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How to prevent the spread of Corona with a wallet?

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Many countries around the world, including Iran, are infected with the coronavirus (covid-19) these days. For this reason, all individuals and organizations are trying to take steps to prevent coronation in any way possible. One of the most risky situations for transmitting the virus is to exchange objects with people carrying the corona virus. Undoubtedly, cash and bank cards can be infected with this virus. In this situation, when we are in the community, we are anxious about contact with money, cards and card readers, and we constantly ask ourselves not to open the door of the stubborn corona virus to our body and those around us. Even if the card or money is not infected with the Corona virus, this obsessive concern is very annoying.

With the app and features like wallet-up, you can easily and to a great extent reduce the risk of corona transfer and related worries.

Due to the prevalence of coronavirus in the country and the need to follow health tips, e-wallet is a way that can ensure the health of the body when paying.

With the payment sign and wallet up, you will not need to be in direct contact with card readers and ATMs and be present in high-risk places such as banks. You can make your payments via your mobile phone in a few simple steps.

Benefits of Wallet Up

Wallet Up is a virtual wallet on your mobile phone. You can use the wallet up to pay for daily purchases, bill payments, money transfers and payments on sites and applications without the need to exchange cash or a bank card. In addition to helping you make easy and safe purchases, Wallet-Up also has the following benefits:

Save money as long as you want

A wallet is like a bank account for you, except that it is much easier to use than a bank account. You can have any amount in your wallet as long as you want. This amount will not be lost by deleting the application and reinstalling it.

Transfer money to other people’s apps

If the other party has the app on their mobile phone, you can transfer the desired amount from your wallet to his wallet. To do this, you just need to enter the mobile number of the other party and the desired amount in the application.

Transfer money to your desired bank card

You can transfer money from wallet up to more than 33 bank sources. If the bank card in question is related to Bank Melli, the activation of the card to withdraw from the wallet will be done free of charge. In order to protect the security of users when withdrawing from the wallet, the national code of the SIM card holder and the national code of the bank account holder must be the same.

More security with digital wallet

The lack of need to carry cash and bank cards, as well as the need to repeatedly enter a fixed password or a dynamic second password are some of the factors that increase the security of the wallet. When paying with a wallet, your money and security information will be safe and secure. In the app, all information is encrypted and none of the passwords and sensitive information are stored in the mobile phone and the application.

Ability to automatically charge the wallet

By activating the automatic wallet recharge service, whenever the wallet balance is less than a certain amount, this service will charge your wallet up to the amount set by you. So your wallet will always have a certain amount of money and the difficulty of recharging your wallet will be removed from your shoulders.

Using a wallet is very simple. If the wallet is charged, you can use the wallet instead of the bank card in all payments, including payment with a payment token.


How to prevent the spread of Corona with a wallet?

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