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How does pickle glass theory help time management?

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Sour cucumber glass theory is in fact an allegory; An allegory to think about how we use the fixed time we have every day. If we think about our pickles when planning, we can both do the important things and have time for the little things that make us happy.

Imagine an empty jar of pickles; A big and giant glass!

Get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime management out of your head right now. Just imagine with yourself an empty and very large pickle jar (think of the biggest pickles you have ever seen).

Now imagine that you are filling this large glass with golf balls. One, two, three to three, you finally get to a place where you no longer think there is room for glass. Try adding one or two more balls.

The glass looks full, but your work is not over yet. Now you are going to put a bunch of marbles in it. Shake the glass of your huge cucumber a little so that the golf balls and marbles sit next to each other and open a little space. Now it’s time to add some sand to the collection. Still space left? Fill the glass with salt water as much as possible.

so what?

Well, back to the sweet topic of time management.

You are right, this allegory is really naive and even childish. But think of it this way: Everyone has a set of big priorities in their lives (our own golf balls) and a set of things they like to do (by drawing all the marbles). There are also things that one has to do in the end, which we call sand here. And finally we have the thieves of time; The same things that only make a person’s life more crowded and can be found everywhere, that is, salt water.

Sit down for a minute and set your priorities in the same order. So we start with the golf balls first and then we pour the salt water. And so we have a fairly balanced mix of things.

But if we pour salt water first, there is no room for anything else, unless the only thing we like is to make life crowded!

When we look at things like this pickled glass, it becomes clear that if we want to accomplish both the important work and the work that we enjoy doing, and at the same time omitting other small things from the list, it is necessary that Keep the balance. If your ultimate goal is career success and life satisfaction, you need the presence of individual residents of pickled glass; From golf balls to sand, none can be removed from life at all. This theory addresses this issue and shows quite well how to make time for everything and fit all four types of work into life.

In addition, the parable of the fine pickle shows why it is important not to be greedy for small things – sand and salt.

Application of pickle glass theory

Now it’s time to look at your to-do list. If you are a regular person, you probably have a schedule for all the half hours and one hour of your day and you will be full of snoring from Saturday to Thursday. Maybe even your Friday is full of plans to spend time with family and friends.

Now take a closer look at your daily routine. How much of your time is wasted talking to coworkers in the kitchen? How much do you spend checking Telegram and Instagram and replying to messages that do not require an immediate response? You may encounter an unexpected problem in the company, or an emergency may arise that requires you to immediately set aside the rest of the work and deal with it. Have you set aside time for issues like this in your schedule?

Where do you waste your time? Is there a way you can manage your time to increase productivity? Put your to-do list in front of you, be honest with yourself, and find honest answers to these questions.

Now is the time to apply the pickle glass theory.

Will you make a profit if you take a few minutes to identify the golf balls first thing in the morning? Set aside time for these types of tasks and allow lower-priority tasks, or the unexpected things that suddenly come to mind, to place themselves in the space left in the pickled glass.

The parable of the pickled cucumber shows that this method not only makes time management easier, but also saves you more time. Now, the good part is that you will have time to do everything and time for the activities you love. You will both count golf balls and you will have more peace of mind as things go better.


How does pickle glass theory help time management?

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