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How do we persuade others to get vaccinated?

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The corona virus has been spreading in our country like in other parts of the world for almost two years. During this time, many struggled with the disease, and unfortunately many lost their lives. We can now say with certainty that vaccination has had a great impact on reducing the incidence and mortality rate. At present, our society is divided into two categories; The first group who have been vaccinated or are waiting for a second dose and the second group who have been involved in rumors about the corona vaccine and believe that vaccination is wrong and will not go under the burden at all. In this article we want to talk about how we can convince others to get vaccinated.

Why should we get vaccinated?

In the current situation, nothing is more important than faster control of the virus and building collective immunity, and this goal can only be achieved through faster vaccination. According to experts, the continuation of vaccination has caused the trend of coronary heart disease and its deaths in recent weeks to have an almost constant slope. Reducing coronary heart disease and mortality rates is invaluable and shows that in these volatile conditions, vaccination is the most necessary and beneficial thing to do.

Why is vaccinating others as important as vaccinating ourselves?

Some people think that it is enough to vaccinate themselves and that they have achieved acceptable safety by getting two doses of the vaccine, but this is a misconception. Even if we get two doses of the vaccine, the situation will still be dangerous and unstable until the country achieves collective security. You ask why? Because people who are not vaccinated cause the virus to continue to spread and mutate, creating uncontrollable cycles. That is why it is important for everyone to be vaccinated, and our efforts to persuade others will be worthwhile.

What do the statistics say?

The numbers of vaccinated people in Iran so far are promising, but not enough. According to the latest information, as of November 9, 1400, a total of 55,405,154 people had received the first dose and 40,931,098 people had received the second dose of the vaccine. According to experts, the condition for creating collective safety is to vaccinate 80% of the population, and as you can see, our country has a long way to go to reach this amount.

The best tricks to convince people against vaccines

Each of us sees people around us who have not been vaccinated yet and say they do not intend to. Most of these people are influenced by some false narratives and ignorant people, and with this wrong decision, they delay getting rid of the virus. Here are some tips to help you persuade them.

1. Use comparisons to talk about the vaccine

The vaccine may seem confusing or dangerous to many people. Talk to these people about how the vaccine works in the body and how to break down the virus. If you are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine, you can point out how far the vaccine has reduced the death rate from coronary heart disease and how much better your chances of surviving the vaccine will be.

۲. Control the situation with compromise

No one likes to be pressured to make a decision or do something. Research shows that if you can reduce the external pressure to do something, people will be more inclined to do it. To reduce external pressure and similar feelings, enter into compromise. Try to explain very calmly to people that your desire to vaccinate them is only for their own health and the health of those around them.

3. Find a common enemy

Sometimes no sentence is more accurate than “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Does not exist. You can also use this phrase to your advantage for the corona vaccine. For example, given that this epidemic has hit the economy hard, you can point out how this person and the vaccine are on the same page, and both are trying to improve the economic situation. Or if there is another country that this person is competing with, you can explain his or her vaccination in the form of supporting his or her own country and building collective security from a rival country more quickly.

4. Fight the anecdotal evidence

Some people refuse to be vaccinated more because of their feelings than for a specific thought or reason. For example, they may have heard that someone had bad side effects after the vaccine was given, and this changed their mindset about the vaccine. Instead of trying to convince this person with statistics, share your positive stories with him / her and talk about the positive effects of the vaccine on other people. For example, you can talk about people who have had mild side effects from the vaccine or even have no side effects, or talk about people who have not been vaccinated with Covid 19 because of the vaccine.

5. Give examples of people around you who have been vaccinated

Never underestimate the power of the population. It is easier to be convinced when one knows that most of those around you have been vaccinated. Give the example of your friends and relatives who have been vaccinated. It can be very convincing to refer to the vaccination of people you respect, such as the senior leaders of your favorite political party.

6. Remind of possible regrets

This is a bit bitter, but sometimes you have to remind people of the serious consequences of having coronary heart disease. For example, you could talk about irreparable damage from the disease and what Corona does to our bodies, or point out that if a person gets the Corona virus, those around them may be at risk. Of course, you do not want to overwhelm your conscience, but reminding yourself of possible regrets can make you realize a little more about the value of the vaccine.

7. Name situations that you may miss

Instead of focusing on all the negative events that may occur to a person with coronary heart disease, it is easier to focus on the positive events that will be lost by not being vaccinated. For example, you can remind him of various events that only vaccinated people can attend. Try to motivate events and situations by encouraging people to get vaccinated.

These strategies are some of the proven ways to persuade people to get vaccinated. However, it is important to remember that each person is different, so you may need to adjust the solutions for some people.

Concluding remarks

If you are one of those people who are still hesitant to get vaccinated, I have a few questions for you. Doesn’t a review of the history of various infectious diseases show that there is no other way than mass vaccination to control them? Have not all approved vaccines gone through several stages of clinical trials? So why not trust science yet?
I ask you to think a little more scientifically about this issue. If the same number of people had not been vaccinated, we would now be behind the sixth peak of the disease. Let’s trust medical science.

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How do we persuade others to get vaccinated?

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