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Interesting facts about the Tokyo Olympics

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After 2020, which has undergone major changes due to the corona epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics are now being held with a one-year delay. This Olympics has no spectators; But you can still see and enjoy the charms and beautiful moments of this great sports competition from all over the world. Apart from the beauties and amazing moments of the sports world, this great event has other attractions that are not without grace. Here are some interesting facts about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics in terms of statistics

1. General statistics

  • These competitions include 33 sports and 32 international federations;
  • There are 42 sports complexes for the Olympic Games;
  • There are 339 events for these sports, including 18 mixed and free events;
  • 205 National Olympic Committee and a team of refugees from the International Olympic Committee are participating in this competition;
  • At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, 5 new sports have been added to the sport: karate, skateboarding, climbing, softball / baseball and surfing.

2. Corona prevention

  • More than 85% of athletes and their coaching and support teams based in the Olympic Village have been vaccinated against Corona;
  • According to the latest International Olympic Committee (IOC) news, more than 70% of sports reporters and media representatives participating in the competition have received the corona vaccine;
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) considers the experiences of more than 54,000 athletes who have participated in more than 430 major sporting events since September 2020 to provide a comprehensive corona prevention plan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

3. Athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics

  • Approximately 11,000 athletes will compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics;
  • More than 1,800 athletes from 186 National Olympic Committees have received the Tokyo 2020 Solidarity Olympic Scholarship;
  • There are 29 athletes on the International Olympic Committee’s refugee team competing under the Olympic flag.

4. torch of Olympic

  • The Olympic torch has traveled in 47 provinces of Japan for 121 days;
  • 10,500 torch bearers took part in the Olympic torch-carrying ceremony;
  • In its 121-day journey, the Olympic torch has passed through 47 provinces and 665 cities.

Interesting facts about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

1. Japan and the history of the Olympics

Japan has a long history of hosting and hosting several summer and winter Olympics, and it is not the only Olympics to be held in Japan. Tokyo has twice hosted the Summer Olympics. The first Olympic Games were held in Tokyo in 1964. The interesting thing about this is that at that time, the Olympic Games were held in October; When the weather was milder and milder than in July and August. Tokyo has a very hot and humid climate in summer.

2. Tokyo, the first Asian city to host the Olympics

Tokyo has made history as the first Asian city to host the Olympics. The 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics were the first Olympics to be held in Asia. In 1972, the Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo, Japan, and the 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the fourth Olympics to be held in Japan. Tokyo is the only city in Asia to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice.

3. Tokyo and holding 2 Paralympics

Tokyo is the first city in the world to host the Paralympics twice. The city will host the Paralympic Games from August 24 to September 3. These competitions start 2 weeks after the end of the Olympics. Tokyo is the first and only city in the world to host the Paralympic Games for the second time. It first hosted the competition in 1964.

4. Tokyo and the hosting of the Olympics were canceled

In 1936, Tokyo was named the host of the 1940 Olympics; But the Olympic program changed because of World War II. Helsinki was chosen as the sponsoring city for the delayed Olympics; But these games were again postponed due to the war and were eventually canceled forever.

5. New sports at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

This year, 5 new sports have been added to the list of sports at the Olympic Games. These sports include karate, skateboarding, climbing, surfing, and baseball and softball. Baseball and softball have not been in the Olympics since 2008 and have returned to the Games this year.

6. Zaha Hadid and design of Japan National Stadium

Tokyo Olympic Stadium

Japan’s National Stadium is one of the few stadiums to host the Olympics with its stunning design. Initially, a plan was to be drawn from زها حيد, An Anglo-Iraqi architect, to be used to build this stadium; But the design of Kengo Kuma was finally chosen. The new design was more cost-effective. It covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters and cost 157 billion yen to build.

7. Use of wood in the construction of the National Stadium of Japan

The construction of the National Stadium of Japan uses wood that has been supplied from all over the country. Wood is used in both the interior and exterior of the Kengo Kuma design. These sticks are made from all 47 provinces of Japan. The architect of this building has described it as a living tree and has designed it in such a way that air flows easily in it and the least electrical appliances are used to ventilate the environment.

8. Focus on sustainability and environmental protection

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are focused on sustainability and environmental protection. In these competitions, stadiums have been used that also hosted the 1964 Olympics. In addition, many of the tools used in competitions, such as championship podiums, uniforms, and medals, are all made from recycled materials. Even the boards of the Olympic Village rooms are made of cardboard, which are recycled after the competition.

9. Recycled medals

Tokyo Olympic medals made from recycled materials

5,000 Olympic medals are made of unused precious metals extracted from electronic devices. Prior to the Olympics, Japanese people were asked to donate their old, unused electronics, such as mobile phones, to participate in the construction of Olympic and Paralympic medals. The collection of these devices was done in 2 years, from April 2017 to March 2019, and a total of about 78,985 tons of old devices were collected by local municipalities and about 6.21 million mobile phones were collected by NTT Docomo stores.

10. torch of Olympic; Inspired by cherry blossoms

We have all seen beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms and we know Japan with these beautiful blossoms. It is interesting to know that the Olympic torch designed for the torch carrying ceremony is inspired by cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are known around the world as a symbol of Japan.

The Olympic torch carrying ceremony began in March this year to coincide with the cherry blossom season and be shipped across Japan. This burner is made of a single piece of metal to have a sleek and uniform design. The same Shinkansen train production technology has been used to make the metal of its body.

This rose gold aluminum torch is in the shape of a sakura or cherry blossom with 5 petals from the top, each of which produces its own flame and joins in the center. An artist named Tokujin Yoshioka made it out of recycled aluminum from temporary homes erected after the 2011 Greater Japan Earthquake.

۱۱. Olympic symbol; Selection of Japanese children

The symbol of the Tokyo Olympics is the choice of Japanese children

The two iconic dolls or puppets of the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic Games, Miraitowa and Someity, are named. These two symbols have been chosen by Japanese students. In fact, 16,769 children and elementary school students across Japan voted for their favorite design. The Miraitowa, which is an Olympic medal, is designed in the classic Japanese blue Nile, and the Someity Paralympic medal has a pink cherry blossom color.

۱۲. The hidden secret of the Olympic bouquets

The bouquets awarded to the winners of the Olympic medals were not chosen by chance. Although winning an Olympic medal is the ultimate dream of every athlete, in addition to medals in these competitions, bouquets are also given to athletes. However, like many of the symbols and signs in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, these bouquets have a hidden meaning.

The flowers used in this category are from provinces that were hit by a major earthquake and tsunami in 2011. In this category are sunflowers, gentian and lisianthus and seal of Solomon. The flowers come from the three provinces of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate, which are still struggling to recover from the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

In total, 5,000 bouquets have been made for Olympic and Paralympic winners. These bouquets include a polished version of the game’s muskets, which are gold, silver and bronze depending on the color of the athletes’ medals.

13. A man with a hopeful message

A man with a hopeful message at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Olympic athletes work hard to get the best out of these games; But only 3 medals will be awarded to the first 3 people. Many athletes return home empty-handed and frustrated by these games. However, a Japanese man tries to remind athletes that they do not have to win a medal to prove their abilities. Every morning, the man stands outside the Olympic Village with a message written on paper. On this paper it is written:

Good morning athletes! Even if you did not win a medal, you are still the best. Believe in yourself!

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, shows up at 7am every day and shows them the message every time a bus carrying athletes passes by. He stays there for about 2 hours every day. He started this work on July 22, the day before the start of the games, and will continue until August 8, which is the end day of the games. Athletes have also praised his work by posting pictures of him making a lot of noise on social media.

Olympic; The contrast of bitterness and sweetness

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will end today with all the bittersweetness and sweetness and memorable moments; The Olympics, which were delayed by a year due to the Corona epidemic and after the cancellation of all major sporting events in the world for a year, were perhaps a promising sign of a return to normal life.

Tears and smiles in this great sporting event are a small symbol of real life. Our life is also full of bittersweet days and the difficulties of life that the beautiful and sweet days make it more enjoyable than ever.





Interesting facts about the Tokyo Olympics


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