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How should we deal with street cats and urban animals?

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The meowing sound of these cute little ones breaks the hearts of many of us, especially if we love these funny animals. If we are at home, we jump into the kitchen like electricity to throw bread, leftovers, fish, or whatever we can get their hands on. If we are on the street, we give them something to eat. Believe me, there are many who immediately enter a store and buy sausages for them! You think that’s a godly deed, don’t you think? Of course it is, but in this article we will tell you that this is not only for the benefit of cats but also for the benefit of society. Of course, we do not consider this act bad, but the way to do it is wrong. Join us to learn about the problems of stray cats and the problems they create in the urban environment, and then learn how to deal with these animals properly.

Problems that street cats face

Stray cats do not live on the streets of their own free will. Some of these cats are the offspring of cats that have been abandoned by their owners for some reason or have been lost due to irresponsibility or accidental loss. They wander everywhere in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, most stray cats usually get their food from the trash. They may find mice from time to time, but most cats die of starvation, especially in winter.

But cats are not to blame. Incidentally, they are as intelligent and sensitive as any other animal. Therefore, it is cruel to allow these lovely animals to perish from hunger and cold. But there are conditions and it must be done right, otherwise we will harm them and ourselves and society.

Problems caused by street cats

To understand how to support stray cats, we must first identify the problems that these cats cause:

1. Hunting other urban animals

Cats are hunters by nature and are very skilled at this. We can not deny that they hunt birds and other mammals. Although their presence causes a significant reduction in mice, one study found that cats kill about 2.4 billion birds and about 12.3 billion mammals a year, much more than expected. Sewage mice may not be of any use, but without chickens and birds we would have to expect a dramatic increase in insects.

2. Disease spread

Stray cats are often exposed to various diseases and illnesses. Their body is a good environment for parasites to grow. Many of them are full of fleas and may even have rabies.

Fleas help tapeworms grow in the body and can sometimes (but rarely) cause a plague outbreak. Cats can also be carriers of rabies and other diseases.

Another problem that cats cause is urban pollution, which is caused by tearing up garbage bags. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project. For this reason, the scattered waste will be a good place for insects and mice to gather.

3. Population increase

According to National Geographic, the number of stray cats in the world is very high (in the United States alone the number has reached 70 million). According to the WebMD website, a female cat that is only 16 weeks old can become pregnant and can give birth two or three times a year. Thus, in 7 years, a female cat and her cubs can produce another 420,000 cats.

A female cat and her cubs can produce another 420,000 cats in 7 years.

How can we solve this problem?

Collaborate with animal welfare organizations to trap cats

We can not leave stray cats alone. These animals are detached from wildlife and accustomed to living with humans, so we are responsible for them. There are several important solutions to the problem of stray cats:

  • Do not throw food for them on the street or in front of the door. This makes them dependent on us;
  • Do not leave garbage. Garbage bins in front of houses or in the city should be such that the cat can not dip its paw in them and tear the garbage bag. It must be strong in them so that cats can not jump into it;
  • Sterilizing cats helps control their populations. Since the cost of this work is high, it is better for the municipalities to accept this work, but we can also help in this case;
  • If possible, volunteer with animal rescue groups and street cat advocacy associations.

Collaborate on cat collection projects

The cat on which the TNR design was performed

A plan to address the problem of stray cats is called TNR, which stands for Trap-Neuter-Return, which means to sterilize, sterilize and return them to their habitat. Once you volunteer to help one of the animal welfare groups, they will help you learn how to trap street cats. These animals are like cages and do not pose a danger to cats. You know that you can not catch cats without knowing how to do it, because they are very smart and can not be easily approached.

After treating cats, their health problems must first be addressed. One of the most important of these is the use of anti-dandruff pills. These pills are crushed and sprinkled on cat food, and in a few hours all their fluff will be destroyed. These pills are safe for all cats over four weeks old.

The next step is to vaccinate cats against rabies. All cats should be vaccinated against rabies. This disease is common between animals and humans and is very dangerous.

Finally, cats need to be spayed. This helps control their population. Cats that have been hygienically marked are marked so as not to be mistaken for other cats. In this way, with surgery, the tip of one of the corners of the cat is cut.

Once these are done, they can be returned to where they were. However, cats can be a great help in dealing with mice, and the municipality can take advantage of this.

Entrusting cats to qualified individuals

Although bringing cats back to their habitat is helpful in dealing with mice, not all of them can be brought back to the city. Another way is for some people in the community who have the opportunity to work together to care for these cats. Animal Welfare Associations, after collecting cats, allow eligible individuals to take care of the cats after performing the said health measures. They themselves say that if people help keep street cats instead of buying expensive cats like Persian cats, it will cost them less and they will have shared in this important matter.

It helps stabilize or reduce the population, and cats can be saved from disease, urban accidents such as car accidents, and humans who may be harming them. In addition, society is safe from the dangers we have mentioned.

As a volunteer, you can provide food and shelter for these cats. Of course, do not forget that these associations have rules and they must make sure that you do not harm or let go of the cats that you have accepted as their guardian.

How to convince neighbors?

Make shelter for cats

Sometimes people in neighborhoods will have problems with some neighbors. Some neighbors may not like cats roaming around the house.

To avoid any problems, keep cats in your backyard and provide the facilities they need so that they do not enter the privacy of others for sleeping and eating. Tell neighbors that the cats you keep are not having children and have been vaccinated.

Cats need shelter. The shelter you build should be insulated and able to keep cats warm and dry on cold rainy or snowy days. Do not make the shelter too large to keep your cat warm. The floor of the shelter should be such that moisture does not penetrate it. One of the things that a cat really has a problem with is the soil that hides its feces under it. If this is not possible, he will be in a hurry. For this reason, you must provide him with a liter box (a special place for defecation) so that he does not run away from the streets.

Are you one of those people who try to feed a lovable cat when you see it? Now that you have read this, what is your decision? If you are a member of an animal welfare association or are planning to volunteer, write us about your experiences with cats or animal care. We will definitely read your comments.




How should we deal with street cats and urban animals?

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