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How to enjoy reading?

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Some do not enjoy reading. Pupils and students delay studying and preparing for the exam until the last hours of the exam night. Some people run away from studying to improve their academic and professional level. Some employed people are so disgusted with studying for job tests that they think about changing jobs. Some have a long list of unread books; But because they do not enjoy reading, they neglect to read these books. Maybe you are one of those people who do not enjoy reading. If you learn to enjoy reading, you will gain the key to progress in many professional, educational and social fields.

People who enjoy learning new things the most can develop new habits, advance in their careers, and develop their abilities and strengths; Of course, none of these improvements will be achieved as long as the fear of reading has blocked their way to learning new things.

Why do we not like reading?

“The reason for liking or not liking an activity” is one of the most widely discussed topics in psychology. Some of these loves and dislikes are innate and instinctive and many of them are acquired. We learn to relate our favorite activities to our innate loves. We also relate our hatred of certain activities to our innate hatreds and apologies. Sometimes this effect is so powerful that a deep and strong innate interest overcomes a relatively inherent hatred.

The interest in spicy foods is a good example of this. Hot peppers contain well-known ingredients Capsaicin are. Capsaicin stimulates the pain and heat receptors on the tongue and makes you feel burning when you eat pepper. On this account, when you feel pain and burning, you should stop eating pepper, not continue to eat it!

So why do some people like to eat spicy food? Because they have learned to make the connection between the spiciness of pepper and the taste of delicious and hearty foods such as pepperoni pizza, falafel and samosas. In other words, pepper evokes the taste of delicious and spicy foods for people; Therefore, some people may even become addicted to the spicy taste of pepper and like spicy foods more than soft foods.

How do I learn to enjoy reading?

Studying mental activity is exhausting and difficult. Sometimes you feel desperate and frustrated while studying. You are learning difficult things while studying, and in this situation, looking for easier or more fun tasks is a natural reaction of the mind.

When the study evokes unpleasant feelings such as test stress, failure, school fatigue, and mistreatment by teachers and classmates, our negative feelings about the study intensify; But if you can relate reading to more engaging activities, you will create a new mental connection. In this way, feelings of excitement and interest and enthusiasm will replace emotions such as stress and fatigue and frustration.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “good” job

Eat an ice cream after reading each chapter of the book. simply! Of course, it is not clear how long this conditionality will be effective. Either way, you know you can skip one chapter and move on to the next. In addition, the expectation of receiving rewards for small improvements delays the entire study process. This can make you feel bad about worrying about your poor performance.

Finding a connection between studying and what you love is a smarter way to eat ice cream after each season. Studying the performance statistics of sports teams may be tedious, but if you are interested in sports, by studying these numbers you can understand the reason for the loss of sports teams. Computer programming can be annoying, but you are encouraged to study it by thinking that you can design a website or computer game by learning programming.

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All the themes of the world are connected by short or long chains. Finding these relationships and highlighting them will help you develop new interests. You will enjoy that activity when you understand how a seemingly unpleasant activity such as reading leads to a pleasant goal.

Step # 2- Discovering Your Purpose There is no connection between study and progress

Study - How to enjoy reading?

Progress is inherently motivating. When you see the connection between progress and work, your desire to do it naturally intensifies. Arnold Schwarzenegger He exercised too much because he enjoyed his muscle soreness after exercise. He believed that the slight pain in his muscles was related to their growth. This belief made him enjoy hard bodybuilding exercises.

If you see and understand your progress, you will enjoy reading; For example, if you are learning a language, make a list of words for each day and mark the words you have learned at the end of the day. You will enjoy reading when you see that you are getting closer to your goal every day by studying. Draw a map of everything you need to read, and after reading each item, draw it on the map and expand your knowledge on the map. In this way, you visualize your progress in achieving the goal, which in turn, multiplies your motivation to progress and achieve the goal.

Step 3: Define study projects for yourself

This solution may seem a little difficult and strange, and you may ask how it will help me to add to the volume of studies when I hate reading.

Some people have low self-esteem. They do not perform well in school and therefore feel worse about studying day by day; On this account, they can not study well and their performance in school becomes weaker and this cycle continues. When you define an individual study project, you will eliminate the source of negative feedback and get rid of this spiral. When you set your goals, interests, methods and principles and start working on a project, you enter a positive cycle and your chances of success increase. If the subject of your study project is close to the school topics, the self-confidence you gain in your project will improve your school performance.

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Step # 4- Discovering Your Purpose Focus on the present

Focus - How to enjoy reading?

Man loves challenging mental activities. Puzzles and picking puzzles are fun for many people, but if they had to do them as homework, they would probably hate doing them. what is the reason? This is because evaluating future performance, being quasi-voluntary and being necessary may take away all your enthusiasm for work.

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Suppose you have to solve a word table and you know that your mistake in solving the table will ruin your life. In this case, you will not enjoy solving the table as much as if you were doing it just for fun; So one of the most effective ways to enjoy reading is to focus only on the act of reading while studying and put aside thinking about the exam and answering the teacher and fearing the future. Do not think about the future. Just focus on the puzzle in front of you and try to solve it.

Instead of dwelling on the task at hand, focus on the process and how it is done. Man learns through play. The more you make reading more like a game, the more you enjoy reading and the more you learn.

Changing interests

None of these steps can turn your hatred of reading into love overnight. The spiral of reinforcement conditioning has its roots in perennials and takes a long time to resolve. However, if you apply the tips in this article consciously in your life, you can reduce the intensity of your hatred of reading. With the help of these steps, you can turn reading from a seemingly unpleasant activity to an interesting activity for yourself. Even very small changes in your feelings about reading can help you reduce your stress and make you less likely to miss reading. Learning how to enjoy reading is more important than learning principled reading. If you learn to enjoy the challenges and look at what you learn in a positive light, your performance will improve.




How to enjoy reading?

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