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How to learn English on our own?

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Surely it has happened to you that you are tired of English language classes or you do not have time to attend English language classes at all due to work, study, family and so on. The first thought that comes to people’s minds at these times is that the gift learning English Or start learning English on their own. Now that you are reading this article, you are definitely one of those people who have decided to learn English on their own. In this article, we will talk about tips and methods that you can learn English on your own.

Is it possible to learn English without a class?

It all depends on you. Having a good teacher is always helpful to the learner; But you should be aware that if the best teacher in the world teaches you English and you do not make the effort yourself, it is impossible for you to learn English. In both cases, you need practice, effort, and patience, both with the teacher and as a tutorial. With that in mind, you need to get rid of misconceptions right away and, like a soldier, prepare for war alone with English.

You need to fully incorporate English into your life. You may now say to yourself, “If I had the time for such things, I would have enrolled in English classes from the beginning.” However, we must say that even if you work 24 hours a day, you can still take the time to learn English and use your dead time.

You must be familiar with the concerns of modern life; Concerns such as traffic and bank queues and office work that take up a lot of our time. You can easily use these dead times to bring English into your life and even benefit from learning English when cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house and.. All you have to do in these dead times is learn English with your handsfree.

Tutorial methods for learning English

There are many ways to Strengthen English There is a tutorial. Any method that exposes you to English is a good way to learn English on your own. Most of them are also completely free.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to learn English on your own.

1. Buy a notebook

Perhaps the most cost-effective way to learn English is to buy a small notebook. Write down anything new you learn in English in this notebook and then review it. Always try to have it in your work; Because at any moment it is possible to learn a new point in English that you need to record in the notebook.

۲. See English movies and animations

One of the best ways to learn English is to watch movies. There are many benefits to watching a movie, the most important of which is its appeal. Movies and animations come in a variety of genres, and today everyone has their own favorite genre. Choose a movie or animation from your favorite genre and try to watch it with English subtitles. Write down what you do not know and review them at regular intervals.

If you think that you can not enjoy watching the movie with this, you can first watch the movie with Persian subtitles or dubbing and then watch it with English subtitles. After watching the movie with English subtitles, it is better to watch it again without any subtitles to both strengthen your listening skills and consolidate in your mind what you have learned. If you do this regularly, you will notice your progress over time.

It may be a little boring at first to hold the movie every moment and write down something new! Therefore, try to start with movies that have simple conversations.

3. Listen to English news and podcasts

Listen to English podcasts or news instead of counting pedestrian lanes behind traffic. Even when you know you will be waiting for something to be done, take your handsfree with you and listen to English instead of looking at the wall to both entertain and reinforce your English. By doing this regularly, your ears will get used to hearing English words and your listening skills will be strengthened.

4. Talk to yourself

Yes! You read that right! Speak English to yourself. Your best friend and helper in your English language learning path. Wherever you are alone, start speaking English immediately. Put yourself in different situations and challenge yourself; For example, before going to bed, try to describe the events of the day, or when bathing, think about your work in English and describe it in detail.

When you are alone, no one oversees your actions except God. No matter how wrong you are. Just do it. You will correct your mistakes over time.

5. Read English books, but not every book

Reading English textbooks is somewhat helpful to you; But you probably all agree that reading such books is really tedious and tedious. Instead of reading educational books, you can use fiction, motivational, romance and English books. By doing this, in addition to learning English, you also entertain yourself.

6. Leave the grammar to nature

Do not worry about grammar! Grammar is acquired! Do not turn it into complex formulas like mathematics. We are all born with a language. Were you then taught the rules of your mother tongue that you can now speak? Certainly not! So do not get involved in grammar, because if you expose yourself to English, you will learn it automatically.

It is a good idea to have a grammar book with you that if you ever have any doubts about a grammar topic, refer to it and resolve your doubts.

7. Listen to English music

Learning English with music is a fascinating and exciting way. However, just listening to music can not make you fluent in English. Listening to music with lyrics enhances your listening skills and expands your vocabulary. It is better not to open such an account on learning English with music; But do it in your spare time to create variety and vitality.

8. Use English language apps

Today English language learning applications There are many who have paved the way for learning English on their own. You can improve your English language skills by downloading English language learning apps like Dolingo. However, due to the limited copyright of external applications, you can not use different sources inside these applications.

but do not worry! Native apps like Linguist English language teaching application There are some with which you can access everything you need in English (such as movies, books, animation, music, courses, etc.).

9. Write English diaries

Write your memoirs in English as much as you can. By doing this, you will both strengthen your writing skills and watch your progress. By comparing your memories, you will easily see how different your English skills are from the previous weeks and months.

If you use these methods for learning English on your own, you will progress day by day.

You will love English!

You may not love English right now; But if you use the methods mentioned in this article, you will fall in love with English over time. This is because you will learn English with what you are interested in, not with boring classes and textbooks.

In general, try to incorporate anything you are interested in into the English language learning process; For example, if you are interested in football, watch football with an English report, or if you are interested in reading a novel, read it in English. Rest assured that if you enjoy doing something that is fun for you, you will succeed.

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How to learn English on our own?

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