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How do we manage employees who are more skilled than us?

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Sooner or later, all managers will face a team with more skills in the path of career advancement. No matter how good a manager you are; Eventually you will get employees who have higher technical and executive knowledge and skills! Many skilled managers in this situation reach the border of madness and despair. In such cases, it is necessary to change the angle of view. You need to look at it in such a way that the higher your team skills, the better the results and the better your position. By studying this article, we will learn how to efficiently manage skilled workers and optimize the strengths of the work team.

Tip 1: Update your management style

If you are a skilled team manager and the technical knowledge of your employees is more than you, luck has come to you! These partners show their skills to your team and increase the company’s chances of success in achieving the goals. Of course, this success reflects more than anything else your managerial skills.

Why is it difficult for some managers to accept that employees’ skills are higher? The answer is simple: people who reach high levels of management must have already proven their technical skills and surpassed their competitors; But many experienced managers, who have this mentality, forget that their knowledge and skills become obsolete over time. Of course, experienced managers do not need to know everything about everything! They only need to be proficient in one thing: management! The duties and work environment of supervisors are very different from those of managers. The manager is responsible for the failure or success of the whole group. As a rule, getting information about the industry is in your best interest; But more importantly, focus on the results that your team needs to achieve. Effective managers must make decisions that will lead their team to success.

To clarify the issue, check the work records of the most prominent politicians. Many of them have different industries, management departments and specialties in their portfolio. This means that they did not even have the opportunity to train in all their positions! To compensate for this shortcoming, they use the advice and guidance of various specialized teams. Consider, for example, the Secretary of State. He is responsible for deciding on foreign affairs and does not need to be an encyclopedia of world events around the world. Focus on your managerial tasks using the experience of successful and great leaders. If you have elite and skilled employees who will lead you to the best possible results, appreciate this luck!

Tip 2: Gain the trust of your teammates

If you are dealing with “professionals”, you should treat them like “professionals”! Setting goals for employees and monitoring the proper execution of affairs is one of the vital management activities. At the same time, you need to respect employees and leave them free to design specialized strategies. Professional staff should be allowed to set their own goals. Interference in all details leads to a loss of morale and loss of motivation of employees. Do your best to provide the resources needed by the team members. Provide an overview of the company’s core strategy to employees. They need to feel that they are up to date, and you need to regularly remind them of the organization’s strategic goals. If you feel someone is going wrong, respectfully guide them to the right path. Remember that you have the final say.

Tip 3: Lead your team forward

You have the best of the best employees and you have formed an unbreakable team. Great power always carries great responsibility; As the saying goes, “The more roofs, the more snow!” It is now your job to bring the team to amazing success. Reach the heights of your expectations and do not know day and night to progress. If you follow the first and second guidelines, you must be ready to start this battle. Your job as a manager is to provide the conditions for the best results. If you do not understand something, be sure to seek guidance from your employees. We repeat: you are not supposed to know everything, you just need to be the best at managing.

To lead smart people, you need to encourage their creativity. Be sure to hold meetings for employees to be creative and help them push the boundaries of achieving goals. These meetings should be very intimate and employees can easily share their creative insights and perspectives. For example, you can have a regular weekly meeting called “Creativity Hour”. In this session, give employees the opportunity to be creative and coordinate ideas.

Tip 4: Set a common goal for all team members

When a number of top professionals work together, success is a prerequisite: giving up selfishness! The fulfillment of this condition depends more than anything on your managerial skills.

An intelligent person is one who has the necessary intelligence to employ smarter people than himself!




How do we manage employees who are more skilled than us?

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