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Get to know the best books of Afghan literature from contemporary Afghan writers

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Contemporary Afghan literature is undoubtedly more influenced by the years of war and insecurity in this country. Forced migration, the death of loved ones, restrictions, and human rights abuses are among the devastating effects of war, one of which, under normal circumstances, can kill many lives. In this book introduction, we have introduced some of the best books of Afghan literature by its contemporary authors, each of which tries to show the situation of their country in some way. If you are interested in reading fiction from different countries, including Afghanistan, do not miss this book introduction.

1. کورسرخی

the writer: Excellent gift
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 131

Alieh Atai is an Afghan immigrant writer who grew up in Iran. He has lived in frontier and migration with all his being. For this reason, his books reflect the pain of being away from home and the aversion to war. “I am a writer, not a soldier,” he says of his writing career. But all the while writing these narratives, I was a broken soldier whose heart was pounding because he could not soothe the earth and had nothing to say but words. “And oh what a process I am now.

Korsorkhi is a book of narratives, memoirs, and inquiries about his life and that of his Afghan compatriots as war veterans, immigrants, and frontiersmen. Atai’s psychic pen has created a deep empathy between his experiences and that of his audience. For this reason, everywhere in the book one can feel oneself and sympathize with him and his compatriots.

I saw the war change its face and take another life; But, as things change, we are ruined.

2. Russian songs

Russian Songbook is one of the best books of Afghan literature

the writer: Ahmad Modaqiq
Publishers: City of Literature (suggested by users)
number of pages: 238

The book of Russian songs is the life story of Jacob. He migrated to Kabul from his village to study and build his future. However, in Kabul, he became acquainted with political groups that changed the course of his life. Using Yaqub’s political activities, the author provides an overview of the contemporary history of Afghanistan and provides useful information to the audience.

In the meantime, he also falls in love. At the same time, the historical aspect of the novel is accompanied by a love story. The author has done well in both aspects of the book and has formed a historical and romantic work in the present. The book of Russian songs in 1397 succeeded in winning the title of the acclaimed book at the Jalal Al-Ahmad Literary Festival.

Every change has a penalty. The more fundamental this change, the greater the penalty. If a people is saved by destroying a family, death is an honor for that family. Jacob! The change we are seeking will last for centuries in the history of Afghanistan.

3. Kite is one of the best books of Afghan literature

The Kite Book is one of the best books in Afghan literature

the writer: خالد حسینی
Translator: Mehdi Ghobraei (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Niloofar (suggested by users)
number of pages: 368

Kite Baz is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best books of Afghan literature in Iran. Khalid Hosseini is a well-known Afghan writer living in the United States and publishing his works in English. The kite is a story of friendship, loyalty and betrayal. Amir and Hassan are two Afghan boys whose friendship we see from childhood to middle age in this book. During this period, Afghanistan is experiencing many political changes. The war, which is the result of these developments, is forcing many people to emigrate.

Khalid Hosseini Behzibaei has placed the story of many years of friendship in the heart of Afghanistan’s historical events. In addition to war, immigration, and minority problems, lies, betrayal, and loyalty are central to the book. The combination of these concepts with the fascinating story of the kite friendship has turned it into a readable novel of Afghan literature.

There is only one sin in the world and that is theft. All other sins are branches of theft. When you kill someone, you steal their life, you steal the right to have a husband from his wife, you have the right to have a father from his children. When you lie, you rob someone of the right to know the truth.

4. forget

The book of forgetting is one of the best books of Afghan literature

the writer: محمدحسین محمدی
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 92

Remembering a story from an ordinary day in the life of an old Afghan man named Seyed Mirk Shah Agha. His life has no special challenges and excitement and, like many people, he suffers from monotony. Of course, the author’s goal is not only to show the life of Seyed Mirk. In fact, the life of this old man is a symbol of the situation of the Afghan people in a period of darkness and suffocation. Also, the effort we see from the old man in the story to change the rhythm of his life is a symbol of the effort of the Afghan people to live despite the hardships and disappointments.

What makes the story of forgetting more interesting than the story is the language of the book written in Dari. Studying the book for the Iranian audience according to the Dari language is a sense of closeness and more excitement to learn less familiar words and phrases. Mohammad Hussein Mohammadi is the author of the book Aziadreftan, born in Mazar-e-Sharif and an Afghan immigrant in Iran.

Seyyed Mirk Shah Agha remembers that he has been unaware of the world for two days today. He has not known for two days whether there was any talk in the city or not. It has not been known for two days that there has been talk in Kabul or orders have been issued from Kandahar. He remembers five years ago. When it fell to the north and the Taliban captured Mazar-e-Sharif, he turned off his radio so that they would not take it, and he could not listen to the radio for several days.

5. Sang Sabur is one of the best books of Afghan literature

Sang Sabur is one of the best books in Afghan literature

the writer: Atiq Rahimi
Translator: Mehdi Azari (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Yuban (suggested by users)
number of pages: 120

Undoubtedly, Afghan women were among the most affected sections of the nation during the Taliban regime. During this period, in addition to all the deprivations and problems, life was more difficult for women than ever, because they were deprived of many of their human rights. For this reason, the contemporary literature of Afghanistan has paid special attention to the suffering of women in this period. The story of Sang-e Sabour written by Atiq Rahimi is based on this.

The story goes that an Afghan woman decides to grieve with her husband, who is bedridden and suffering from brain death, and reveals secrets to him. He is starting his conversation. The story is formed from the heart of her career for a husband who does not even know if he hears her voice or not. Atiq Rahimi, an Afghan-French writer, wrote this work in French and in 2008 won the French Kangaroo Prize at one of the world’s most prestigious literary awards.

My daughter, fortunately or unfortunately, not everyone can achieve happiness, either in life or in stories. One’s happiness is the misery of others. It’s sad, but it’s true.

6. Dog eyes

Dog Eye is one of the best books in Afghan literature

the writer: Excellent gift
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: ۱۴۹

Due to war and insecurity, migration has been a common experience for many Afghans in recent decades. Life as an immigrant has always been challenging; Especially for those who are forced to leave not after birth but years after living in the homeland. These immigrants are more concerned with having two homelands than others.

In this book, which consists of 7 short stories, Alieh Ataiee tells more about her experiences of living in Iran as an immigrant. The characters he chooses for his stories are from different Afghan backgrounds, and this is one of the positive points of the book, which introduces the audience to immigrants with different needs and circumstances.

For Zia, Tehran was his last home, where he would find his customers at parties or among the rich kids he would gather together. Usually Maria would inform such customers; But no one ever wanted a snake. Coming to Iran was fun for him, thinking that he was experiencing other lives or being seen; For example, if they saw the same python in Ghazni, they would bring it in with a buckwheat, but in Tehran it was considered a valuable animal.

7. Hazar Khorshid Taban is one of the best books of Afghan literature

Hezar Khorshid Taban is one of the best books in Afghan literature

the writer: خالد حسینی
Translator: Mehdi Ghobraei (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Third (user suggestion)
number of pages: 438

After the success of his first book, The Kite Runner, Khalid Hosseini has written about Afghan women this time and has released his second book. The main characters of this book are 2 women, each of whom is involved in some way with problems and limitations that are only due to being a woman. The fate of these two women is intertwined somewhere in the story and adds to the tension of the story.

Maryam and Leila, despite their personality differences and unequal problems, have similar roots that stem from the patriarchy of society. Khalid Hosseini has used this story to criticize the patriarchy that prevails in Afghan society. The story, despite its great sadness, retains its charm and appeal to the end, and this makes the Thousand Bright Suns one of the best books of Afghan literature in contemporary history, which is definitely worth a read.

The finger of blame of all men, like the compass needle, which is constantly pointing north, is always pointing at a woman, always.

8. End of the day

The End of the Day is one of the best books in Afghan literature

the writer: محمدحسین محمدی
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 125

End of Day 2 is a parallel story of the life of an Afghan immigrant in Iran, one of which is told from Iran and the other from Afghanistan. Yahya, the main character of the book, is working in Tehran and the story of the book depicts him from the morning until the end of a not so ordinary day. The story is that his father is spending the last days of his life in Afghanistan and Yahya’s family asks him to send them a blessed shroud.

The book is written in Dari language, which is very attractive for those who are interested in reading in Dari language. This book, along with the author’s two other books, Azyadreftan and Siasar, actually form a trilogy, in each of which we read the narrative of a member of this family. Shaping stories and introducing characters in just one day of their lives is the art of the author of this beautiful trilogy in Afghan literature in Dari.

Bobo dipped two eggs in hot oil. The eggs hatched and their whiteness soon hardened. The picnic flame blossomed and remained until the egg yolks were half-cooked in hot oil. He got up to pick up a loaf of bread from the oven in which he had left the baked bread three days before.

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Afghanistan is a land of stories and legends that benefit from its literature. Undoubtedly, the list of the best books of contemporary Afghan literature is more than the number we have introduced here. What books have you read about contemporary Afghan literature? Join us in completing the list of these beautiful books with your suggestions.


Get to know the best books of Afghan literature from contemporary Afghan writers


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