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How to spend your vacation without work stress?

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Have you heard of “burnout”? On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization officially introduced “burnout” syndrome as energy wasting due to overwork. Constant job stress can drain energy. This depletion of energy will manifest itself in the form of fatigue and negativity. In such a situation, traveling is one of the options that comes to everyone’s mind. But the problem is that staying away from the workplace does not necessarily reduce stress. So how do you go about vacationing without stress and burnout?

Doesn’t work stress leave you on vacation?

American Psychological Association (APA) In 2018, a survey found that about 21 percent of Americans suffer from work-related stress during the holidays, and 28 percent worked even longer than normal. Such a thing will have many significant consequences.

Working at leisure and holidays has an adverse effect on people’s relationships, causing them to change their mood and lose life in the moment. These are the findings of scientific research. The lack of a clear boundary between working time and rest is very harmful to health.

In order for the workforce to enjoy their time to the fullest during the holidays, employers must leave them alone during this time. It does not matter what your position is at work or what you do; The following strategies will help you relax on vacation and avoid burnout.

1. Get organized before the holidays

Before you go on a trip or a vacation in general, you should anticipate all the possible problems in your absence. Have scenarios for the future and provide them to your workplace so that in your absence, your ideas and solutions can be used and your work will not be disrupted.

Study the principles and framework of work before going with your colleagues and spend your vacation without worries by anticipating possible problems and offering solutions to them.

Set boundaries for yourself so that everyone knows how much access they will have to you during your vacation. For example, do not let your boss and co-workers call and harass you whenever they want.

2. Don’t worry about business messages all the time

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Our brains have very strange behaviors towards technology. For example, we always like to check our digital devices and see if we have a new message. Various studies show that every average person, on average, touches their mobile phone about 2617 times and spins in its applications.

10% of the avid fans of the digital world check their cell phones and messages about 5427 times 24 hours a day. Such behaviors show that going on trips and vacations does not prevent the cell phone from constantly crawling.

The thought that a message might arrive at work at any moment is even more disturbing than the message itself

In fact, what bothers people and keeps them stressed during the holidays and vacations are not the messages that are constantly sent to them by the workplace; Rather, the thought that a message might be sent to them at work at any moment disturbs them and causes them to constantly check their phone. This idea is much more destructive than disturbing the peace of the holiday with real messages.

Constantly checking the messages you have on your mobile phone does not stop worrying and prevents you from being away from work and relaxation. In fact, flipping through the phone does not distance you from your work environment, and that’s stressful. In order to rest well, you need to stay away from the workplace and not even think about it. But if your mind is to stay in the workplace and constantly receive messages from co-workers and the office, there will be no energy and no time to rest.

Everyone has their own way of getting away from work and rest. For example, some people prefer to leave their cell phones on holiday altogether. Some go to emails once a day, and there are people who spend half an hour a day reviewing messages and then cut off communication by phone, work, and so on.

Managing messages is a matter of taste. For example, some people prefer not to answer any calls or only have access to the Internet during limited hours. In any case, you should make sure that you do not have any work worries during the holidays.

3. Go to nature and outdoors as much as possible

Nature has amazing power in calming and reducing stress. Especially if you have to be constantly at the desk and in the building during the day and at work, going to the heart of nature will relieve your stress to a great extent. An article published in the 2014 issue of Frontiers in Psychology found a strong link between a sense of satisfaction with life, freshness and positive thinking, and going out into nature.

Going back to the heart of nature provides the grounds for the expression of desirable and positive emotions in people. These good feelings are more in people who go to nature than those who are alien to nature and spend more time indoors and in buildings. The American Heart Association also recommends spending time in nature to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood.

So when you are on vacation, go to nature; Smell the sea water or the grass and the blue sky; Immerse yourself in nature and stay away from smartphones and communication with the modern and violent world. You need to make the most of the tranquility of nature to relax.

4. You need to know what is the best way to relax


Research shows that the best way to relax is to help a person get rid of all kinds of stress and return to work and normal life with energy. Such a thing is quite obvious; But there is a point here that you need to pay attention to. The best way to relax has no general rules, and everyone somehow regains their lost energies.

For example, some people like to relax with yoga or long walks. But others prefer to use more intense exercise and training with a higher level of mobility. The choice is yours. So you need to know how it helps to regain your energy. Then use the same methods on holidays and rejuvenate. In general, activities that take the mind away from the workplace are associated with relaxation.

It does not matter if you are visiting a museum or taking a cooking class, a sailor and so on. In any case, engaging the mind with something other than what happens at work helps reduce stress.

5. Don’t plan too much for the holidays


If you only have a few days to spend on vacation, you probably want to enjoy every second of it with careful planning. But the fact is that careful planning in this case is not so good. Sometimes, especially on trips and vacations, you have to indulge in minutes and spend some time unplanned and relaxed.

In 2018, an article was published in the journal Current Opinion in Psychology, which emphasized the pleasure of unplanned vacation. This article argues that planning can disrupt life in the present and destroy its enjoyment.

Careful planning for travel and vacation time can lead to fatigue and frustration. For example, if you research in advance what is the best restaurant in the city, but by going to it, you have a different opinion, you will be very disappointed and your taste will be blinded. do you accept?

It is better to be flexible in holidays and travel. Immerse yourself in the fluid flow of life and move away from foresight. If you are free and relaxed, you will have the opportunity to gain new experiences and more adventures, and along the way you will encounter amazing things that sometimes have no place in precise and calculated plans.

6. Plan to return to work as well

Most people have plans for their vacation; But few people even think about returning to work. If you do not know how to get rid of the stress of the holidays and get back to work properly, you will be under a lot of stress and may lose all the energy you gained during the holidays.

So it is better to take time after the holidays and before starting work to get your work in order. For example, after returning from a trip, take care of your emails and messages, or plan thoroughly for things to be resumed so that you do not return to work in a hurry.




How to spend your vacation without work stress?

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