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How to learn English (complete guide)

Study guide

If they give us the medal of championship and endurance, we will throw it back on Saturdays! Because people always put the burden of what they are supposed to do on the next Saturday and bend their backs more than 90 degrees; For example, when their heart wants to learn a language and they ask how to learn English, they constantly refer it to the next Saturday and only dream about it. In this article, we want to answer the question of how to learn English. Finally one English language learning application We introduce everything to you. Stay with us until the end of the journey.

Step by step until you learn English completely

There are a variety of ways to improve your English, from attending face-to-face or online classes to reading textbooks and learning with the English language app. However, before choosing a learning method and following the question of how to learn English, it is better to know the right way to strengthen your English.

1. Identify your motivations for strengthening your English

In this world, everyone has goals, hopes and aspirations for themselves. You must also want to learn English to reach a certain point and goal. Some people think about immigration, while others want to read their favorite books in the original language or watch a movie in the original language.

As soon as you ask questions like how to learn English, look for strong motivations to learn. Think carefully and write down your motivations in a notebook. Later, along the way, you will come to this booklet wherever you feel low or if you feel frustrated and tired, and you will make a new covenant with your motivations!

2. Keep your goal clear and concise on paper

Where are you going to go in strengthening the English language? As soon as you learn some language, for example Months of the year in English Is it enough for you to know and get acquainted with some commonly used words? Or do you want to take English language tests like IELTS and TOEFL and get a good grade?

Your goal depends on your circumstances and desires. It is better to take some time and put your goal of learning English on paper. In this way, your task with yourself becomes clearer and the path in front of you becomes clearer and clearer.

3. Specify the exact time frame to reach your goal

On the way to learning English, if you set time limits for yourself, all your tasks and goals will go better. You can better plan and set the amount of study and study resources and مط according to the same time period. It is better to find out exactly how long it takes to learn English and reach the standard level you want.

Here are some examples of accurate targeting:

  • I want to take the IELTS test at the same time in another year and get a score of at least 7;
  • I have to reach a level of English in 6 months to be able to read English newspapers easily;
  • I am going to travel abroad for another 8 months and I should be able to speak English fluently in various fields during the trip.

Of course, do not forget that the path to strengthening the English language is a long and arduous one. If you want to strengthen your language in short periods of time, for example less than 1 year, you should take at least a few hours a day to practice and learn.

4. Enjoy learning English.

Many people give very boring and clichéd answers to the question of how to learn English. They offer boring books, repetitive and inflexible classes, and short, intensive courses. By doing so, they destroy all the motivation of the learners!

Unaware that if you want to have successful and continuous learning, you must first pursue your interests. Find your favorite topics and methods and base your learning path on them. That way, everything goes better and more lovingly for you. Your brain helps you more and better. When it comes to learning English along with fun and excitement, do not underestimate the role of English language learning apps.

5. Make learning English a daily habit

It is not very difficult to answer the question of how to learn English; But having the right plan and also committing to the plan is difficult and time consuming. It is better to just start working without thinking and doing two or four things and start your learning even with 5 minutes of study a day.

If you can make learning English a part of your daily routine, you have taken a big step. Also, you can gradually increase your study time and make more detailed plans for yourself.

6. Evaluate all 4 core English language skills equally

You ask yourself how do we learn English? First of all, we recommend that you plan to learn all 4 English language skills. Do not focus on just one or two skills. 4 main English language skills including Writing, Reading, Listening and English conversation (Speaking). These four skills are interconnected like a chain. It is not possible to draw a clear line between them at all.

We recommend that you spend more time practicing reading and listening if you are just beginning to learn the language. Conversation and Writing Skills During learning, the other two skills are automatically reinforced and put you on the roller coaster.

How to learn English conversation?

Focusing on your subconscious listening skills will help you learn English conversation and help you progress. Just like a child in the environment, he listens only to the words and conversations of older people, learns and gradually begins to talk. But what tricks should we use and how to learn English conversation?

1. Learn as many new words, phrases, and idioms as you can

The wider your vocabulary, the less trouble you will have in conversation.

2. Talk to yourself and use the words you learn daily

You can describe daily situations, what you see, your personal mood, and all everyday events in English.

3. Speak English with friends and neighbors

You ask how to learn English conversation? The answer is simple: talk to classmates and friends and anyone like you who is learning English. You do not have to reach a certain level of English to start practicing conversation. Start Speaking from the very beginning with a limited number of words and take it seriously.

4. Get help from a variety of English language applications

If there is no one around to practice the conversation, you can use the features of various applications and look for a user to practice the conversation. Many users of language learning applications are interested in learning conversation and want to get help from other users to achieve their goal. You can also communicate with them, think about strengthening your English conversation, and help other users learn English in return.

An educational application to strengthen all 4 English language skills

English language learning application

We have explained to you that there are many ways to learn English, but it is better to choose a method that:

  • You can make it a daily habit;
  • Be able to focus on all 4 basic English language skills;
  • Be able to learn English using new and up-to-date methods;
  • You can have fun learning with fun and pursuing your favorite topics.

Books are very effective for learning English; But they are not always and everywhere available. You may not be able to plan for daily study. In addition, finding the right books to boost all four English language skills is not an easy task and will make your learning difficult. Language classes are also good options for strengthening English; But the high cost, the low flexibility, and the lack of it every day can cause you a lot of problems.

An English language learning application like Linguist It can solve all these problems and set a new path for you. You can access stories, movies, animations, novels, up-to-date textbooks, instructional videos for top language teachers, as well as the best English language teaching podcasts. In addition, determine the course of your learning according to your favorite topics and contexts.

In the first step, the linguist will work specifically on your reading and listening skills, and will accompany you step by step until you have fully learned all four skills. The Leitner Linguistic Box also works best on your vocabulary skills and sends words to your long-term memory forever.

Install the linguist app, answer the linguist questions to determine your level of English, and in the next step, according to the various features of the application, devise a suitable strategy for your learning. It is enough to use the linguist application regularly several times so that the question of how to learn English is no longer vague and complicated for you.

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How to learn English (complete guide)

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