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Here are some practical ways to reduce the cost of raising children

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Despite population growth in recent decades in Iran and other countries, today’s families are less inclined to have children than in the past. According to statistics, in Iran currently 14.4% of families are childless and 18.9% of them are single. Increasing levels of education and changing attitudes and lifestyles (having welfare tendencies instead of accepting responsibility for raising children) are among the reasons that researchers believe have paved the way for this new trend. But studies show that the majority of families consider financial problems and lack of economic readiness as one of the main causes of this problem. The truth is that raising children, like any other issue in life, has its own difficulties and with the right approach, it can be overcome. Those who wish to raise their children and see their success and health should not give in to this daunting statistic. In this article, we will talk about some practical ways to reduce the costs of raising children. Stay with us.

1. Do not spend more than you can afford to buy a home

It is estimated that about 29 percent of the cost of raising children is related to the home and related expenses. Loans, taxes, utility bills, gas and furniture are all included in the home-related expenses.

As our family grew, we began to think about upgrading our home and buying a bigger home. In the meantime, we incur costs that we may not be able to afford for years. By doing so, we are putting ourselves under financial pressure that was primarily avoidable.

To avoid this financial pressure, we need to keep a few things in mind:

  • The installments we pay for bank loans should not exceed 25% of the monthly salary;
  • Before buying a larger home, consider the cost of upgrading, repairing, and purchasing new furniture;
  • If we do not see the potential in ourselves, we will not buy a house in expensive urban areas and in this regard, we will have a more sensible choice.

Suppose you have two children, you do not necessarily have to have a separate bedroom in each house. In such cases, you can place a bunk bed in the same single room. They may sleep better when they are together, and in addition, this closeness creates a deeper bond between them that lasts for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps something as simple as that can convince you that you do not need to move to a larger house in the current situation.

۲. Limit restaurant meals to special occasions

Eating out - reducing the cost of raising children

About 18% of the cost of raising children is related to food. If we can take a little initiative and save in this regard, we will have a significant impact on reducing costs.

There is no denying that eating in restaurants is relaxing and brings happy moments; But that does not detract from the considerable cost. With a cursory glance and a comparison of the cost of the food we eat with the cost of water we eat at home, we can see how much room there is to save in this regard throughout the year.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to food and food costs:

  • Prepare your children’s school and work lunch the night before;
  • Eat more at restaurants that offer discounts for some reason (assuming they are a party to your work contract);
  • As much as possible, cook at home.

Eat as much as possible in restaurants and outdoors on special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries. By going to restaurants too much, we not only lose control of our expenses, we can no longer do much for such occasions.

It should be noted that the purchase of ready meals also increases the costs associated with this section. Of course, choices like this are more for parents who are busy and have less time to cook. This group of parents can also help reduce the costs of this section by considering the following points:

Spend a full day (or at least half a day) cooking

Depending on how busy you are, you can dedicate one day a month or one day a week to cooking. Cook a lot of food and put it in the freezer. This way, on other days when you do not have the opportunity to cook, you will no longer need to buy ready-made food or order food; In addition, you can use this food for your children’s school lunch.

Cook twice as much food

Whenever you have the opportunity to cook, use twice as much ingredients. Put the extra half of the food in the freezer.

Plan ahead for busy days

Make a weekly to-do list for those busy days and set aside the same frozen food for them. Otherwise, when you come home on such days, you will have to choose the simplest way: order food from outside.

3. Buy a reliable used car

Buying a used car - reducing the cost of raising children

The new car we buy loses about 60% of its value after five years of use. Suppose a car that we have spent 60 million tomans to buy, will be worth less than 30 million tomans after five years. In this regard, buying a new car is not a very sensible investment when our budget is not very open.

Transportation accounts for about 15% of the total cost of raising children. Buying a used car that is reliable and does not cost us much is a smart way to reduce costs.

If we want to buy a more luxurious car and insist that it is new, we will probably have to borrow. This will increase the financial pressure in the long run. As soon as the car is in a way that children feel comfortable in, it is enough.

4. Turn to simplification and use it as your model

Simplification - reducing the cost of raising children

Toys, clothes, and other items like these are another important cost factor, especially during the early years of a child’s life. “Dad, I want this,” “Mom, I want that”: These repeated requests from the children are sometimes incomplete, and if we want to satisfy all of them, there will probably be nothing left in our pockets at the end of the tower and the house will be full of useless things.

Simplistic [(مینی‌مالیسم، به کمینه‌گرایی هم برگردانده شده است)] It can be a path to financial, personal and mental freedom. By reducing the various objects and items we need, we are more and more freeing ourselves from the bondage of consumerism. Our children, when they become a little more rational, will realize how soothing and good this deliverance is, and they will follow our example.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Discard all clothing and toys with your children and give the unused to others;
  • For every new outfit or toy you bring home, you should sell one of the old ones, give it to the other, or throw it away; Put this policy on your agenda;
  • Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

5. Reduce childcare costs as much as possible

Childcare Services - Reducing the cost of raising children

Preschool or daycare fees or the cost of hiring a babysitter can be staggering: About 15% of the total cost of raising children is allocated to these items.

Working parents need these services to get a job; But alternatives to reduce costs related to this sector can be considered:

Staying at home with one parent

If the salary of one of the two heads of household is not very high, it is better for him to retire completely and take care of the children himself. Compare the total annual salary received with the total annual cost of these services. If the salary was lower, the better choice is to retire. You can return to work after the first few years.

work at home

This is another alternative to childcare services. Any parent who has the necessary specializations can work as a freelancer in the same house and at the same time take care of their children. By doing this, both the cost of services can be avoided and the side costs of work such as going and buying clothes can be eliminated.

Get help from others

This is another alternative. You can get help from your family to take care of your children. For example, one possible way is to leave the children with the grandparents from morning to noon or evening.

last word

Reducing the cost of raising children is not limited to the issues we have mentioned, and even smaller considerations can help reduce these costs. Suppose we save a little more on clothes or spend less time on leisure. For the second case, for example, we can use more of the park near the house and its gaming devices. If circumstances so require, we should not take sides on issues such as buying second-hand clothes or toys for our children; Because children grow up fast at a young age and do not use their clothes and other things much. These more detailed solutions can also help reduce costs and, when put together, will have a significant impact on total costs.

what is your opinion? Do you have another way to reduce the cost of raising children? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.





Here are some practical ways to reduce the cost of raising children

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