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How to find a job through LinkedIn?

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In recent years, the use of LinkedIn has greatly expanded among Iranian users. Many students or other job seekers sneak into the network to try their luck at finding the job they are looking for. Some succeed and some may not be able to communicate properly with the network. In this memo, we talk about how to take advantage of the network’s opportunities and capacities to find jobs.

Things to do before finding a job on LinkedIn

There are many things you need to do to find the right job on LinkedIn to increase your chances of finding a job on this network. This often includes professional and powerful profile design; A profile that can show your abilities well. In fact, your profile is like your resume, and the more complete it is, the stronger your resume will be.

To complete the profile, pay attention to the following points:

1. Set your goal and target audience

Before you go about completing or editing your page, first set your goal. What field do you want to work in? Who (what employers) would you prefer to access your page? Find the answers to these questions to find out how to edit your page, highlight which sections, and spend more time on which sections.

2. Carefully complete the Heading section

Since this is the first part that everyone will see after entering the page, it is necessary to complete it carefully. Note that the information written in this section is up to date; For example, if you have worked for 3 companies or have several degrees, it is better to bring the latest items in this section.

Of course, unless the new information is not in line with your purpose and you want to focus on other things; For example, if you are currently unemployed or looking for a specific job, it is better to write the desired job phrase in this section. Be careful not to use the phrase “I’m looking for a job or unemployed”, as no employer will search for such a phrase.

3. Choose the right photo

In addition to the writing in this section, your image also plays an important role in attracting the attention of others. Find out what photos are not suitable for your LinkedIn profile. Choosing the right and professional photos will increase your chances of attracting the attention of employers who visit your page.

4. Write the Summery section carefully

This section, which can be viewed right after the first section on your page, is a summary of your professional life and experiences. At the end of this section, focus on choosing obsessive words. If you are looking for a specific job, try to focus on your skills and background in that field.

5. Use keywords

Choosing keywords that reflect your skills and abilities, as well as those related to the job you are looking for, will increase the chances of your page appearing in employer search results. Use these words all over your page. Of course artistically; Not in such a way that you seem to have forcibly included these words.

6. Avoid ambiguity and ambiguous traits

One of the things I see a lot on LinkedIn is the use of words that indicate general and vague abilities; For example, adjectives such as “hardworking”, “motivated” and “successful” are words that anyone can claim. It is better either not to use these words or if you have used, you have provided enough evidence to prove these adjectives.

7. Set your page notification to OpenToWork

Set the page to find work through LinkedIn

One of the features that LinkedIn gives to its users is determining the status. One of these situations is announcing your readiness to get a job. To enable this mode, go to your page and click Open To. Then click on Finding a New Job.

By specifying the desired variables (for example, job location) and confirmation, a new section will be created on your page that shows employers that you are looking for a job. There will also be a green ribbon and the hashtag OpenToWork next to your photo.

8. Complete other sections of your page

In addition to the sections mentioned above, complete other sections of your user page. The more complete your page is and the higher your rankings, the better your chances of appearing in the initial results of employer searches. In fact, completing your page is a kind of SEO (optimization) of your page in LinkedIn search engines.

9. Interact

Once you’ve completed the various sections of the page, it’s time to connect with other LinkedIn users. You can find many of your colleagues by searching this network. It is best to connect with people who are consistent with your career goals and area of ​​your career. You can also connect with employers and people you would like to work with.

Note that indirect interaction is always better than direct interaction. This means that you will be seen more often when you want to immediately send a private message to an anonymous employer after a connection and invite him / her to visit your page by writing a post or commenting under posts related to your career goal.

Knowing the details of how to join, create a profile and how to work with LinkedIn will help you a lot.

How to find a job on LinkedIn

Completing your LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being identified and seen by employers; But that does not necessarily mean that you will get the job you want. In fact, completing a profile page and interacting on a LinkedIn network are things that are likely to have positive results, and to some extent depends on your luck.

However, the LinkedIn network has made it possible for anyone to work directly and find the job they want. In this section, we will teach you how to search for the job you are looking for.


LinkedIn Jobs Section

To find jobs registered on LinkedIn, just go to the “Jobs” section. Click on Jobs. A new page will open. On this page you can search by typing the phrase job or place where you want to work. There are other criteria such as determining the type of company, the date of publication of the job advertisement, which will make your search more accurate.

Jobs found in the search section

If something is found on LinkedIn engines, it is displayed in a list on the left side of the page, and details of each job include full-time, part-time or telecommuting, dimensions of the ad company, number of your subscribers and the ad company, company history, and job description. Will be displayed on the right. You can save any job by clicking Save.

Apply for a job registration

Once the search results are displayed, you can register for any job. This registration is done in two ways: either the advertisers have given you the opportunity to submit the request on LinkedIn or you have a link to be transferred to a page outside LinkedIn and follow the application registration process from there.

Tricks for more professional use of the “Tasks” section

Different parts of the jobs section

There are various tools on the LinkedIn worksheet that can help you find a job. We introduce these tools in this section:

1. My Jobs

In this section, you can view and edit the jobs you have saved.

2. Job Alerts

Job reminders section found

In this section you will see and edit the tasks that are on the reminder mode. To set the job to this mode, just click on the Job Alert On option.

3. Skill Assessment

Assess skills

This section allows you to test your skills by answering some questions. The results of this test are recorded on your page, and a score above 30% means receiving a mark from the LinkedIn network, which is a kind of certificate of proficiency written on your page.

4. Interview Preparations

Interview Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, LinkedIn Bank provides you with frequently asked questions asked by employers. This bank has been prepared for different jobs. You can access the frequently asked questions of that job by determining the type of job you want.

5. Resume Builder

Design and edit resumes

In this section, you can upload and edit your resume from your computer. You can also move and edit your LinkedIn profile to this section. LinkedIn allows you to check the keywords used in your profile based on the job you are applying for and make up for the lack of it.

One of the strengths of this section is that you can create up to 4 different edits of your profile for 4 job areas. Please note that this section does not apply edits or changes to your profile. In fact, you are designing a special edit of your profile for a particular job here.

Benefits of finding a job on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is the largest social network for employees, business owners, students and other professional groups, it is one of the best environments for finding a job. LinkedIn allows you to add your career history, education, skills, activities, innovations and other professional experiences in the form of a profile to your account.

This gives you the opportunity to look for a job or expose yourself to employers who are looking for the right people to hire. By providing online resumes for each person, along with an interactive environment for millions of employers and job seekers, the LinkedIn network provides the right conditions to meet the needs of both groups.

Even if you do not need a job right now, having an active account and a professional profile will make your job easier for the future. How employers who are looking for someone to hire will come across your profile in their searches and offer you the right job offer; An offer you can not easily ignore.

Challenges and limitations of Iranian users

In addition to the benefits and opportunities that LinkedIn provides to its users, there are limitations and challenges facing Iranian users of this social network. These constraints fall into two categories: the first category of cultural challenges and the second category of technical constraints.

1. Cultural Challenges

An example of a job advertisement in the LinkedIn posts section
An example of a job advertisement in the LinkedIn posts section

Although in recent years, the use of this network has become popular among Iranian users, but due to unfamiliarity with LinkedIn tools, the culture and correct way of using its tools has not yet taken root among Iranian employers, companies and users; For example, the results of a job search in Iran in July 1400 show only two job advertisements, both of which belong to international companies and institutions. Many Iranian companies and employers publish their job advertisements in the form of public posts in the Home section of LinkedIn. While they can post the job they need in the Post a Free Job section of the Jobs section.

Therefore, instead of focusing on using the business sector, Iranian job-seeking users should focus more on connecting with people, finding the pages of the companies they are looking for, following their posts, and generally expanding their communication network on LinkedIn. As a personal experience as the author of this memo, I found the job of translator and writer on the How website through a post published by the website’s administrators on the network.

2. Technical limitations

Unfortunately, due to sanctions, some features and tools of LinkedIn have become unavailable to Iranian users; For example, it is not possible to use the Salary section in the Jobs section. Also, some LinkedIn features are only available to users who have purchased a special user account for a fee. At present, such a possibility is not available for Iranian users.

You say

Do you have experience finding work through LinkedIn? What do you suggest for users who want to find a job through this network? What other challenges and limitations do you know that exist in the Iranian LinkedIn space? Let us know what you think.

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How to find a job through LinkedIn?

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