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How can we leave our current job without ruining the stairs behind us?

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Many of us spend many hours at work. Perhaps it can be said that our workplace is our second home. Therefore, job satisfaction plays an important role in our quality of life and happiness. However, sometimes for whatever reason we are not interested in our job and at work we count down the hours that work and we return home earlier. In this situation, it is better to change our job and go to work that we are interested in. Of course, leaving the job, like any other job, has its own rules and regulations. In this article, we will explain how we can leave our current job without hurting others or having a bad impact on our future career.

Telling our boss “I don’t want this job anymore and I’m not working here” is not a good way to leave our current work environment. We may feel good about saying this and leaving our workplace (especially if our previous job has been arduous and troublesome), but it feels short-lived and fleeting. If we leave our work with a string of negative thoughts about it, we may remember this bad experience in the future and it will bother us. Whether our current job is a great opportunity to learn or a dark spot on our resume, we must leave it with dignity, sobriety and respect.

You might say that talking is easier than acting; Even if we have no bad intentions, we may still hurt some by leaving our jobs. How can we leave our current job without upsetting others? By doing the following, we can leave our current job in a professional way without damaging our backs:

Choose the right time to leave your job

If timing is very important in our job, pay attention to it and do not leave our work in the middle of an important task or project. It is always best to leave our job when we have finished all our work and duties and we do not have a part-time job. We do not want others to be angry with us! So it’s better to put ourselves in their shoes: to think about what we expected of him and what we would like him to do if someone else was in our situation and was about to leave his job.

First of all, let our boss know

Before leaving your job, first inform the boss

The worst thing we can do is whisper and whisper to our co-workers and talk about the position and the job we have gotten, and after a while these things will reach our bosses. This mistake can make our boss feel bad; Even if we have done other things related to leaving our jobs properly. So let’s be honest and, more importantly, be polite and polite and tell our boss first.

Do not gossip

Maybe we like the place we leave; Maybe we hate it too. In any case, this feeling should not affect our behavior. Why should we make our departure an unpleasant experience for others by gossiping about a place we are about to leave? Here, too, it is not bad to look at it from the point of view of others: to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine that someone else is going to leave the workplace. How would we feel if he said, “I’m so glad I’m getting rid of this junk?” It does not feel good, right? If we have criticisms from our workplace (which are not useful and constructive), keep them to ourselves.

Help us find an alternative

Use the remaining time to sort out all our unfinished business (such as paperwork and paperwork and worthless and time-consuming work). By doing this, we will leave a clean desk for the person who will be hired to replace us. Next, prepare a text that summarizes our job responsibilities. Work with our boss on this text so that he can use this text in preparing an ad (to hire someone instead of us). This text can be a guide for someone who will be hired instead of us; It will also define his job duties and responsibilities. It is true that this way we have to work harder and spend more time, but that is the job of a professional.

Announce the end of our work to the employer

This may seem obvious, but we usually (especially if we go from one job to another) forget about it. Maybe in a new job or position, they need us immediately. We may also want to look enthusiastic and interested in our new job; So we are tempted to tell them we can get started right away. This behavior is like a double-edged sword. We leave our previous company in a difficult situation and in a situation where they need us. Conversely, if we tell our new company that we need at least two weeks to work on our new job, they will realize that we are a professional and reliable company.

First, let’s make sure we get a new job

Sometimes when we are ready to leave our current job and ready to leave, we just realize that a new contract has not been signed. In the eyes of our potential future employer, we are still in the process of being hired and have to compete with other qualified candidates for the job. So before we let our boss know and start the process of leaving our job, we need to make sure that the hiring for the new job is finalized and that all the necessary steps have been taken.

Write a resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter is an appropriate and formal way to inform us of leaving our job

As mentioned above, we must first inform the employer before leaving the job. However, informing alone is not enough. Even if we have a good relationship with managers, it is better to leave the workplace in a formal and principled way. Writing a resignation letter is a good way to inform and announce our resignation. We can deliver the resignation letter to the boss in person and then talk to him. Writing a resignation letter gives us the opportunity to provide a good report explaining the reason for leaving the job. Of course, we should not lie, but we should also refrain from giving unreasonable and unreasonable reasons, such as leaving the company due to a toxic and polluted work environment, personal problems or even money.

Decide on how to inform our colleagues

After writing the resignation letter and submitting it to the boss, we must use the appropriate method to notify colleagues of the resignation. Maybe the boss will take control of this issue and announce our separation from the company publicly. Maybe he does not intend to, and we can inform our colleagues in any way we want. It is also possible that the company would prefer to approach the issue in a different way. In that case, it would be better to let them decide.

Clean and tidy our desk

After talking to the boss and finding a way to inform co-workers, it’s time to tidy up our personal space. During our time at the office, our desks may be full of clutter and personal belongings: things like family photos, gifts we received in connection with our work, or even remnants of time we worked while having lunch. Or we drank tea behind our table. Sometimes our personal space in the office is crowded and untidy. Before leaving, clean our computer, remove all your personal belongings, and prepare your work environment for delivery to the next person as we received it.

Work hard

If we want to quit our job, we still have to work hard until the last moment

For whatever reason we want to quit our job, we should not underestimate the importance of quitting. We still get paid for what we do; So until the last moment we work in that space, we have to do our best. Make our ex-employer happy, not remorseful, that we were his employee.

Keep in touch

The more work experience we have, the more people we will be in contact with. Just because we do not want to meet and interact with our former colleagues again, does not ruin our communication ladders. We should not cut ties with our former boss and colleagues. How much better if we like them! But even if we do not have a friendly relationship with them, maintaining contact with them will help us in the future. When we start a new job, be sure to update our social media accounts so that others can keep in touch with us. Maybe by doing this, we will get more job opportunities and successes; Who knows!



How can we leave our current job without ruining the stairs behind us?

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