Iranian novels, the Symphony of the Dead is one of the best examples in terms of narrative and writing quality. Abbas Maroufi is one of the well-known Iranian writers who has many novels in his career. Meanwhile, the Symphony of the Dead is a more significant work. The story takes place in Ardabil and during World War II. The main characters of the book are a family of six. The lives of all of them are ruined by the environment in which they live and the blind prejudices of their father. Bitterness, darkness, and coldness pervade the book, and the author has done so much to characterize and describe the space so well that you feel cold in the days after the book is finished. The audio version of this book, with the catchy voice and the right tone of Hossein Pakdel, has made hearing this bitter but impressive story a special experience for the audience of Persian audio books.

8. From Qaytariyeh to Orange County

Audiobook from Qaytariyeh to Orange County

the writer: حمیدرضا صدر
Speakers: Fatemeh Motamedaria and Reza Kianian
Publishers: Corner radio

Hamidreza Sadr was one of the popular critics of our country’s cinema and football. His different analyzes and beautiful view of the connection between cinema and football made many people interested in these two disciplines. He was diagnosed with cancer in the last years of his life and died of the disease in July 1400. This book, as his last work, is related to a different period of his life and coping with and accepting this disease. According to his will, this book was published after his death. The audio version of this work will be performed by Fatemeh Motamedaria and Reza Kianian, veteran actors of our country. Hearing the latest story from a man who was himself a master narrator in football and cinema, with the voices of two of the best actors in the field of acting, is definitely worth hearing once.

9. Football against the enemy

Football against the enemy of the best audiobooks

the writer: Simon Cooper
Translator: Adel Ferdowsi-Pour
Speaker: Adel Ferdowsi-Pour
Publishers: Corner radio

We know Adel Ferdowsipour more with his 90th program and unique football reports; But in recent years he has shown that he is as successful in translation as football. Football Against the Enemy is a football-themed book that examines football events and their effects on different communities. There is a kind of sociology and historical analysis in this book that has made it a readable work especially for football fans. The audio version of this book has also been prepared with the special and lovely voice of Adel Ferdowsipour. If you are a football fan, the audio version of this work with the voice of Adel Ferdowsipour will surely be more attractive and enjoyable for you.

10. دزیره

Desiree of the best audiobooks

the writer: Anne Marie Selinko
Translator: Keyvan Obaidi Ashtiani
Speaker: Shima shines
Publishers: آوانامه

The pleasure of reading real stories that are combined with important historical events is greater because they give us a combination of the pleasure of reading history and the pleasure of reading the story. Desiree is the former lover and fiancé of Napoleon Bonaparte, who during his lifetime left manuscripts of his daily life and important events in his life. Later, these manuscripts, along with historical documents by Marie Selinco, became a historical novel. Shima Derakhsh performs the translated version of this book in order to provide an audible sample of the book Desire to be read to the Persian-speaking audience. Proper tone and reading make the effect of listening more interesting than reading.

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Attention to audio books has increased in recent years and many works in audio form have been marketed by various publications and institutes. Our list includes only a few of these works. Help complete our list by writing down your experiences listening to audiobooks and the best works you have heard.


Introducing the best audio books in Persian


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