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How to write the text of an interesting and memorable speech

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The text of the lecture is the first principle and how to present it is the second principle of a successful lecture. People who do not present specific content to their audience in their speeches, no matter how well they express themselves, lose the audience’s attention after a few minutes. On the other hand, even the best and most informative texts of a speech do not attract the attention of the audience without an attractive presentation. In this article, we will review the points that you should pay attention to when writing the text of a short or long speech.

What should we pay attention to before writing the text of the speech?

Before you start writing, you need to think about a number of factors that affect the attractiveness of your text. You should also consider what kind of speech the text is written for and what features and tone it should have. For example, the text you write for an online or recorded speech is different from the text you present in public and you can interact with the audience.

Another point that you should pay attention to while writing the text is the presentation file; With the help of peripherals and better content, you can talk about the topic for the audience. The presentation file becomes more important in online lectures and can create interaction between you and the user.

What are the steps for writing a speech?

Writing a text for each type of talk has its own way, like a cook who follows a specific recipe for each meal. For this reason, instead of telling you exactly how to write the text of each talk, we will outline the principles and steps you need to go through. Through these steps, you write a text that has both a framework and coherence and is written in the style of your speech.

1. Research your audience

In any situation you interact with the audience, the persona matters. Audience personality is more discussed in digital marketing, but it is necessary for all interactive situations. When you publish content on a website or web page, you write it in a way that is useful to your audience and attracts them; This is exactly what you need to keep in mind when writing your transcript.

Once you know who you are going to speak to, you should ask questions about them:

  • What do the audience need?
  • What problem can I solve for them?
  • Is there anything else I need to consider about the audience persona?

۲. Determine the topic of the talk

Even the most skilled speakers can not manage the meeting if they do not know what they want to say. I heard him say that a friend had invited him to an astronomical event. He knew nothing about astronomy, and along the way he wondered what to say if asked to give a lecture. He wrote the text of the speech in his mind along the way and it was about people being so busy with everyday things that they forget to even look at the night sky! Upon entering the event, he was asked to speak and was finally able to give a successful speech.

Professional speakers can process text in their minds instead of writing it on paper, but no one has the ability to give a completely impromptu speech.

Pay attention to the audience and their needs to choose the right topic of speech. Your text does not have to cover all the needs of the audience and you do not have to talk about every topic. The text of the best talk covers one or two basic common needs of the audience. Listeners often recall speeches that focus on one or two points rather than comprehensive speeches that address a variety of topics.

3. Research your topic

Up-to-date information is one of the most important features of professional speech texts. Sometimes the topic of the talk is not searchable or it is a topic that you have complete control over. In this case, an Internet search is not enough. For example, when the manager wants to present the annual strategy to his deputies after determining it, he does not need to search the Internet or books. The issue of being up-to-date in this example is meant by picking a new strategy that fits the current state of the company, not by searching for what the organizational strategy is and how it should be formulated.

4. Write the text of your speech

You have already done the prerequisites for writing the lecture text and now you can write it. Now you know who you are speaking to, what you are talking about, and how you should write the text.

Write the text of the speech according to the needs of the audience

The most important things to keep in mind when writing a short or long speech are as follows:

  • Start with the outline of the talk and then work on the details so that your mind is focused while writing the text and knows where it is going to start and where it is going to end.
  • Try to have an almost conversational tone to your writing. You can even add a little humor and humor to make it easier to interact with your audience and attract them. Of course, this largely depends on the type of meeting you have, for example, you can not joke in formal meetings.
  • Make the text interesting and specific by giving examples of yourself or real examples, storytelling or statistics.
  • Consider standard length sentences, too long sentences take the string out of your hands and the audience, and too short sentences are tedious and jumpy.
  • Depending on the length of the talk, you may want to highlight the details of each section and give it a leaflet.
  • In long lectures it is better to plan to relax the audience or time for questions and answers.

5. Prepare to present the text of the speech

Once the text and presentation file are ready, it is best to practice for the lecture. People who are speaking for the first time and are stressed will need more practice. Some of the presentation tips are related to your text, which we have stated below.

  • When reading a speech, do not read from the text and memorize it as much as possible. If this is difficult for you, make notes and markers that look at them to remind you of the story rather than reading it on paper.
  • Practice before the time of the main presentation.
  • If you misrepresent part of the text, do not stress and keep working.

What makes the text of your speech memorable?

You have probably attended conferences with several speakers; Some of them attract the audience and their words stay in their minds for a long time, while others have no appeal to the audience, and many listeners listen to what they are saying or think about other things in a completely sleepy manner. Part of this distinction between speakers goes back to their text. By following the tips below, you can write a text that will put you in the group of attractive speakers.

1. Start strong

Give interesting facts and statistics or even tell a story. Starting a speech with a question can also engage the audience with what you are saying. It does not matter if you write the text of the beginning of the speech in the administrative meetings or the text of the speech in the conference; In any case, a strong start to the speech is important, because at the beginning of the speech, the user decides to listen to the rest of your talk or go to his Instagram.

۲. Connect with your audience

Remember that the audience did not come to read to them from scientific articles, so use metaphors, metaphors, poems and quotations in your text to establish the content in the minds of the audience.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate with the audience. True stories, especially what happened to you, are always engaging and can have the greatest impact on the audience. The audience may not even remember what you were talking about after a while, but by reviewing the story you told, they will remember what you were talking about.

Stories can change destinies.

3. Maintain text coherence when speaking

To organize a lecture, you need to specify where the text of the talk starts, what path it takes, and where it will end up. Otherwise, you will have a cluttered speech that is full of marginal information and important material is lost in it. In this case, the audience will probably forget everything you said after leaving the hall.

4. Repeat important information several times

Consider a keyword or phrase for the important parts of your speech and repeat this key concept throughout the presentation to establish it in the audience’s mind.

5. Summarize correctly

The audience always remembers more what is called the end of influential speeches. Summarize so that everything the audience needs to remember is repeated. Some speakers end their talk with a poem related to the discussion or read a text that they have already prepared.

After the speech, you should pay attention to the important point that you should not disappear suddenly! When done, take time to engage with your audience. This time can be devoted to questions and answers or when you go from the conference hall to the parking lot and talk to the audience or take pictures with them along the way.

last word

Speech is very difficult at first, but for someone who has gained experience and become a professional in this field, it is easy to drink. To write the text of the speech, listen to the professional speeches and pay attention to all the details that the speaker says. By watching these lectures, you will not only learn how to write a compelling text, but you will also learn how to present it.





How to write the text of an interesting and memorable speech

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