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How to be sharp and active at any age?

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Many of us these days are forgetting and slowing down our minds! This problem, like many other problems, has a solution. Just as physical activity enhances the health of the body, so does mind exercise, which boosts brain power, memory, and thinking skills. It is never too late to exercise the mind. In this article, we will introduce ways to exercise the brain, the most important muscle in the body.

Although some scientists believe that recommendations for mindfulness techniques are often exaggerated and even misleading, many studies have proven the effectiveness of some tricks in improving brain function. In this article, we will introduce you to the tricks and methods that have been proven to be effective. With these exercises, you can maintain your sharpness and intelligence.

1. Exercise and be physically active

A healthy mind is a healthy body. What is good for the body is good for the mind. Regular exercise, even at the size of a simple walk, plays a significant role in boosting memory and cognitive skills. According to research, when walking, the legs send waves to the arteries that increase blood flow. This contributes to mental health. Doing activities such as hiking in the nature or surrounding mountains, tennis, dog walking, yoga or tai chi, aerobics in the water, Functional readiness And weightlifting helps increase blood flow to the brain.

2. Read and read

A study found that regular reading and writing in old age reduces dementia by 32%. To increase reading time, you can join reading groups, read books to your grandchildren (or children), subscribe to newspapers or magazines, spend time reading daily, and of course read things you enjoy (no matter if you read a text or book). Leave halfway through).

3. Eat a healthy diet

You are probably aware of the effects of nuts and fish on brain health. To strengthen your brain, include these foods in your diet:

  • Salmon is rich in omega-3s and omega-3s are the main building blocks of brain cells.
  • Green tea increases alertness and concentration and is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that are effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Eggs are rich in beneficial nutrients for the brain. Choline in eggs produces a type of neurotransmitter called a choline Acetylcholine it helps. Acetylcholine is effective in regulating mood and memory.
  • Blue charcoal Blueberries contain antioxidants that increase communication between brain cells, delay short-term memory loss, and reduce inflammation.

4. Take care of your body

Body posture is effective in strengthening the ability of the mind

If as a child your mother or teacher constantly insisted, sit up straight and do not squat, they were right. The upright body helps increase circulation and blood flow to the brain. The following tips will help you to improve and maintain a good physical condition:

  • Lie down so that the spine is in the same direction. Lying on your back or side puts less strain on your spine. If you sleep on your side, head in Neutral status Position it so that it is facing the chin.
  • Pay attention to strengthening the balance. Balance reduces the chance of falling and this is good for the spine. One of the most effective ways is to balance yoga.

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain puts more strain on the muscles. This makes it more difficult to maintain a good posture.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep disorders can lead to poor memory, concentration and other cognitive disorders. Newly learned memories and skills are transferred to more enduring parts during sleep. This makes them easier to remember. This process does not happen enough when you do not get enough sleep.

According to the American National Sleep Foundation, people 65 and older should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. For 26- to 64-year-olds, this is 7 to 9 hours. For good sleep, use the following tips:

  • Set aside time for sleep. Having a regular and regular schedule increases the quality of sleep. In the same vein, wake up at a specific time on weekends.
  • Do not eat heavy food. Heavy food may cause insomnia by irritating the abdomen. When you feel hungry at night, feed yourself with light snacks such as nuts or fruit.
  • Limit the use of stimulants. Try not to consume coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes and chocolate from 6 hours before bedtime.

6. Do not neglect the game and painting

It does not matter if it is a masterpiece or an awkward line; Creative artwork is good for the brain. Playing is also a useful and simple way to strengthen the mind. Mind games such as sudoku, chess, backgammon and twenty-two are good for the brain.

7. Listen to music or play an instrument

Listening to music or playing an instrument is helpful to strengthen the mind.

Listening to music or playing an instrument is enjoyable for many; But this is not the only effect of music, and add to that the strengthening of the mind. These days, with different technologies and platforms, finding your favorite music and learning to play an instrument is not as difficult as it used to be. You can use apps like Spotify, YouTube, and more SoundCloud use.

8. Learn a new language

Even if you do not plan to travel abroad, learning a new language is useful for you. Language learning improves cognitive functions.

9. Find new hobbies or skills

Learning a new skill or hobby, in addition to strengthening the mind, also brings vitality. Participating in free or low-cost training programs is beneficial for adults, especially the elderly. Whether cooking new food or improving computer skills, learning plays an important role in strengthening the mind. What activity are you interested in? Think about learning carpentry, sewing, gardening, cooking, photography and knitting.

10. Write regularly

Writing is useful for strengthening the mind

Writing strengthens memory and communication skills. It does not matter what you write about; Improves the ability to write and describe brain activity. You can use your skills in writing creative stories, poems, letters, emails and blogging.

۱۱. Map your city

You can probably visualize the path of the streets around you. It is good to know that drawing a city map, or at least where you live, challenges the brain and strengthens the mind. After drawing the map, compare it with the actual location map. You may be surprised to learn what you have missed. If this’s easy for you, try drawing maps of lesser-known places; For example, drawing a map of Iran by specifying the place and name of each province. You can also make your way to work, a doctor’s office or a friend’s house.

Note: Drawing and naming different places uses different parts of the brain.

۱۲. Use a hand that is not dominant

Using a non-dominant hand is a challenging task that helps strengthen the brain. Use your non-slip hand when eating or writing. It may be hard work, but it’s exactly why it benefits the brain. The most effective mental activities are not necessarily simple.

13. Socialize

Socializing is useful for strengthening the mind

According to research, people who are socially active are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Socializing involves different parts of the brain. In addition, many social activities, such as group sports, require physical activity.

Even if you are introverted and sociable, socializing has short-term and long-term benefits for your brain. You can join different groups, connect with your friends or volunteer.

۱۴. Meditate

The effect of meditation on improving brain function may seem strange. Mindfulness is highly recommended by many psychologists, managers, leaders and health experts. Research has shown that mindfulness exercises involve new neural pathways. This helps to strengthen their skills – observation and mental flexibility. According to research, meditation is effective in boosting attention, concentration and empathy, and even the immune system. Meditation may also increase memory capacity.

The last word

How much do you struggle with forgetfulness and feelings of mental weakness? What are the ways to deal with it? How effective are your methods? Have you used any of the recommendations in this article before? What other methods can you suggest?





How to be sharp and active at any age?

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