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How to love our body as it is?

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Maybe you do not like your body. This may have been on your mind for a long time. Loving your body is not an easy task; Especially when the expansion of the world of film and television and virtual pages bombard our minds with unrealistic standards of beauty. Although your view of your body and appearance has been ingrained in your mind for a long time, you can fall in love with your body again by taking the small steps we will mention below.

1. Set aside comparisons

Our standards of beauty are heavily influenced by social media and television. Photos posted on Instagram and other virtual pages are not real; This means that if you meet the same person or model in the real world, it will probably not be as beautiful as your photo. The same is true for men. Lighting and other techniques used by professional photographers to make images more beautiful and engaging than they really are.

Comparing and judging yourself with photos that have been edited in Photoshop will, over time, reflect the wrong view of your body in your mind. Remember that your body is real and is not going to be measured by unrealistic criteria.

2. Get help from the mirror

If you have tall mirrors, you can stand in front of it for 5 minutes every day and just look at yourself. Look at all parts of your body. Let your gaze move on all the ridges, points, lines and curves. See the color of your skin and pay attention to more details: dark and light spots, holes on the skin and so on.

Of course, if you feel comfortable with your body, you can wear less clothes or, with more time and exercise, try to be more comfortable with your body and gradually wear less clothes so that you can see yourself in the mirror without clothes.

3. Define yourself

In order to invite love into your life, you must love yourself. Treat yourself like the person you love. It is unlikely that you will want to criticize the body of others as much as your own body. Try not to be hard on yourself and be grateful to yourself. Look in the mirror and say, “I’m attractive,” “I have high self-esteem,” “I’m comfortable with my body,” “My body is beautiful,” “I’m learning to love my body,” and anything good and positive about yourself. You know, repeat.

Keep doing this and you will have more positive thoughts about yourself after a while. Also, when you reach your goal, tell yourself in the mirror again how capable and proud you are.

4. Challenge your criteria

Every day you have to remind yourself that your body is just your body. Your true worth is not measured by the flatness of your stomach. Your attractiveness is not determined by the amount of bumps on your body. Your feeling of love and pride has nothing to do with the size of your pants and shirt. Your sexual attractiveness is not related to the curves of your body.

Your beauty has nothing to do with the color of your skin and your intelligence has nothing to do with the shape or condition of your eyes. Your self-confidence does not depend on your physical strength. Having a strong and strong personality has nothing to do with being tall. Your quality of life has nothing to do with your appearance. Do not forget that loving your body and loving your body is a choice.

5. Take care of personal health

Respect your body by staying healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. Take a shower every day and use scented soaps and detergents. Be sure to brush and floss. These things will make you feel better about your body and present yourself in the community with more confidence.

6. Wear comfortable clothes

Your dress should only affect one person, that is, yourself; So, wear clothes that make you feel good. You do not need to choose your clothes based on fashion magazines. Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in and that fit your body.

7. Eat a healthy diet

Eating vegetables and fruits should be part of your daily diet. Reach for your body and be thankful that you have a healthy body. Having a healthy diet not only ensures the health of your body and gives you a longer life, it also gives you more respect for your body. Of course, having a healthy diet does not mean following a strict diet. Just try to replace healthy foods with unhealthy ones.

8. exercise

Maybe the best way to love your body is to exercise. Of course, exercise only means having physical activity. Your goal in exercising should be health. The feeling that a physical activity session gives you is indescribable. After 20 minutes of walking or any other type of exercise, your mood will change and you will feel your body change. In fact, the body is a machine that gets stronger and works better with exercise. When your body is working better and stronger, it will inevitably be accompanied by a good feeling and increase your self-confidence.

It is better to set realistic goals for yourself; For example, your goal is 10 minutes of daily walking. Do not forget that a little exercise can have a huge impact on your health. However, exercise, like anything, begins with taking the first step, and we promise you to volunteer for your next steps.

Yoga is very relaxing and also strengthens the middle muscles of the body. This exercise harmonizes the mind and body, which probably makes you feel better about your body.

9. Ask others

Although you may be worried about other people’s answers, try asking your friends and loved ones what they like most about your body and appearance. You will most likely hear answers you do not expect; Great traits that others see in your appearance, but you are unaware of. To ask others, you can first tell a good trait about their appearance and then ask them what they like about your appearance.

10. Set successful and respectable people as role models

Think of successful people you care about; People you relate to and love, or people who have achieved great things. Most likely, these people are valuable and successful for something beyond their body. This reminder lets you know that your body and appearance do not determine how successful and valuable you are, but that it helps you walk the path of your dreams.

Think of your friends and relatives or those you have never met but love. Make a list of all their successes or good qualities. Then ask yourself how the image these people have of their bodies affects their success or how much they value you.

۱۱. Avoid negativity

Avoid people who have a negative self-image or self-image. Their mental insecurities may make you doubt yourself. Life is short and we should not spend our precious time on our body. If someone starts to weave negatively about their life or body, try to change the subject.

۱۲. Choose your friends and neighbors from positive people

Try to be full of people who love themselves. Over time, the positive energy of these people will enter your life and you will find a positive outlook. It is better to look for people who are optimistic and strive for their goals in life and have self-respect.

Concluding remarks

If you can not love your body and you feel your mind is under a lot of pressure, you can get help from a counselor. If you suffer from an eating disorder, you can turn to counselors who specialize in this topic.

Although having a positive view of your body does not happen overnight, by taking small steps and setting realistic goals, you can gradually develop more positive thoughts in your mind. Give yourself time and be kind to yourself. If you have experience with positive thinking and changing your outlook on your body, be sure to share it with us and others.

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How to love our body as it is?

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