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How to install wallpaper? Step-by-step training

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Have you bought a new roll of wallpaper and have painted walls in your house that you want to look better and more pleasant? So how do you do all this cool stuff? What steps do you need to follow to do this? If you want to know more about this, do not miss the rest of this article. Below you can read the step-by-step guide to installing a poster or wallpaper. We’ll give you some practical information on how to cut paper and measure walls and more. Stay with us.

Part 1: Preparing the walls for the installation of wallpaper

1. Disconnect power and remove sockets and switches

In order for the walls to have a uniform and beautiful appearance after installing the wallpaper, first of all, it is necessary to remove the sockets and electrical switches. Before installing the papers, it is necessary to cover the space behind the switches and sockets with paper tape.

Warning: The glue you use to install the wallpaper is mixed with water. Therefore, for safety reasons, be sure to turn off the electricity before starting the installation.

۲. Remove old wallpaper from the wall if needed

Another job before installation Wallpaper in the latest album and color It is necessary to remove old paper from the wall. To do this, you need to prepare a spatula and use it to remove old wallpaper.

Note that this step usually takes longer than installing wallpaper, especially if old wallpaper covers a large area of ​​the wall. If so, it is recommended that you do your work within two days so that you do not get too tired.

Another point is that sometimes it is difficult to separate old pieces of wallpaper because the glue on the back of them is hard. In this case, you can use sandpaper.

3. Clean the wall from mold and dirt

Another very important task that you need to do before installing wallpaper is to thoroughly clean the walls to get rid of any possible dirt and mold. If mold remains on the wall and you install the papers, they will spread below the surface of the papers over time and you will get into trouble in the future.

To clean wall mold, you can pour two cups of bleach in 3.7 liters of water and use this solution to clean mold.

4. Plastering holes and cracks in the wall

After you have thoroughly cleaned the wall and the surface is dry, take a spatula and use it to fill the holes, crevices and cavities in the wall perfectly smooth and even.

5. Use paint killer or primer on the wall surface

Covering the wall with a killer or primer may seem tedious and unnecessary, but we definitely recommend doing this because wallpaper on a wall whose surface is covered with something like a primer will look much better and more even. In addition, materials such as primers and killers will protect the wall and the paper mounted on it from moisture and possible damage.

Just mix the primer / killer with the right amount of solvent (water or thinner depending on the product) and brush it against the wall.

Part 2: Wallpaper installation steps

Wallpaper installation steps

1. Drawing guidelines on the wall

Consider a distance that is 5.08 cm shorter than the width of your wallpaper. The goal is to get a small piece of paper out of the wall. After gluing, you can cut this small part with a cutter. Mark this distance from the entrance to the room next to the wall with a light pencil. Use a carpenter’s ruler to draw a line from the top to the bottom of the wall that passes through that point. You will use this line to install the paper at the beginning of the work and align it with the wall.

۲. Cut wallpaper

Cut your wallpaper so that it is 10.16 cm longer than the length of the wall. Then cover the back of the paper with special glue. If you use self-adhesive paper, you will not need to use glue and you can install the paper on the wall according to the instructions on the product packaging.

The best tool for cutting wallpaper is scissors.

3. Install paper on the wall

Place the paper exactly along the line on the wall that you drew in the first step, so that 5.08 cm is added from the top and bottom. Press the paper firmly with your hand so that it stays on the wall.

4. Smoothing wallpaper with a special brush or brush

In order to be able to install wallpaper like a professional and the result of your work has a uniform and beautiful appearance, you must smooth it completely on the desired surface with a special brush or brush for wallpaper and leave no traces of wrinkles on it. For this purpose, you should place the brush on the middle part of the paper and pull it firmly towards the sides.

If there is any wrinkle on the paper and you can not smooth it out with a brush, slowly lift the paper to reach the part that is wrinkled. Then stick the paper firmly on the wall again and pull the brush on it.

5. Continue installing other pieces of wallpaper

Install other pieces of wallpaper

Take the next piece of wallpaper and stick it on the wall exactly flush with the paper you have previously installed. If your paper is patterned, you should glue the next pieces so that the designs fit together perfectly and do not go up and down. For this purpose, you can align the new piece from the middle with the previous piece, and after gluing it, cut the extra pieces from the top and bottom of the wall.

Do not use scissors at all to cut the extra parts at the bottom and top of the wallpaper. To do this, take a spatula and hold the bottom or top of the paper firmly against the wall, then cut the extra pieces with a cutter.

6. Glue the seams of the pieces of wallpaper with the help of a roller

Proper and principled gluing of wallpaper seams is a delicate and delicate job. If you do not stick enough on the seam of the paper, it will rise over time, which does not look pleasant at all.

Glue the back of the paper seam well enough, and after gluing the rest of the paper to the wall, take a small roller and pull it over the seams.

Sometimes some glue may come out of the back of the paper when the roller is pulled over the seams. If this happens, wait 15 minutes for the glue to set on the back of the paper, then remove the wet sponge and use it to thoroughly clean the protruding glue.

Simple ideas for interior design and home decoration using wallpaper

Ideas for decorating your home with wallpaper

In this section, we will present simple and practical ideas with the help of which you can give a more beautiful and pleasant look to your home.

1. Cover the ceiling of the room / rooms with wallpaper

If you do not want to spend a lot to change the decoration of the rooms of the house, you can just paper the ceiling instead of covering all the walls with wallpaper. Doing so will give your rooms a special and beautiful look.

The color and design of the paper you choose to cover the ceiling should match the furniture of the room and the color of the walls. Otherwise, it will not have the desired uniformity and beauty.

۲. Use suitable designs for rooms with high ceilings

If you want to work in wallpaper rooms with relatively high ceilings, we suggest choosing paper that has vertical and long designs, such as curved lines that are drawn from top to bottom and extended. In this way, such rooms find a warmer and more intimate atmosphere.

3. Use 3D wallpaper

Creative use of Three-dimensional wallpaper poster This is another great solution to give your home a beautiful and pleasant look. Covering all the walls with such papers is not applicable in all spaces and it is usually better to cover only one of the walls with 3D wallpaper.

4. Creative use of wallpaper for special home decoration

Wallpapers are not just for covering walls and ceilings, and by using them creatively, you can give a special and pleasant look to the space of your house and rooms; Here are some tricks:

  • Placing small pieces of wallpaper with special and beautiful designs in special frames for paintings, for which 3D wallpaper is also great;
  • Covering the stairs of the house with patterned wallpaper;
  • Decorate library shelves, dresser table drawers and similar furniture.

Where to buy cheap wallpaper?

In this article, we have provided practical tips for easy installation of wallpaper. We hope you enjoy the tips. To buy wallpaper, wall posters and 3D wall posters you can go to Home Store Browse and see the various models available in this online store. This service website is one of the well-established companies in the field of sales and implementation of wallpaper and you have access to more than 1500 different models of wallpaper in different designs and colors.

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How to install wallpaper? Step-by-step training


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