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How to register a SNAP driver in a few simple steps with terms and conditions

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SNAP is the first intelligent transportation system in Iran or the online taxi, which started its activities in 2014. After the introduction of this system, other systems such as Carpino and Tepsi were launched, but Snap was able to attract the attention and trust of many people. Traveling with SNAP is convenient, safe and affordable. On the other hand, this system, which is a bridge between the passenger user and the driver user, has also created employment: many people have become drivers of this intelligent system in order to earn money and support themselves. If you want to become one of the drivers of this system, read the following article. Here we explain all the information about the driver membership method in SNAP.

How to become a Snap driver?

It is very easy to register as a driver in Snap; But before registering, you must meet certain requirements. One of the main conditions is to have the necessary documents and a suitable car.

Snape drivers registration conditions

Necessary documents when registering

  • Certificate (must be at least three months old from the date of issue)
  • Car card or car green leaf
  • Valid insurance policy
  • Made a technical inspection sheet for cars over 5 years old.

You, as the user, also agree to renew them during the contract period, before the expiration of the certificate, insurance policy and technical inspection of the car, and provide their original and image to SNAP.

The right car

Pre-93 model cars are inspected by an expert and can be operated at SNAP if approved by the head of technical inspection. Taxis can also operate at SNAP. After completing the registration process, the SNAP expert team inspects the driver’s vehicle for technical health.

How to register in Snap Drivers

To join the Intelligent Transportation System (SNAP), you must first enter the SNAP Drivers section. In this section, you can register by entering your mobile number, specifying the type of vehicle, province and gender. SNAP experts will contact you as soon as possible and let you know how to register.

The addresses of SNAP offices in different cities are available on the SNAP website. You can go to the office address section, find the office in your city and apply for registration.

Working conditions in SNAP

People who are new to SNAP and its software often ask, “How can we work at SNAP?” If you have this question, we have to say that it is very easy to start working in Snap. Once you have submitted the required documents for membership in SNAP and an employment contract has been concluded between you and SNAP, download the software for SNAP drivers and install it on your mobile phone and start your activity using the mobile Internet.

Enter the night number to settle the daily bill

To settle the daily bill and receive the gasoline quota, you must register the night number and the bank card number connected to it in the driver application. If your account number is in the banks of the SNAP contracting party, the settlement will be done on holidays as on any other day. To do this, go to the Snap driver application and enter the “Finance” section in the lower left corner of the page. Then you have to enter your account number, bank card number and full name according to your ID in the relevant fields. Note that in order to receive the gasoline quota, the bank card number must be connected to the Sheba number, and the exact match of the name and surname with the bank information of the driver user is also required.

Snap Average Income

The amount of income in this job is guaranteed, but it is not fixed and depends on the level of your activity. The longer you work and the more trips you receive or the fewer cancellations you send, the more you earn. Choosing the right time and route can also increase your income. Accepting a passenger request during busy times can also help generate revenue.

Traveling on busy routes, traffic plans and high-demand routes also affects the cost of travel and drivers’ income. Drivers’ incomes also vary depending on the route traffic and travel time on the same routes.

Another way to increase revenue is through a driver rating system. If your passengers give you points and you can add them to your stars and bring them up to 5 stars, you will benefit from the following points:

  • Increase travel demand and a lucrative day;
  • Enjoy the benefits and incentive plans of SNAP.

Working hours of SNAP drivers

No specific working hours are defined for SNAP drivers. Drivers can move passengers at any time of the day or night.

Snap Drivers Club

The SNAP Drivers’ Club strives to alleviate the worries of work (car service) and daily life (welfare and medical services) of these loved ones by reducing the current costs of driver users. The club also tries to adequately meet the basic and non-basic needs of driver users by creating various discount and incentive schemes.

Currently, the drivers’ club is active in 14 major cities of Iran and provides a variety of services and facilities to drivers.

last word

Snape’s intelligent transportation system has been able to create jobs for a large number of people: a job that offers flexibility as well as a good income. But even if your main job is something else, you can still drive Snap in your spare time and earn more money.


How to register a SNAP driver in a few simple steps with terms and conditions


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