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How can we bring balance and happiness back into our lives with the help of the wheel of life?

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When you have a busy life or focus all your energy on a specific project, it is not unimaginable to lose this balance and not pay enough attention to the important parts of life. Even though you need motivation and focus to get things done, if you overdo it, you will experience severe frustration and stress. This is where you need to think of a way to rebalance your life.

This is where the wheel of life comes into play. The wheel of life, commonly used by masters of personal development and life skills, helps you take turns paying attention to each area of ​​your life and evaluating anything that is out of balance. Literally, the wheel of life helps you identify areas that need more attention.

Figure 1 shows an example of a life wheel with its dimensions. In the following, we will show you how to choose the right areas or dimensions of life for yourself.

The wheel of life is powerful because it represents a clear picture of your current life compared to your ideal life. It is called the wheel of life because the map of each area of ​​your life is drawn in a circular shape similar to the wheels of a wheel. This concept was originally developed by Paul J. Paul J. Mayer, founder of the Success Motivation Institute, was formed.

Use this tool

To draw your own life wheel, determine what your current life score (based on your attention span) is on a scale of one to ten in each of the life wheel items. This way you can define the dimensions of your life yourself.

Figure 2. The wheel of life pattern

1. Thinking about areas of life

Start by thinking about six to eight aspects of your life that are important to you. Different approaches to this issue are:

  • The plans you have in life; For example: spouse, parent, manager, friend, colleague, team member, sports player, community leader.
  • Areas of life that are important to you; For example: Art and Art Creation, Skills and Skills Development, Education, Family, Friends, Financial Freedom, and so on.
  • Combining these examples (or other examples) by yourself is a reflection of the things that have the highest priority in your life.

2. Write these areas on the wheel of life diagram

Write each dimension of your life at the end of each wheel bar (on the dotted line).

3. Evaluate each area

The premise of this approach is that if you can strike the right balance between each of these dimensions, you will live happily ever after. Different areas of life at different times require different levels of attention. So, the next step is to evaluate the amount of attention you are currently paying to each of these areas.

Examine each dimension in turn and rate your attention to these areas on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high). Enter the score of each dimension along the corresponding bar.

4. Connect scores to each other

Now connect the scores you have marked around the wheel with a line. Does the wheel of your life look balanced in appearance?

5. Thinking about your ideal level

Now is the time to compare each of these areas with your ideal level. A balanced life does not mean getting a score of 5 for each area of ​​life; Some areas need more attention and focus. Since your time and energy are limited, you will no doubt have to make serious decisions to focus on all of these areas!

Now the question is: what is your ideal level of attention for each area of ​​life?

Also write your “ideal” scores around the wheel and connect them.

6. Take action

Now, you have a picture of your current life balance and your ideal life balance. What is the gap between the two? Undoubtedly, this gap is related to the areas that need more attention. Of course, keep in mind that there are areas that you pay attention to beyond your ideal level. These areas waste energy and enthusiasm that you better spend on other areas.

Once you have identified the areas that need your attention, you need to plan for regaining balance. Start with areas that you have neglected. What do you need to do to bring these areas back into balance? In areas that you have considered beyond your ideal level, what can you give up, what can you prioritize, or what can you leave to someone else? Writing these programs on a worksheet like the one below will help you commit to doing them.


You can use the wheel of life method as a preparation for goal setting or coaching. This approach allows you to identify areas of life that need more attention from you and is a great way to portray your current and ideal life. When you start working to improve your balance in life, you will find that the wheel of life is a useful tool for monitoring the balance of life and its changes over time.


How can we bring balance and happiness back into our lives with the help of the wheel of life?

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