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Hipster style and lifestyle

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Hipster is a unique and at the same time unique lifestyle and style that has its own fans. Fans of the style are not few. Although the hipster may remind you of “hippie”, the two are different. In this article, we will examine the concept and type of lifestyle and hipster style.

What is a hipster?

According to the New York Times, the hipster was created to prove that fans of this style do not care about the usual norms! The term dates back to the 1940s, when jazz fans engaged in anti-cultural activities. Those days were the beginning of the popularity of hipsters.

People who follow the hipster style and love jazz and rock music, special clothes with bold colors and designs, modern and contemporary way of thinking. In general, this lifestyle is very different and is not approved by the general public. However, the style and type of clothing worn by hipsters is very popular. The costume design of many actors and artists of the world is based on hipster style. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “We are what we eat.” Believing in these two sentences and acting on them will prevent excessive consumerism.

History of Hipster

Hipster was born in 1960 in New York City. This subculture was formed by the youth of the rich and upper middle class of the city. The root of the word, “hip” in a special sense, is unique, youthful and modern. The word hippie is borrowed from the same word. Most young people and fans of this style are artists and have their own style of clothing. Fans of this type of style consider themselves special and different and hate the character of hipster. They see this as a form of extremism and arrogance that is inconsistent with their way of thinking.

Hipster lifestyle

Hipster lifestyles are just as different and special as their style. Hipsters eat organic and healthy foods; They are very interested in vintage decoration. Although they hate consumerism, they often try to use expensive food and equipment. Fans of this lifestyle often choose secluded and cozy places for appointments. This type of lifestyle is almost costly and therefore does not get much attention.

Hipster style for ladies

It is interesting to know that hipster style also includes veiled clothes. Many modern hipster styles are based on the style of the 90’s. Wearing light jeans with graphic t-shirts or using leather clothes and long boots with big glasses are all kind of hipster style. Hairstyles in this style are messy and done with pastel colors.

Hipster style for men

Hipster style for men is a combination of 60s clothing. The use of denim shirts, linen pants, graphic T-shirts, all kinds of thick jackets with bold colors is the symbol of this style. Men can use a variety of narrow belts, hats, sneakers in this style. Long beards and different hairstyles, the use of various accessories and jewelry and stone and beads are other features of this style.

How do I dress like a hipster?

The dress style of the hipster does not have a lady or a gentleman. In this style, you can easily use a variety of plaid shirts and jeans. In this type of cover, you can use a variety of old-fashioned clothes with different colors and create your own style. Wearing a variety of sweatshirts and bearded jackets can also make you look more attractive than others.
Women in this style can use short skirts with long but simple socks and to complete their style, a leather jacket or jacket and a beautiful hat.
Men can wear a variety of jeans or loose-fitting T-shirts with a variety of black pants and use a sports hat to complete their style.
It does not cost much to dress in this style; With your creativity, you can make attractive designs from the clothes in your closet.

Who is a hippie?

Hippie is another subculture that originated in the United States in the 1960s. Hippies are people whose motto in life is personal freedom, love and altruism. Hippies have very different clothing styles and can be quickly recognized. This subculture was very popular until the late 1970s.

History of the emergence of hippies

In 1960, many young Americans protested against the US invasion of Vietnam. These kinds of protests were formed with the slogans of altruism, love, peace, human dignity, happiness and life without war and violence, and quickly gained popularity among the youth. The hippies were opposed to any culture or religion and considered themselves more in favor of peace and mysticism. These people, who preferred living in nature and villages to urban and prosperous life, often traveled. Hippies are usually vegetarians and environmentalists.

The difference between a hippie and a hipster

  • Hipster is a slang term for middle-class young people interested in fashion and culture; Hippies are part of the subculture that emerged in the 1960s;
  • “Hippie” or hippie is derived from the word “hipster” or hipster;
  • Hipsters and hippies are both countercultures. Hipsters did not want to conform to cultural norms. Hippies hated any restrictions and used drugs to achieve different moods;
  • Hippies and hipsters are both fans of music, especially jazz and rock;
  • The style of dress is both very different and far from social norms;
  • Hippies lived in poverty, but hipsters are the rich and middle class;
  • Although hipsters’ fashion and style are very popular, their lifestyle is not very popular. But the lifestyle of hippies is very important; Hippies seek a new meaning of life and individual freedoms.

Concluding remarks

Hipster and hippie are similar words, but their meanings are very different. Hipster style is considered by many people even in this century, and its number is increasing day by day. You can use this style in your clothing with any gender, age and age. If you have other information about hipster style and lifestyle, be sure to share it and don’t forget to send this article to your friends.

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Hipster style and lifestyle

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