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How to maintain leather; Golden tips that make your job easier

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Are you one of those people who like leather goods but think it is difficult to maintain? Your interest in leather shows your good taste. However, know that maintaining leather is not a difficult task at all. You just have to learn a few simple things. If you know how to care for clothes and leather goods, you will never encounter the annoying scene of them peeling or tearing and falling out. In this article, you will read the complete method of leather care. No worries, stay with us.

How to maintain leather; Principles and techniques

Like all objects, clothes and leather furniture get dirty and dusty. But no worries. You can clean the leather by following a few simple tips. Remember that leather is like a living thing and can grow old. People who reach for their skin and lead a healthy lifestyle age later, and the life of leather goods follows a similar pattern; That is, if you reach it well, it will age and deteriorate later. To maintain leather, you should go this route:

Leather care is not complicated. In the first step, you have to clean it. What do you need for cleaning?

Required supplies

  • Some water;
  • Soap with mild aroma and concentration;
  • Leather toothbrush or brush;
  • A few pieces of cloth to clean and dust.

Leather cleaning method

After you have prepared these accessories, start cleaning the leather in the following order:

  1. Remove dust and dirt from the leather surface as much as possible with a towel or cloth and a dry dusting cloth. If the leather surface is very dirty and cannot be wiped with a dry cloth, slightly dampen the cloth.
  2. If there is still dirt on the leather, mix a little water with a mild soap and rub the foam on the surface of the leather or stains that will not be removed. Try to remove stains and dirt with the help of soap scum.
  3. Wipe the floors with a damp cloth. Remember, it is better not to soak the leather too much in foam and water.
  4. Once the leather is clean, spread it on a cool, smooth, dry surface. Do not expose it to sunlight or use heat to dry it. Let it dry on its own and give it time.
  5. Moisten the leather and do not let it dry and the texture will crack. Buy special creams and oils from clothing and leather goods stores and lubricate the surface of your leather goods or equipment to prevent damage.

Some very important points about leather maintenance

  • It is best not to use detergents or chemical soaps to clean leather. However, if there are indelible stains, go for mild soaps and get help from them.
  • When not in use with leather goods and clothing, keep them in a cool, dry place. Remember not to wrap the leather in plastic. This is not good for him either, and it will ruin it. Do not use after covers or plastic covers.
  • Never allow leather to be pulled; For example, do not put your hands in the pockets of leather clothes, because the handles remain in the clothes, or if you have a leather wallet, do not overfill it, because it will come out of its original state.

Supplies needed to maintain natural leather in the long run

There are several ways to increase the longevity of leather. If you want to protect your natural leather goods and equipment well, it is better to have the following accessories:

1. Emollient creams

Emollient creams both maintain the appearance of the skin and help it stay healthier. The ingredients in leather softening creams prevent items and clothes from drying out and becoming brittle; For example, there is a substance called lanolin in sheep wool that is oily and is used to make leather softening creams.

2. Leather oils

Special oils are always needed when reviewing leather storage methods. There are special oils that help to lubricate the surface of your equipment and clothes. Do not ignore these either. The effects of oils and creams are almost the same. It depends on your taste and preferences which one you use to protect the leather.

3. Leather vaccines

Waxes are also accessories used to maintain leather. However, their effect is not extremely impressive. You should know that waxes are not as effective as oils and emollients and temporarily soften the surface of the leather and give it a temporary effect.

Important note

The method of keeping cow, sheep, snake and چ leather is the same. However, sometimes in the preparation of special accessories, you should be careful to prepare a suitable and specific product for each of these types of leather; For example, the chemical composition of snake skin emollient cream may be different from that of cow leather.

How to maintain suede

Natural suede is also a type of leather. In fact, suede is a thin leather that is made from the skins of animals such as goats and sheep. Suede care is different from leather. Suede is more fragile and sensitive than leather. The use of water to clean and maintain suede is not recommended at all. To clean suede, you should use a suitable brush or toothbrush and remove dust and dirt from the surface of the suede.

Use a dry cloth to clean shoes, clothes or other suede items. Keep in mind that suede shoes may eventually lose their original shape and form. If you can put a mold in it after removing it from the foot and make it full, it will not lose its shape over time.

Consider this interesting advice about caring for suede carefully: Using a cleanser to remove stains on suede is not a bad idea and is sometimes helpful. Do not expose suede like the leather to the sun and inside the plastic. Arrange your suede shoes or clothes if you want. Use cloth bags to hold suede shoes or suede clothing. Discard the plastic, which is not suitable at all.

How to maintain synthetic leather

Some people do not like to use leather products. The use of natural animal skins is against their beliefs, as they do not like to harm animals and the environment. The opinion of these friends is very respectable. They go for synthetic leather. If you are one of these people, take a look at how artificial leather is maintained:

  • Do not expose clothes or any other device made of synthetic leather to sunlight;
  • Remove dust and dirt from the leather surface and follow the same care and cleaning route as you used for natural leather.

Natural and synthetic leather are almost identical; But the sensitivities in keeping synthetic leather are less.

Storage of various leather goods and clothing

So far, we have told you about how to care for leather. In the following, we want to explain specifically how to take care of leather goods and clothes. Learn the techniques needed for each.

1. How to maintain a leather sofa

If your sofas are made of leather or you have a sofa of this kind, it is better to dust it constantly and do not let dirt and dirt sit on the surface. Wipe and dust the sofa with a little damp microfiber cloths. Clean the corners of the sofa mat with a comb-like part or the cleaning brush and a thin part of the broom.

Also use emollient creams every 6 to 12 months. The use of these creams in cleaning the leather sofa prevents the sofa surface from breaking or flaking. Remember that you should not expose the leather sofa to sunlight because it will both deteriorate and fade.

2. How to maintain a leather jacket

You should also carefully clean the jacket or leather jacket. To do this, first take the dust and dirt on the clothes and then bring a cloth, dip it in a mixture of mild soap scum and warm water, take the extra water from the cloth and rub it on the surface of the coat and jacket. In the next step, wipe the floor with a dry cloth and dry it.

3. Leather shoe storage

To maintain leather shoes, you should also pay attention to the points mentioned earlier. But we have another recommendation: use baby wipes. Put these handkerchiefs in your bag and pocket, and if your shoes get dirty on the street or outside the house and a stain accidentally settles on them, clean the stains and dirt with the help of a baby wipe or the same baby wipe.

Final tips for storing leather goods

How to maintain leather - How to maintain leather clothing

  • Do not keep your shoes, coats, bags, or leather clothing in a warm, closed place;
  • Do not hang leather pants on clothespins, as they will lose their shape;
  • It is best to put your leather shoes in cloth bags and then put them in a shoe rack;
  • The clothespins you choose for coats and leather coats should be wide and fit the size of the clothes so that they do not wrinkle or stretch.

at the end

We told you how to care for leather. Do you agree it was very simple? By following simple tips, you can keep your clothes for years and keep them new. Do you know another way to preserve leather? If we have a point, be sure to let us know.

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How to maintain leather; Golden tips that make your job easier

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