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Holding effective business meetings with 5 different and efficient solutions

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Maybe you, like Ilan Musk, CEO of SpaceX, hate a business meeting. Business meetings are an important part of any business. But various studies have shown that the productivity of these sessions is not very high. In this article, we present five practical solutions that are effective in increasing the productivity of business meetings. Stay with us.

It may not seem necessary to design an effective strategy for managing workshops, but as the work processes become larger and more complex, the need becomes more apparent. According to research, annual business meetings waste $ 37 billion of American corporate capital. Fifty-three percent of employees said the sessions were unconstructive, and 73 percent admitted that they were distracted during the sessions. By designing a regular and flexible program, which allows people to participate or even not participate in meetings, more productive meetings can be held.

The following 5 strategies will help you better plan your meetings:

1. Reduce reporting sessions

Some regular corporate meetings are devoted to daily or weekly reporting. These seemingly harmless sessions reduce employee focus and waste valuable time writing reports. Try to reduce the frequency of these meetings so that employees have more free time to perform their duties.

A successful example of this is the Pinterest photo sharing network. The company’s development and programming department was exempted from attending daily business meetings for three days. This increased the productivity of the employees of that department.

2. Hold meetings outside the workplace

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of outdoor workshops

Not all meetings need to be held in the company conference room and behind large tables. Changing the location of meetings and walking or standing while holding meetings will increase productivity and increase intimacy among members. Research from the University of Washington has shown that employees feel better when walking or standing and are more involved in the discussion. Studies from Stanford University show the same results. Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said they participate in such meetings with a more open mind.

So if you have the opportunity, be sure to go for a walk or a group lunch with the staff.

3. Give people space

These days, large offices and bright white halls have become architectural symbols in modern companies. But this design model, despite its advantages, can cause distraction, stress and employee fatigue. One of the most effective strategies for increasing productivity is to design more private spaces for groups and individuals so that they can do their work in peace and quiet whenever they want and have less need to hold meetings. Although this is not always possible due to budget constraints, it can also be achieved with less costly approaches; For example, by using workplace-specific messengers, there is less need to hold meetings.

4. Use email

Business meetings and use of email

Since the introduction of email services, this tool has been widely used in companies. Although managing multiple emails, each of which requires its own response, is a difficult task, choosing an email is better than holding detailed business meetings. In a way, e-mail allows you to give a proper and correct answer to colleagues, while in meetings you may not have such an opportunity.

5. Understand the value of each session

Hold every business meeting with obsession. State the purpose of the meeting very clearly and precisely, and do not seek to address dozens of issues in one session. Holding short and useful meetings is very valuable.

Business is a team effort. So by learning the skills of conversation and teamwork, you can achieve greater productivity in business meetings.




Holding effective business meetings with 5 different and efficient solutions

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