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How to have a constructive perspective in difficult situations?

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Is the impact of your vision on achieving your own goals constructive or destructive? Are you optimistic even in the most difficult situations? On the contrary, you may not be able to stop your negative thoughts, even in the best of circumstances. Most people are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. We usually feel good when things are good and we feel bad when we are in a bad situation. Our ability to change perspectives in difficult and challenging situations plays an important role in our success. In this article, we will tell you how to move in difficult situations by changing your perspective on achieving goals.

Our perspective is directly related to our way of thinking and approaching. With a negative approach, we will have a negative view of life. It does not matter what makes such a view. On the other hand, we may believe that whatever we do becomes gold! This or that is not the subject of our discussion; We need to be able to create a mindset that helps us succeed in life, regardless of the circumstances. Follow these tips to do this.

1. Raise your head

Some people believe that it is impossible to change the mindset and success is limited to a limited number of lucky people who have good genes! Research shows that people with such a mindset are not able to cope with the many challenges of life. These people consider hardship and failure in life as a sign of their inefficiency. Based on this way of thinking, some people believe that if they have not received something in the natural course of life, then it has not been their share! This is a view that makes many people unable to use most of their abilities.

A person with a growth mindset who believes in change will have a different approach to life. These people believe that everyone is able to learn and develop the skills needed to achieve their goals. To them, failure means that they have not chosen the right path, not that they have made a mistake; As a result, they are constantly trying new things to reach their goal.

Inventors are a clear example of a growth approach. In their opinion, negative situations are just problems that are supposed to be solved by them. For these people, any unpleasant event is a step that brings them closer to success.

2. Be kind to yourself

To change your perspective on negative life events, you must first change the way you treat yourself. What you say to yourself over and over again affects what you do. A person whose mind is full of negative self-talk, in the face of the adjustment of the unexpected force, concludes that the person is inefficient and unsuccessful.

A person who always considers himself a failure has a different perception of bad events than a person who considers himself successful. There are many examples of unpleasant situations that are partly the result of negative self-talk. Imagine a man who constantly repeats in his mind: “My boss does not like me!” Do you think such a view has a positive or negative effect on his relationship with his boss? With such an approach, how would one react to the boss’s positive feedback or constructive criticism?

3. Do not expose yourself to negativity

Avoid negativity

If you do not change your view of negative life events, you will help to create more negativity. When you believe that your boss does not have a positive opinion of you, you do not believe in his good behavior; In your opinion, he pretends to be good to you! When he criticizes you constructively, you seem to be complaining. When you are constantly negative about events as a result of negative self-talk, you are helping to create unpleasant results.

When you always remind yourself that your boss wants the best for you, you better deal with negative events. Only this small change will equip you to deal with the unpleasant events of life. When a boss makes constructive criticism, you believe that his goal is to help you grow. When he is kind to you, you welcome him; Because you see him as your friend and colleague. The same events that may lead you to failure change your mindset and put you on the path to success.

Focus on what matters

The brain has a limited ability to focus on things; As a result, it automatically sieves whatever it thinks is insignificant; For example, after buying a new phone, you may constantly see your similar phone in the hands of others. This does not mean that suddenly many people have decided to buy your phone model. This is due to the screening of information in the brain. Before buying a new phone, the brain did not think that this phone model is important to you; So even if this model of phone catches your eye, it was considered insignificant information and did not attract your attention.

To change your perspective on negative life situations, you need to change your focus. Like the story of the phone, you can substitute important events in your brain. Instead of focusing on negative events and difficult situations, focus on the things that make you happy.

4. Do not forget that there is a lot of hope in despair

There is a lot of hope in despair

It may not be easy; But you can train your mind to focus on the positive and pleasant aspects of life. One of the best ways to do this is to create a happiness book. Whenever something good happens in life, write it down in this notebook. Simple events such as waking up on time or eating healthy food also fall into this category, as well as the effort you put into doing projects or the commitment you make to stay positive throughout the day. Be happy for everything that is worth being happy with!

Whenever something bad happens, you can change your mind by going to the Happiness Booklet; In this way, when there is apparently nothing to be happy about in life, you remind yourself how lucky you are. Read about your successes when you think you can do nothing right. Happiness booklet plays a significant role in changing your outlook on yourself and your life.

5. Be a guardian angel

The best way to change your mind about negative life events is to help others. By focusing more on the needs of others, you experience something amazing. First, you will feel better as a result of others’ positive view of you. Then you realize that no matter how bad the situation is, it’s thankful that your situation is no worse!

Focusing on the problems of others is a way to correct negative attitudes. The negative event is undoubtedly unpleasant; But the way we look at it can be different. If you have a careless boss who makes your job unpleasant, you can at least be thankful that you have a job. Your spouse may be extravagant; But at least you have someone who loves you! If your child is complaining about his or her old phone, remind him or her that he or she is lucky to have a phone at this age.

6. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself

Almost all of us have been and are facing unpleasant events. The problem is that we are so involved in the unfortunate events of our own lives that we do not see the unhealthy conditions of others’ lives. By changing the perspective from ourselves to others, we find that many people grapple with unpleasant events but still have a positive outlook on life. These people are grateful for what they have. They know that most of these difficulties have at least one positive aspect: without experiencing suffering, we can not understand joy and happiness!

Concluding remarks

Changing our view of unpleasant events does not mean pretending that bad things do not happen; Because this is not true. We are not supposed to always smile and pretend that everything is going well; Because such a thing is not possible.

Changing attitudes means accepting that negative events are part of life; But they do not necessarily cause us to regress or fail. We can always learn from any situation. We can always find something to appreciate. If we make our minds focus on the things that can be controlled and the good things in life, we will find enormous power to achieve our dreams. By accepting that difficulty is not impossible in the sense that we can reach a point where many are deprived of accepting failure.

Which category are you in? Negative or optimistic people? In your opinion, what effect does our view of life and its events have on our quality of life? Can you have an effective and positive outlook in difficult situations? If so, how do you do that?




How to have a constructive perspective in difficult situations?

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