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How to choose a good and reliable lawyer with a few important points

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Choosing a good lawyer is a concern for many people. It does not matter what you do, what your education is, or what your mood is! Legal and criminal lawsuits are not announced in advance! It is in such an unexpected situation that choosing a good lawyer becomes very frightening. But it’s the same as any other purchase: Proper research is the key to success in choosing a good lawyer at a reasonable price.
It does not matter if you live in Tehran or Tabriz or any other city; If you want the best Law Office, The most reputable law firm, Legal Consultancy Find the right price or good criminal lawyer, our step-by-step guide will help you. So, before you search for “I want a good lawyer” or “Introducing a good lawyer” or “Phone number of a good lawyer” on Google, join us.

Choosing a good lawyer can sooner or later become your most important concern. Every day, many people find themselves in situations that require good legal advice to get rid of them. Your problem could be a property deal, starting a business, or family problems. There are many different situations in which success requires the experience and expertise of a good lawyer or law firm.

Is choosing a good lawyer more important to you than dinner?

If you have legal or criminal issues and are seeking legal advice or the help of a qualified lawyer, you may need to be introduced to a good lawyer and have his or her phone number, but you do not know which lawyer is best for your case.

You need to remember that lawyers provide legal services and you are a potential customer of those services. Therefore, just like choosing any other product or service, you should carefully evaluate his services before choosing a lawyer.

The process of selecting a good lawyer

The first and most important step in the process of selecting a good lawyer at a reasonable price is the research stage. You usually need the names of some good lawyers to start your research. Just like buying any other service, the best solution is to ask your friends and acquaintances to introduce you to some skilled lawyers. Consult with all your friends, relatives and colleagues and make a list of the best lawyers.

Bar Association A good reference to find a good lawyer who specializes in the legal or criminal field you need. Another source is internet search, especially if you can access other people’s opinions about different lawyers. By studying the feedback of different people about a particular lawyer, you can evaluate his expertise, expertise and the way he interacts with his clients.

How do you know if you have a good lawyer?

Once you have completed your list of attorneys, you can begin the evaluation process. Most lawyers have a free consultation. You need to be an informed customer and make the most of this session.

Think about all aspects of the case and list all your questions on paper. During the legal advice, take notes of what the lawyer has to say and compare his or her tips and answers with those of other lawyers. The most important questions to ask in a counseling session are:

1. In what areas does the lawyer in question specialize?

You need to make sure that the lawyer you choose has the expertise and expertise you need in the legal field. There are a variety of legal areas in the world of advocacy, and most lawyers prefer to focus on a limited or specific area or areas. The following sample questions can help you:

  • Has the lawyer in question had similar cases to yours?
  • What were the results of those cases?
  • How long has he been working in this particular legal field?
  • What percentage of his cases are in this particular legal field?
  • Is there a certificate or commendation in this particular field?
  • Can you talk to other clients who have had similar cases?

2. How much does your case cost you?

Legal services and criminal lawsuits can be costly. Therefore, you should be fully aware of all the costs and salaries of your lawyer. Your solicitor should be able to give you an accurate cost estimate based on the information you provide at the same initial consultation. You can ask him:

  • What is the structure of the costs of the case and the lawyer’s salary?
  • Is there a cost for insurance or taxes?
  • Do you have to pay other people besides the lawyer?
  • Are there other ancillary costs (such as postage, litigation and copying costs)?
  • What is the time and process of paying wages?
  • Are there any special payment terms or conditions?

Remember that a lawyer’s high salary does not mean he or she has high skills and expertise. Also note that low wages can be a sign of experience or low skills!

3. Is your lawyer single or does he or she use special colleagues and legal assistants?

How to choose a good and reliable lawyer with a few important points

Some lawyers work alone and some in groups. Some attorneys outsource some of the work to other attorneys. You need to know who is involved in your case, as this has a huge impact on both the quality of service you receive and your costs.

4. How does the evaluated lawyer deal with his clients?

If you have a question, can you easily ask him or is his number always out of reach? Does he answer your questions accurately and quickly enough? Choosing a good lawyer does not only depend on his skills and competencies, and his relationship with you is crucial. Every lawyer has many cases at the same time, but it is your case that is a priority for you. A good lawyer is a lawyer who understands your concerns and has a useful and effective relationship with you. You should know:

  • Are he or his colleagues always available to you?
  • How and in what timeframe does it inform you about the progress of the case?
  • Are his other clients satisfied with the attitude and relationships of the lawyer being evaluated?

5. What do other lawyers think of your lawyer?

Lawyers are the best reference for assessing the skills and reputation of other lawyers. Maybe one of your acquaintances is a lawyer and can introduce you to a great lawyer that you have never heard of. If you want to get an accurate assessment of a lawyer’s ethics, competencies, thoughts, behavior, habits, and reputation, you will definitely need the opinions of other lawyers.

6. Does the character and character of this lawyer match you?

An essential step in choosing a good lawyer is evaluating his or her personality. A lawyer is right for you whose personality matches your. Ask yourself, do you feel comfortable with your chosen lawyer? Do you easily share your questions and concerns with him? Can you trust him and reveal your secrets to him?

7. What information does his law firm give you?

How to choose a good and reliable lawyer with a few important points

Checking your law firm can help you evaluate. Get permission from the lawyer being evaluated and topple his office a little. Try to go everywhere! Ask yourself:

  • Is his office clean, tidy, and well-run?
  • Is there a special service force in the office?
  • Do office workers have a friendly and empathetic attitude?
  • Is the law firm close to you and easy to access?
  • Is there a lot of empty office space and a lot of empty rooms?
  • Do you see any warning signs such as upsetting or disturbed employees?

Review of legal records and competencies

Once you have chosen your lawyer, you should seek his or her legal credentials from a bar association or other legal or judicial organization. You need to make sure your lawyer has no criminal record.

Once your evaluation process is complete, you have enough information to choose a good lawyer. We wish you success.





How to choose a good and reliable lawyer with a few important points

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