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How does the digital world distract us from our creativity?

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Today’s world is largely filled with technology, and few can afford not to use these evolving possibilities. Surely you are one of the users of this fascinating world. Ever had a digital distraction? As if time is running out and you do not know how many hours you spent with your phone or computer? You may wish there was a way to eliminate the negative effects of digital distraction and increase happiness, health and creativity while using these features. In this article, practical, interesting and very effective approaches in this regard are presented. Stay with us.

Do we always have to be online?

Many of us use different digital devices around the clock. Each of these devices notifies us in a new way of receiving new messages. Notifications from various applications on our PC, the ringing of a smartphone, or the vibrating alert of a smartwatch that we wear around our wrists constantly encourage us to check for new messages and announcements and, as the saying goes, to always be online.

This lifestyle in the digital age has adverse effects on the creativity, productivity and health of our minds and bodies, and for this reason has raised concerns. As a result, we are gradually seeing an increase in the number of people who encourage us to distance ourselves from digital communications, seek more offline communications, and think more about the time we spend working with digital devices, including computers and cell phones.

Balance, balance and balance again!

The mindset of distancing oneself from digital communication is quite wise and everyone can support it; But it is also important to note that those whose business is dependent on digital technologies (especially digital marketing companies that work with customers from all over the world) cannot work without digital communication (besides not being pleasant).

Interestingly, the business of digital marketing companies is based on helping different brands, from stubborn startups to well-known industry pioneers, to thrive in the digital age. A research report released earlier this year by a digital marketing team contains findings that show how brands can better use technology to find, engage and retain customers. Although we live in a digital world, balance is still important. By balancing, we can appreciate the valuable role that technology plays in our personal and professional lives; At the same time, in addition to avoiding its negative effects, we will enjoy more happiness, health and creativity.

The Scale of Life is a way to get away from digital distractions

Traces of this particular balance can be found in the best-selling book Lifescale by Brian Solis, a digital anthropologist. To say that this book is full of valuable, thought-provoking, and even profound findings is not an understatement. The way the author speaks, just like the message he conveys, is humorous, quite practical, and extremely engaging. In his book, he uses amusing yet wonderful illustrations and drawings; Includes sections in the text that are graphically inspiring and uses other artistic effects. [آنچه که سبب جذابیت شیوه بیان آقای سولیس می‌شود روشی است که او برای نشان‌دادن خلاقیتش استفاده می‌کند، خلاقیتی که آن را با ابزارهایی کاملا عملی و ملموس به ما ارائه می‌کند.]

With this in mind, here are some instructive tips from this book to stay away from digital distractions and live a happy, healthy, creative, and purposeful life in today’s tech-savvy world.

It is easy to deny digital distraction

In a world where technology offers us many benefits, it is difficult to see the pain that comes with it. Solis forces us to be honest with ourselves about our relationship with technology. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

“When it comes to logic, our efforts to get out of such a difficult situation often lead to denial,” writes Solis. All kinds of technology-related distractions make it easier for us; “Because they are designed to look useful and informative.”

Understanding whether technology is useful or harmful, instructive or useless, depends entirely on how we use it.

Digital distraction destroys creativity

Creativity is one of the main human traits and in fact one of the most valuable skills for creating things. When we become digitally distracted (that is, when we are not careful about how we use technology), our creativity diminishes or is lost altogether.

What really happens when we lose our creativity due to digital distraction? To better understand this, Solis uses an animated short film called “Like” (Alike). This film is the story of a father and a son in which the father is blue and the son is orange. They live in a world where the landscape is almost gray and the buildings and people are gray. As fathers and sons move away from the creative and “colorful” aspects of life, and become accustomed to the monotonous principles assigned to them, they become more and more like robots, and their refreshing colors slowly fade into gray.

According to Solis, “It is clear that creativity is not a rare gift that only a few lucky people enjoy; Creativity is a natural part of human thinking and behavior. For many of us, this creativity (due to digital distraction) comes to a standstill; But the obstacle to its advancement can be removed. “Re-launching creativity can have many positive consequences for yourself, the organization you work for, and your community.”

Goal is the best way to deal with digital distraction

How does digital distraction destroy our creativity?  - The goal of the best  Adzher for Havasperti

When we have a very clear goal, it is much easier to identify and get rid of digital distractions that do not help us and our goal.

“When we turn away from distractions and focus on setting goals and achieving them, we feel empowered and successful,” writes Solis. Also, having a goal keeps us from focusing on destructive things and makes us feel like we are part of something bigger around us. “Having a goal frees us from the shackles of negative thoughts about ourselves and the past, and forces us to stay on the path to the future and to think about what we can do our part.”

In a tech-savvy world where digital distractions are easy, the “life scale” is a practical guide to improving our relationship with technology. This inspiring book helps us, as an individual, organization, or community on a larger scale, to hold our hands, reflect, and then improve our connection to the deeper creativity and purpose we need to live happily, live healthily, and succeed. .




How does the digital world distract us from our creativity?

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